Saturday, January 28, 2017

Rainbow Scrap Challenge - a Purple Finish!!!

If you stopped by yesterday, I am going to ask you to make sure you are sitting down, and you have no liquids in your hand.... seriously.....  ready???

I have another                        FINISH!!!

Is that just not the craziest thing you have heard in a long time from me????

At the beginning of the month - when Angela announced purple - I remembered my Purple blocks from the 2015 RSC challenge - and they said they wanted to be a quilt.... and when fabric talks....

You had better quit drinkin'   ... just saying!!!

The wind was blowing again when it came time to try to photograph this one
So I hid behind one of our fences.

Did you know that at times, even that doesn't stop the wind????

My Artsy Fartsy Shots
I quilted these spirally Feathers all over it
And I love the texture

And because you need to see it in its full glory again
Here you go
( plus I took 45 photos)

The deets
The block

All Purple 30's Repro prints
Border - Got that at Devils Lake, ND on a fishing trip
 (yep, you know where I went)

Size 60in x 60in

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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Chimney Sweep Quilt ( aka OMG and UFO) Finish!!

I rose to the challenge, and conquered the pile, I stitched until I could stitch no more.....

and Voila!!!

my January One Monthly Goal/ UFO is ......... Finished.......

And just to add a little statistics to your day... that makes 4  finishes... Lawsy Mercy, I do not know what Wrangler Man is feeding me, but he had better keep it up !!!!

I took it out to our new fence
I thought that would be such a pretty place to photograph it

and I was photobombed!!! By a cat
I sort of cropped her out

and the wind was blowing
and it was about 21 degrees

but I was warm 
I was jumping with joy and happiness

Before I even knew that Purple was the Rainbow Color of the Month I had already picked out purples to accentuate this - and I was so glad.... I used the cut offs of the backings for my churn dashes -

scrap management people!!!!  Bwahh haa haa

it is now listed in my Etsy Store ... if you know anyone looking for Green and purples - send them that way.....

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Quilts of Valor Colorado 2017

Happy Wednesday Morning!!!

We are still recovering from bleacher backs! ha ha - Basketball games does that to you!!

Todays Quilt of Valor show is brought ot you by Nancy!  Nancy sets a goal each year, and she never disappoints me!!   Sit back and take a look at her creations!

I tell you what - isn't she talented???   I love all of them - but I have to be honest - the two in the very first picture?  I want to make ones like them!  I just love that diamond and those hexis -

Thanks Nancy!!!   Believe it or not - these are already in the hands of our Veterans Touched by War - they were LOVED!!!!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Rainbow Scrap Challenge - More Purple

I had a little more time to play in my Purple.....

I made these - the purple that is in every block - that was the leftovers of a backing from another project that I will be sharing soon. It was kizmet I am sure.

This is all of my purple Churn Dashs so far.... and like Quilt Dive Julie says - there may be one or two voted off the island !!   ( If you read Quilt Diva Julies post - and you snorted like I did.... raise your hand!!)

AND!!! I may have started another little Purple Project - you'll have to check back next Saturday to see if it turns in to anything!!

And!!! Because I know you love seeing my kid play Basketball as much as I do - here's another shot ( Moms this is the one I sent you)       He's White 44 - and I love him.

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Modern Crazy - aka Slice and Dice is FINISHED!!

 A Million years ago I took a wacky crazy piecing class from an incredibly talented Melody Randol. It was early on in my quilting career - circa 2009.  I had all these fun amazing crazy pieces, and I didn't finish it ( surprise right????)

Then in 2013 there was a UFO challenge, and I pulled the pieces out and started making blocks.

In May 2013 I actually got the top finished ( I know cuz I searched my blog) and it has been hanging in my quilting Queue since then. However, until I searched by Blog - I really didn't think it was that long ago..... *sigh*    the story of my life.....

Today I would like to announce to you that

I have been calling it Slice and Dice, and Modern Crazy - but it really does need a name....

AND!!!   The inside of the blocks ( before the framing) were made prior to Modern Quilting becoming a thing. a term, a quilt show.... Imagine that ;-)

Just for fun - here are some of the posts of it being created:

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Life on the Ranch - Almost Finished

There is an end in sight!!!

My boys were home and available over Christmas Break - so we got to work!!

This is me walking out to meet them - I sent them ahead, and put a berry pie in the oven! I needed to entice them to work fast ( ha ha - not really, it was cold, they were already inspired to work fast)

Team work - my oldest and youngest made a quick team for setting posts
PS - when the ground is cold, it take a little more power to dig the post holes,
and no....
they did not use power tools - just muscle

and look!!
We are about to hit the back fence line!!

You know what's funny?
When I quilt I meaure, I line up, I try to stitch straight
When we fence - the boys like to line everything up, and 
I am the one saying - Ahhh - looks okay - lets go

That very last post DID NOT want to be set, We think that the snow there was pretty cold, and the ground was stubborn !

Here they are - lining everything up again. I am glad that they care, for real, as it will make our jobs easier when moving animals - no nooks for them to get stuck into!

My Dog - she needed to supervise
She needs to make sure that everyone knows where they are supposed to be,
and need to know those fencelines - shes the boss around here!

 As we were working, Wrangler Man says take a picture of us working with the mountains ( Longs Peak)  in the background. So here you go:
Compliments of Wrangler Man

All we need to do now is hang the two gates and our new fence is all done. 

Monday, January 16, 2017

Design Walls and Basketball

I am sure that if you say that fast.... it rhymes....  go ahead - say it a few times...

