Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Quilts of Valor - Sept #4

Good Wednesday Morning!!!  ( Sort of, it might be afternoon for some of you!)

I started the morning early - and then it got away from me. I was the sole Chore do'er this morning. And the calves slimed me, so I had to come in and change, and then my son forgot something here at home .... and so.... NOW I am back to my computer to show you some AWESOME blocks from the WONKY STAR BLOCK Drive...... and Quilts!!!

These are the blocks that have arrived!!! Thank you to Ruth Ann ( from CO), Gail ( from IA) , J C. (from PA) Bonnie ( from Ohio) and Sally from  - that is so fun to just keep adding them to the design wall.

Last week - I told you if your blocks arrived by Last night I would put your names in for a drawing for the Machine Quilting Unlimited and Modern Quilts Unlimited magazines -

The names drawn were:  JC, Bonnie and Bev - so quilters - I will get those in the mail to you!!

(Ps - some asked why I did it so soon - those are magazines, and I wanted you to be able to read them Right away!!)

There are MORE Prizes!!! I am going to tell you about one next week !!!

On to some Quilty Inspirations!!!  These are all Quilts of Valor

The first Five quilts are all from my Dear Meredith in AZ..

Meredith has such fantastic taste in Colors!!
They were all quilted by Ron O in NM.  

The next three quilts come From Liz in WA
She is so much fun - but this summer the view from her sewing room  was fire!!
So I am impressed that she got these done!
( Fire is a little bit of a distraction!)

You might remember the one below?
It is a pattern designed by VIcki Welsh called Allegiance

And the last quilt for today

Made by Patty in Greeley
Quilted by Ann in Co Springs

Ann is such a busy quilter ( as Many of you are)
So I really appreciate the time you all take to honor our 
Service Veterans touched by War!!

Go Forth and Quilt

(or in my case - keep cutting those 3 1/2 inch squares!!)


Sherrill said...

Ewww, slime! YUCK! My friend has cows and we went out to feed them apples. But as they approached, I saw all the slobber and just threw them the apples. Didn't want that ooky on my hands! LOL Glad you made it back to post as those are some LOVELY quilts (and I need to get my star blocks to you!!).

LizA. said...

You have no idea how happy we are here in central Washington State to have fall finally arrive. Do you happen to know what the pattern is for the 3rd quilt of Meredith's that you show here? Love that pattern. I think our Comfort Quilts group at the guild would like to utilize that pattern.

Kate said...

Lots of great wonky stars up on the design wall. Lots of fun quilts will come out of those blocks. Another inspiring QOV show!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Thanks for another great QOV parade!!!