Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Quilts of Valor Sept #5

You ever have one of those weeks where all of a sudden you realize it's Wednesday??

Last night we were watching Agents of Shield - and I had that Light Bulb Moment.... It's Tuesday nite..... which means that tomorrow is Wednesday!  Get Moooooving!!

I will tell you this is a Photo Laden Post - But I hope you will find it worth it!!

This group of Combat Veterans were so very surprised to be honored with Quilts of Valor
It was pretty cool, and sort of hard to keep my mouth shut (ha ha - no comments about that ok!)

On to the Wonky Stars that have arrived

These blocks are from Debbie in FL
They are bringing some sunshine!!

The next group comes from Carlie
in North Carolina 

Then we have blocks from Dianne in CO

And Next ( yes I had boy help!)
A huge stack of blocks from Holly in Brazil  .... Okay .. Brazil , Indiana 
but doesn't Brazil look cool?

Holly also sent in a Bunch of Backings!!  Thanks Holly!

And now on to the quilty inspirations!!
This first quilt is pieced by Marilyn and Quilted by Sandi
Both of these ladies are in my Quilt guild!

The next one is MQX block drive blocks
Assembled by the UNC Softball team
Bordered by K. T
Quilted by Sandy

The next Five quilts come from the Columbine Quilters
in Colorado.  This pattern was designed by one of their members

This quilt was made by the Interfaith Quilters
If you look at the Veterans Photo Above - you will see who received it.
he was Amazed

- Wonky Star Blocks - You can still send them in - until November 11th to be eligible for prizes..

Prizes you ask??? Oh Yes - the Fantabulous Vicki Welsh (find her Etsy Store here: )  She has graciously donated Two Packs of Fabric!!

I'll show you more next week - but All your addresses are going into a drawing bag - on the 11th of November I will draw two winners for the fabric packs!!   YAY!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Random Shots from the Ranch

White Horse

You think he is saying hi, but actually he is cussing me.
I didn't have grain with me

He is snarky that way.

Mother and Daughter Horse team

They gaze longingly at the roping arena...

They also participate in synchronized Swimming!
They make quite a pair

Two Face Kitty keeps them all inline though

Enjoy your Weekend!

Friday, September 25, 2015

A new Pantograph

My client brought me this adorable jelly roll quilt -
 and I decided that the New Pantograph JellyFish would look great on it.  

I used the panto in the big rows, and then in her little separator rows and did a squiggly line
It Turned out really cute!

Go check out the panto - 
and if you are going to Quilt A Fair this weekend
go Check out Dawnas Design Threads Booth
(tell Dawna I said hi!!)

Here is a link to the Pantos again

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Quilts of Valor - Sept #4

Good Wednesday Morning!!!  ( Sort of, it might be afternoon for some of you!)

I started the morning early - and then it got away from me. I was the sole Chore do'er this morning. And the calves slimed me, so I had to come in and change, and then my son forgot something here at home .... and so.... NOW I am back to my computer to show you some AWESOME blocks from the WONKY STAR BLOCK Drive...... and Quilts!!!

These are the blocks that have arrived!!! Thank you to Ruth Ann ( from CO), Gail ( from IA) , J C. (from PA) Bonnie ( from Ohio) and Sally from  - that is so fun to just keep adding them to the design wall.

Last week - I told you if your blocks arrived by Last night I would put your names in for a drawing for the Machine Quilting Unlimited and Modern Quilts Unlimited magazines -

The names drawn were:  JC, Bonnie and Bev - so quilters - I will get those in the mail to you!!

(Ps - some asked why I did it so soon - those are magazines, and I wanted you to be able to read them Right away!!)

There are MORE Prizes!!! I am going to tell you about one next week !!!

On to some Quilty Inspirations!!!  These are all Quilts of Valor

The first Five quilts are all from my Dear Meredith in AZ..

Meredith has such fantastic taste in Colors!!
They were all quilted by Ron O in NM.  

The next three quilts come From Liz in WA
She is so much fun - but this summer the view from her sewing room  was fire!!
So I am impressed that she got these done!
( Fire is a little bit of a distraction!)

You might remember the one below?
It is a pattern designed by VIcki Welsh called Allegiance

And the last quilt for today

Made by Patty in Greeley
Quilted by Ann in Co Springs

Ann is such a busy quilter ( as Many of you are)
So I really appreciate the time you all take to honor our 
Service Veterans touched by War!!

Go Forth and Quilt

(or in my case - keep cutting those 3 1/2 inch squares!!)

Monday, September 21, 2015

Orca Bay

My goal is to have this quilt finished before the end of the month......could someone please STOP the month!! It is going WAY to fast!!!

Here is where we are.....

I ran out of the trianglly things , and I was too lazy to make more ( or starting to see the finish made me want to just be done!!

 Cell phone pic ( below)

And now!! The top is finished!!
Ta da

Its on to the back now ( sigh) 
If only backings would fall from heaven!

Here is my new gang!!
Someday they will trust me to wear leather like them
( they are SO cool!!)

Hope you all have a great day!

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Friday, September 18, 2015

A crazy day....

with Fire!!

About 1 mile east of our road, something started a fire. A lot of us are really thinking Cigarette - because there was no accident, or call to EMS - but within spotting the smoke, and the fire department arriving - a fire had definitely broken out.  ( this is NOT a negative on our fire dept - we are pretty far out - and they are a FANTASTIC department)

Can you see the flames ( above)
The wind was blowing and with all the dry grass - oh - bad combination

This was less than 30 minutes after spotting the fire

and it just kept growing
PS ( I took a million gazillion pictures)

Wasn't it crazy?

At this time it wasn't threatening any structures that I knew of.
this is my neighboring ranch 

My heart was just sick for the grass he was losing.

it started moving south west

Then we realized - 
we had animals missing.
We have an east gate, and fire traffic had been using it....

We figured they might be a little concentrated on the fire and not on gates....
So my son and I went and Bribed them animals into the corrals

See the fire behind them?
I was being artsy

As we were bringing them in
the fire got really black

In my head that means it was getting a LOT more fuel

But other than that - the skies were gorgeous - right??

Say Hello To Ms Kitty
She helped me sort animals into the right corrals
and reminded me to go ahead and run some water 
Water is always good in the face of a fire

I thought maybe it was dying down
But then I went to the other side of my house - and 
Wow!! This was there!!

That's about the time I called Wrangler Man
I said - well, um, you think that maybe you might be on your way home?

He was

The fire started about 10a, - this photo was 4pm

I got a call from the incidence guy at 8pm
It had burned 12,866 acres
and was only 50% contained.

(updated Saturday - 100% Contained, Hot Spots Out YAY)

It's really dark now,
Smoke covers the lights from the planes 
( the airplanes assisting with the fire control - not the plains - as in where I live)
((Your glad I clarified that aren't you??))

Terri's Quilt

My Dear Terri contacted me and asked if I thought I might have time to quilt her quilt.... Umm!! YES!!!!   Always Always Always!!!

She said she wanted Feathers - and Oh Boy - you all know I LOVE FEATHERS!!!

So.... would you like to see it????

Isn't that a cool quilt?

The texture and movement - 

Here is is on the frame - when the light shone just right the feathers just popped!!! 
So I snapped a photo on my phone!!

I have had a few emails asking if there is even a chance of me getting a Quilt quilted for them before Christmas... the answer is YES!! Give me an email, or FB message - and let's
get those quilts finished and snuggling your loved ones!!

We can do that!