What say you???  Am I a Poet ?     hope you had your coffee in a secure place!!

I am making some progress over here in my little corner of the world...I'm starting to put my January UFO/One Monthly Goal into a top....

I am totally taking advantage that January has 31 days in it.... But I think this might get to be a finish!!!

And on to Basketball - I spend a lot of time in the Stands this time of year! What's a girl to do? 

She takes her camera... and takes a gazillion batrillion photos!

#44 is mine

He makes me feel short

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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Rainbow Scrap Challenge - Purple!!

I have a lot of purple!  I did not think I had a lot, but now that I am looking
.... it's everywhere!!! ( YAY)

So this is what I have been working on this week:

I will need to come up with a plan for these, or I may just stare at them for a while!
I really really like this color combo ( light and dark... cuz I know its all purple)

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Allietare.... A Finish!!

So - I am quite giddy here... I may have just finished my Second Quilt for this year!!

Look at that!   Quilted and BOUND! Oh Ya!!!

This is Allietare 
the Mystery Quilt from Last year

I did mine is all plaids
( right? you can snicker)
and I love it

I used Quilters Dream
Dream Puff for the batting

That is just one of my all around favorite battings

Side view

and Bonus!
I put it on my couch already
and I may have used it!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Quilts of Valor Colorado 2017

Welcome to the first QOV show of 2017!!!  I hope you are inspired , and ready to dive in and make a QOV!! I know there are lots of Veterans out there needing to see our little bit of LOVE!!

First off - I would like to tell you that I had help photographing these quilts - and that help found out that my camera is heavier than they expected....  that is all ;-)

This first quilt! Put together by the Greeley Group out of Block Drive Blocks
and quilted by Donna

here is the block pattern:

 See the blur - yep, those camera muscles were quilt developed yet - but we will give kudos ;-)
This one was pieced by Dee - and quilted by Donna   That pattern is here:  Bulls Eye

This one was pieced by Me and quilted by Donna

The next two quilts were pieced by Kaje and quilted by Debbie Y in CO

This one was pieced by Me and quilted by Bella in Southern CO!!

(Below) was pieced by Mary Ann G and quilted by Rosalie

Another Bulls Eye - Pieced by me, and quilted by Bella in So CO

And your last inspiration for today - Pieced by Kathy P - and shown at her Quilt show!  It has great visual star power!!   and quilted by me

Don't forget - we have another mystery starting soon - so you want to join in! One Quilt means one more Veteran Hugged!!   Mystery Quilts 4 Military

Monday, January 09, 2017

Plenty of Progress???

In December I got to go to a Quilt Retreat, and I LOVED it so much!  I came home and asked Wrangler Man - how do I make that happen here? At Home?

Then Judy said she was going to host a Monthly Blog Quilt a Thon.  We talked about it, and thought maybe I could just pretend that those were my new *at home retreat* days.... and then the day came....

and we had snow, and ice, and the water tank heater needed human help, and the horses hooves needed human help, and ... then there were sports.....  and well - you all know that the whole *retreat* thing did not happen.

However!!!   I still got a lot done ( well a lot in my world)

Tip #1 to myself - Prepare anyways.  Prep your 2-3 projects you are going to work on and hide the rest.

Tip #2 to myself - Plan meals, and prep them ahead of time.... and even if the ranch work falls in on you, you still have a nice warm dinner.

My First Project - my January UFO/OMG - got all 12 blocks made and then put these little borders on them.... I have a plan people - I have a plan now!!

Project #2
Quilted a little bit.   I might have a LOT of my own tops that need to be quilted. If they are QOV"s for some reason I am more dedicated in getting them quilted - here is to the Year of Quilting on my own!

Project #3
En Provence

I am changing the colors just a little - those 4 white squares around the star are supposed to be yellow, and I didn't like it... Didn't hate it - but didn't like it - so!  I now have 1 whole block made, and am ready to dig in to the other 15

( oh ya - Part A of Clue 7 is all done)

Project #4

Mystery #5 - This is one of those - I can;t show you but.......  parts.....

I host the MysteryQuilts4Military Yahoo Group - and our Next mystery starts next month - so I was finishing up the final details..... you should join in - it is going to be fun!!!

And when you are done- you will have a Quilt of Valor ready to go!  
I know that lots of coordinators are needing quilts, and lots of groups would love to have you help out!!

Project #5 - ha ha - had you.... #5 was to take a nap.....

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Saturday, January 07, 2017

The Rainbow Scrap Challenge!

For a lot of Years - Angela over at  has hosted what is know as the

Rainbow Scrap Challenge
the RSC

I joined in 3 years ago and 2 years ago, and really had a great time....
and I am jumping back in this year!

This is the First Rainbow Scrappy Challenge Quilt I made
( free pattern designed by me is here:

Oh what fun it was

The next year I jumped into my 30's Prints
I found this block and Sew Me : Bee Blessed

This was WAY before MSQC came out with theirs!

I made blocks in every color....

And!! I still need to put them together - 
but at least I have some UFO's for this year right???
( you can laugh now - I won't cry)
Here is the link to all of them if you are interested

And now - I am on to 2017
This Month Angela chose Purple!!

This is my first Purple Scrap block!!

This block was designed by Cynthia Brunz
She blogs at:

her original pattern was in a magazine I picked up
Because I LOVED the block

I didn't have quite the same size scraps - so this is out of 2 inch pieces....

I am out of words!!

Join in - it is lots of fun!
We link up our progress on Saturdays

Check it out!

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