Wednesday, September 02, 2015

QOV 2015- a Block Drive!!!

It is that time of year again!!! Where we beg, plead, cajole and whine, until you join in on our Quilts of Valor Block drive!!! Yay!!!  We could never honor so many Service Veterans touched by War without your help.  AND!!

Our Veterans could never feel as much love with out your blocks in their quilts!! I swear EACH time I tell a Veteran how their quilt was created, and that there is probably 48 people involved in their quilt - they cry.... yep.... you all .... we make grown people cry.

They are tears of healing though, tears of relief, tears that someone.... somebody... still cares, still appreciates, and still recognizes them!!

So!!! What is the block this time????

It's a fun one!!!  I learned this technique a million years ago from a very talented Melody Randal.  She taught a scrappy class and I swear - the lights went on, and I have never looked back.  ( of course my scrap collection is a little larger than I ever would have imagined when I started quilting!)

Are you Ready???  Here are the Blocks:

These are called Wonky Stars - and are SO! MUCH! FUN! To make!!!

And here is how!!
I will show you the blue one

You need 8 - 3 1/2 inch Blue Squares ( It can be the same blue or Scrappy Blues!!)
you need 5 - 3 1/2 inch Light Squares ( again same or scrappy)

Take the 4 Light Squares and slice them on the diagonal

Then I lay the block out like this - because I like to ;-)
Once I get in the production mode, I don't always lay them out. 
(it sure is pretty tho!)

Now - you will take 4 of those blue square and create the Star Spikes.
I do lay them out, as it is easier for me to remember!

Lay them out like this - 
right sides together

There is NO exact place to put them - you are making sort of wonky spikes
So you want to make sure when you flip it, it will cover the blue,
But still can be crazy

And stitch 1/4 inch seam along the light

Flip it, and add the next spike
Stitch 1/4 inch along that diagonal

And flip it as well
You notice they don't match up particularly well - 
but that's okay!
That is what makes the wonky

Press and then Trim to 3 1/2 inches

And then - Ta-da 
You place the Spikes in the block like so:

And TA!! DA!!
A Wonky Star Block!!

The block size - when stitched should be:
9 1/2 inches

Now - you can do them in two colorways - but all need to be Patriotic colors ;-)
(tans and golds are acceptable too)

So you can have a Dark with the Light Star ( Above)

Or a Light with a Dark Star 

It is a really fun block and they go together very easily.

I am really hoping for another windfall of blocks ;-)
There are some state coordinators who are newer, who also need Quilts for their requests.
So! For every 5 tops that we put together with these blocks
1 will sent off to another State Coordinator with a need
( we all chit chat - so don't worry - we will be able to know where the need is when we are ready)

The Fine Print:
Dates:  the block drive will run from Today ( 9/2/15) to Veterans Day ( 11/11/15)

Blocks should be mailed to:
Quilts of Valor Colorado
PO Box 233
Kersey CO 80644

The biggest prize is knowing you will be showing a Veteran the Love
BUT!!  I have some awesome sponsors lined up, and I will be telling you about them
in the coming Wednesday Posts
All prizes will be drawn on Veterans Day
unless noted in that particular post

There will also be giveaways! So you will want to check back every
 Wednesday to see what  the giveaway is.

Giveaway for 9/2/15

A LARGE box of RED White and Blue Fabrics
PERFECT for sewing up into the Wonky Star Blocks !

To win
1.   Leave me a comment on this post
2. Share this post on your blog ( and leave me an additional comment saying you did)
3. Share the post on your Facebook ( and leave me a comment!)
(I am )
4. Share this post  on your Instagram ( and leave me a comment)
( I am @AlyciaQuilts on IG if you want to be friends)

So 4 chances to win this really cool box of fabrics
(with maybe a little chocolate thrown in)

Winner will be announced next Wednesday the 9th


Elle said...

I would love to make some wonky stars for the block drive! Send me the winnings please :-)

Julie in GA said...

Looks like great fun once again! Hope you get tons of blocks--I will definitely be making some.

Vicki said...

Great way to help make our Quilts of Valor!

THANKS for the chance to win the fabric!

Magoo47 said...

