Friday, September 18, 2015

A crazy day....

with Fire!!

About 1 mile east of our road, something started a fire. A lot of us are really thinking Cigarette - because there was no accident, or call to EMS - but within spotting the smoke, and the fire department arriving - a fire had definitely broken out.  ( this is NOT a negative on our fire dept - we are pretty far out - and they are a FANTASTIC department)

Can you see the flames ( above)
The wind was blowing and with all the dry grass - oh - bad combination

This was less than 30 minutes after spotting the fire

and it just kept growing
PS ( I took a million gazillion pictures)

Wasn't it crazy?

At this time it wasn't threatening any structures that I knew of.
this is my neighboring ranch 

My heart was just sick for the grass he was losing.

it started moving south west

Then we realized - 
we had animals missing.
We have an east gate, and fire traffic had been using it....

We figured they might be a little concentrated on the fire and not on gates....
So my son and I went and Bribed them animals into the corrals

See the fire behind them?
I was being artsy

As we were bringing them in
the fire got really black

In my head that means it was getting a LOT more fuel

But other than that - the skies were gorgeous - right??

Say Hello To Ms Kitty
She helped me sort animals into the right corrals
and reminded me to go ahead and run some water 
Water is always good in the face of a fire

I thought maybe it was dying down
But then I went to the other side of my house - and 
Wow!! This was there!!

That's about the time I called Wrangler Man
I said - well, um, you think that maybe you might be on your way home?

He was

The fire started about 10a, - this photo was 4pm

I got a call from the incidence guy at 8pm
It had burned 12,866 acres
and was only 50% contained.

(updated Saturday - 100% Contained, Hot Spots Out YAY)

It's really dark now,
Smoke covers the lights from the planes 
( the airplanes assisting with the fire control - not the plains - as in where I live)
((Your glad I clarified that aren't you??))


scraphappy said...

I hope it burns out soon. So scary to see fire so close to where you live. Glad you were able to gather all the animals.

Sherrill said...

Fire is a scary thing and can get out of control so quick! I get so PO'd at idiots that throw their cig butts out the window--PEOPLE, if you're GOING to smoke, put them in your ashtray! Hope you got all the animals rounded up!

Magoo47 said...

Fire IS scary, especially with the winds we have. My sister and BIL were evacuated a few weeks ago (fires in WA). Yes, it's "only stuff", but still leaves you heartsick. Their place was OK, but after the fires just last summer in the same area .. guess everyone is just glad they were caused by lightning and not some human. Stay safe!

Anonymous said...

Oh, gosh. Praying it is 100% contained soon!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Another scary day in Alycialand!! That a LOT of damage just because someone was careless.

Kathy's A Quilter said...

I am so heartsick to think a senseless and careless act (if it was the tossing of a cigarette) that would cause such devastation and loss. Here's to hoping it is contained soon.

The Colorful Fabriholic said...

OMG, I hope they get it totally contained and put out before it expands any further. Prayers for you and your neighbors, and all your animals.

Sue in Scottsdale, AZ said...

Alycia, I hope this is more contained by now. Stay safe!

Quilter Kathy said...

Oh yikes... that is so scary for everyone in the area.

Claudia said...

I hope that fire is out now.... how scary !!! ( I am having a fit because a neighbor is burning a tree stump.....and he left it burning all night...and still burning. I am going to ask my other neighbor to keep an eye on it.) Fires terrify me.

Barob Book Blog said...

Alycia- just saw this and am hoping and praying this fire gets 100% contained today. Blessings to you, the other ranchers and those heroic firefighters! Stay safe.

Vicki W said...

Good thing no one lives out there where the fires are. ;)
I hope everything is OK with you and your neighbors and that the fire is now out!

Kate said...

Very cool, but scary pictures. Hopefully they got it fully contained today.

Anonymous said...

Oh noooo! Stay safe and keep us posted. Living on the edge of the national forest, just the smell of smoke scares me.
Praying for you, your family, and rain.
Carlie in western NC

Lynnwa said...

I pray that fire gets put put, you are way too close. I hate fires. Loved the pictures though, you are brave. I hope by this posting it is out and all is well.

Dianne K. said...

I saw the news reports of a fire near Kersey and immediately thought of you. Then I thought, no, I'm overreacting, just because it's somewhere near there, doesn't mean it's right by Alycia! So much for overreacting! Glad you all came through it OK.