Sunday, September 13, 2015

I Traveled

And boy was it fun.... I overheard conversations that just left me wagging my head.... of course, they talked loud enough everyone was included...

My most favorite conversation was on the way home. A family is in the seats across from me, their Nanny is next to me.

Nanny to Mother:  They had a Tornado in Colorado
Mother:  Oh Yaaaaaeah , they have those
Nanny:  Will we be okay?
Mother:  Oh, Well , Like Yahhh   we are going to Boulder, so Like the mountains there,  they block the tornado's....  Those tornado's only touch down out on the plains.
Nanny:  Is that close to us?
Mother: Oh, well.... like, No - NO One live out there - but like, just a few people, so it doesn't matter if they touch down there.... there's.... like no one

Hmmmm - I wonder if she realized that No One - was my , well, Like Me!! and My family! Oh!! and all the food that she eats... Yahhh well.... it;s like grown out there too...

Literally - it was all I could do from laughing out loud. This Poor Nanny was not from America and was trying so hard to learn her states and geography - and , well, like.... Oh boy....

On the other hand!!

I got to see my Aunt, a friend from growing up - AND!!! My boy!

His team ran at UC Riverside - so I went to watch. Lawsy, Mercy was it hot!! They started their race at 85 degrees, and at the Finish ( 25 minutes later) it was 100.....

My Aunt picked me up from the airport and we Headed to Riverside
We stopped at the Old Spaghetti Factory for Lunch
That place was gorgeous - we must have spent an hour just looking at the iron work and wood work!

This is my buddy from my growing up days
We look wierd as adults - Just Sayin'

My Aunt and I checking out the Cross Country Couse
The runners in the background are the CMU Girls team

My Aunt and I 
Trying to find my son in the pack
I think there were a batrillion runners
They all ran fast - and in a huge pack.
It was hard to pick them out

My son and I after
I would have hugged him - but he was sweaty

Remember the 100 degrees?
Yep - this was then 
I might have been sweaty too

He runs an 8K In competetion
My Aunts' Fit Bit said we chased them a good 6 K to keep up
So I feel like a part of the team  ( only Flufflier!!)


swooze said...


The Joyful Quilter said...

Oh, the stories to be told when we travel. Hope you enjoyed your trip... in spite of the heat!

Judy V fromThornton, CO said...

Loved your comments! You had a visit you will remember for a long time!

Kate said...

Looks like you had a great trip.

Love the overheard conversation. It's amazing what you can hear on a plane.