Yay! I'm in .. I'm ready!

Jackie Dudek said...

I'm going to try and figure out how to share! Let's see how well I do!!! May need help
Ps.... I'll sew you a couple blocks too! 😉

Karol said...

I LOVE Love Love this wonky block! That box of fabric would be a great, extra incentive to get cracking making blocks. ;-)

LizA. said...

Guess I better start digging thru my r,w&b stash again. But first I should probably finish your QAL from a couple months ago. How many blocks do you need for one quilt top?

Ann said...

This block drive is just the stash busting project my scrap bin needs! And thanks for giving us plenty of time to get blocks together.

Unknown said...

Dear Alycia,
Thanks for all you do for our wounded warriors.
Donna Adams
in wet (finally) Oregon

Mary Says Sew! said...

I've always wanted to do Wonky Stars, but I never have. Thanks for a reason to do them now.

Do you want to stick with reds, whites, and blues, or do you consider golds and tans patriotic, too?


Unknown said...

I love participating in your QOV block drives. I will be making as many as I can between now and Veterans Day.

Miss Carol said...

Love the block! I am going to get right on this one too. I have shared it on my "Just for Fun" FB page, Sweet Peas & Possum! Will share it on my regular FB page too!

Anonymous said...

With all you do, the least I can do is to make some blocks. Thanks for the drawing, thanks for all you do for the Cets.

Therese said...

Love the fabrics, and the cause.

Anonymous said...

Haven't tried wonky stars yet - thanks for the QOV's for our servicemen & women. Donna

Terri said...

Alriiiiiight! I'm setting up my sewing machine today, and I know where the red white and blue fabrics are.
And away we go.

c said...

I really need those fabrics for soldier quilts. I donate to Audrey who runs the quilts up to Fort Hood.
Aka (me)

Terri said...

I did put it on a blog

Anonymous said...

I am so going to make some of these for the QOV...

Crystal in Cedar City

Kristy said...

I will definitely be making some wonky stars for you! Too cute!!!


Kristy said...

I have shared this post on my Facebook timeline so all my quilts friends can join in!


Anonymous said...

On my....Wonky Stars are fascinating! I simply MUST try this! New fabric would be so neat! Thanks for all you share.
Jonnie in SC
dbrit89828 at aol dot com

The Joyful Quilter said...

I know these blocks as Maverick Stars. I've made quite a few this year. However, none are the size that you've requested. Not to worry!! I'll make some the size that you chose. LOVE to contribute to QOV!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Look for your Block Drive info on Saturday's RSC post. (It's under happenings for Wednesday!) Thanks for the chance to win FABRIC!!!

Andi said...

Hey Alycia, great block for a QOV! And there are several school holidays coming up so I will have a little bit of extra sewing time, woo hoo!

Sherrill said...

I will TRY to make some blocks for your drive. I'm TRYING to make a bunch of QOV's for presentation to guys in my Sunday School class who served. I'm doing a similar block to yours but they're not wonky (on purpose at least) and the block is 15" so doesn't take as many to make a top (4X5)!

Sherrill said...

I blogged about your drive also so hopefully a few more will come in from that!!

Anonymous said...

I have not tried this block before. I am going to try it and planning on sending some to,you for our soldiers.

sgmom4 said...

I would love to do this. I am doing a patriotic quilt so I have a few Red,White and Blue fabrics.Proud to be an American. Much appreciation to the service men, women and their families.

JEC of NEPA said...

Hi, TLW I am going to try these today. I can't wait.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the easy directions and a great reason to make some Wonky Stars.

Cindy in NC

Sharon K. Jack said...

I have wanted to make some of these stars but lost where info was so thanks for this post. will make some and send belong to a quild that is doing QOV in our area in Illinois..

Unknown said...

What a great way to use some stash and for such a worthy cause!! I really enjoy seeing all of the quilts that are donated. I would love to be a part of this!

Joyce in Nevada said...

I'm off to my sewing group today and will present the idea and see where it goes from there.

Joyce in Nevada

stitchinbarb said...

I don't know if I can do Wonky!! Thanks for the giveaway.

Anonymous said...

Just getting unpacked from a move from Utah to Texas. Machine not set up as yet. Have too, too much fabric for this house (soon to be home). Making these wonky stars will help use up the fabric. Thanks so much for organizing to get more blocks for quilts for our veterans.

phylklos said...

I would love to win the box of fabrics. It would really help in my goal of 40 tops for QoV this year. (I am on #23 right now) And I LOVE making wonky stars!

Anonymous said...

I love these! I just pieced 3 QOV for our guild- so I have my fabrics handy!

Teresa D in the Houston area

Carlie Nichols said...

Don't know why I get so hooked on your drives--guess it's because they're new, unique and fun! Couldn't wait to get started;love them already. Lucky for me I have a stash of 3 1/2" strips on hand.
Carlie N.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the easy directions and a good reason to make some Wonky Star blocks.

Cindy in NC

Cathy said...

Well, it looks easy enough. And looks like fun especially the part about the lovin' on a veteran prize! I'm in.

I'll make a few this weekend and post on my blog after that. So, I'll be back.

diana569 said...

Wonky Stars, that's so funny, I'm making 6.5 inch stars and ended up making a paper piecing template for the points because my points were not even. I get crazy when points aren't even and this years block is Wonky Stars! lol! I'm not sure my brain will let me make uneven star points, but I'll try!

A. Garcia said...

Awesome idea- thank you for creating these quilts!

Unknown said...

This is awesome!! I have a QOV project all lined up to start!! This would be awesome!!

Thetamc said...

I've just finished two wonky star blocks for you. Am excited to make more! It's okay that I missed the cut-off for the fabric, I just wanted to comment anyway! Heard about your drive from Jackie Dudek.

Sandie Rosenthal said...

Will be posting this on my Facebook page to see who else might be wanting to help. The box of RWB would certainly help. Thanks.
Sandie in NC

Kate said...

What fun blocks. I just might have some scraps that would work really well with those blocks.

Anonymous said...

Just posted on Facebook and sent to QOVF staff to help make blocks.

SherryB said...

What an easy block to do....even I can do that! Hope you get lots of stars for lots of quilts. I'm looking through my stash now!

Chris said...

Great idea for blocks. I'll sew up a bunch and send them along.

Cathy said...

Made blocks and blogged about it at:

I'm not on Facebook or other social media so that's about it!

Anonymous said...

Making the wonky stars and wondered if the double layer of fabric should be trimmed away? Thanks for a fun project to fill my Labor Day.

Bev in Ohio

Anonymous said...

Am I suppose to trim away the fabric under the star?

Crystal in Cedar City

Anonymous said...

I plan to work on some blocks for you. Please include me in your drawing this week. Thanks

Sandi in Vermont

Anonymous said...

Last year was my first time making blocks for your drive. I really enjoyed doing it and will be participating again.
Valekort at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

I just learned about this block drive last night at our "back to school night" at our quilt guild. Your wonky star was one of our tutorials. I'm anxious to start making some to send on to you! Thanks so much for all you're doing for our vets :)
Debby E
samtaylorcjsmimi at yahoo dot com

jane nj/wi said...

Well now I can Do this one!!!!This is a fun block really teeny tiny and middle and really big. Great choice I bet you get a good turn out of blocks

Having recently moved I have some things in my house but more in storage.......but there is Plenty of time....I might have to make LQS happy to see me!

Now to try and get this on Facebook.....hmmmmm thinking.....

Hug my horses for me......and the boys if you must.. :0)

Jane Modjeski

Debbie Lou said...

I would love to participate in you QOV sew-a-long. I did a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. Last year my Marine was deployed for about 10 months and is currently deployed again. So my heart and love and prayers go out to all those who serve and have served. Our stitching a few blocks together is a small way we can show our appreciation for their service. Thanks for all you do.

Lois Ruth said...

I look forward to contributing to these outstanding men and women!!

Judy said...

Just taped up a big squishy - blocks coming from Pflugerville, Tx.
Will put them in the mail tomorrow!

Carol said...

Can't wait to whip up some of these on Thursday. After the mending, of course. ;)

Tami C said...

I'm looking forward to making my very first wonky star block! I'm still working on my first QOV quilt as well.