Wednesday, March 28, 2007

High School Helpers

For our Quilt of Valor project we were so lucky to have some high school kids help. Well Monday 3 of them came out to look at my long arm - they were all girls. They were somewhat impressed - but not wowed over...maybe there was something in the presentation (grin) .

Tonite 4 guys came out to see it. I let them try to follow a panto with just the laser light - not the machine on, and they were amazed at how "not easy" is was.... it was fun to listen to there comments. They really really really thought the machine was cool - and when they saw how fast it could go - they wanted one ;-)

The picture is of some of the H.S. kids who worked on the quilts.
Well my kids have been playing wonderfully in the basement for the past hour ( I work in the basement so this is helpful) and now I hear a little dissention - I wonder how long I wait until I storm over and tickle them to tears??? I have 3 boys - sometimes they get tired of each other..hmmmm

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

More Mystery Quilts of Valor

I challenged some of the members of my guild to think about making a quilt of Valor - and 6 of them did - we used the mystery pattern from a QOV mystery group I am in. It was a lot of fun. These two were made by Rubydell and Karen. I quilted them and they are in the process of putting the binding on!

Karens in on the left - I quilted it with a lot of swirls. Rubydells is on the right - hers I did with lots of feathers - it looked like a more feminine Red white and Blue - so I thought that looked good.

These are the small details of them - I think they look good! I can't wait to deliver them.
We should have 18 quilts being delivered for Quilts Of Valor to the hospital - our project has doubled in just one year! If this keeps up - I will need to enlist other quilters to help our little project ;-) ( this is a good thing!!)
Well - the buzzer rang - it means our dinner is ready, so I guess before the boys die of starvation I shall feed them, and then since it is very very windy outside we will probably play and get some more sewing done! Have a quilt evening.....

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Anything Goes

I think I really like easy strippy quilts - I cut up a bunch of 2 1/2 inch strips and this is what happened - its called anything goes , and of course I did anything with a red white and blue theme.

My helpers are going to be full time quilt holder recuits! Its not quilted yet - but I will get it done!! ( before 2007 is over) Thats my promise to myself!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My very quilty Day

Well my morning started at the school with the second grade class. They got to choose there quilting designs for there quilt tops - They chose Stars for one and Sports designs for the other! So I will get going on those soon.

Then I headed to the Quilters Stash in Windsor for my Lessons from Mama class - its a book by Atkinson desings and my friend Linda and I thought it would be great fun - and we were right. This is the second class. Last month we worked on Blocks 1-4, this month 5-8 - but I cheated and did 7 and 8 first! Those are my blocks up on the right.

I went and picked my kids up and then I had Quilt Guild tonite. Mary from Denver Came and talked to us about the culture of the Gullah and how she depicted them in quilts - it was AWSOME!

I picked up 3 more quilt tops for the Quilts of Valor Mystery that my guild worked on and 3 finished tops - so we will have a total of 9 quilts from the guild going to a hospital. I am sooo exicted!

Now for the other picture - my oldest son(the one in the white) was Agent Double O Heaven in a play and he had to dress up in a tux - the guy in red is his Buddy and he was Mic - the other main character! Aren't they handsome? The play was last Friday nite - but he is still getting praise ;-)
And this whole wild crew all belongs to me ;-) They are fun and crazy!

Monday, March 19, 2007

A Trip to the Zoo

This last week was spring break for my kids and I think we picked the warmest day of the whole week to go to the Zoo. It was warm enough for us to have to have some ice cream in the afternoon. Made the whole trip the best!

My mom and dad went with us, Dad drove and I navigated. Did you know it is much easier to navigate when you are driving? Just ask my dad - I sent him down the wrong road!!

We had a great time though, and ate a lot, and even went to dinner afterwards. My dh missed it all as he was in New York - poor guy. Thats my dad at the left of the picture( the picture at the top, not the bottom), then middle son, oldest son, me and youngest son. We got to see the bears and the Snow leopards, and the gorillas and the elephants! This gorilla just had a new baby - and the baby was running around and getting into all sorts of trouble - it was cute!
Now where did the rest of our spring break go?

Monday, March 12, 2007

The other 2nd Grader Quilt

Well apparently I forgot the second quilt that the 2nd graders did! How could I do this?? Today is the first day of Spring Break and we are totally goofing off! I got one of the 5th grade quilts of Valor quilted, we have played on the computer and now we are racing around in the basement!!

Have a great day!! Maybe get something quilty done so it justifys my goofing off!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

second grade quilt of valor project

I also have a second grade son and he is really artistic. He loves helping me lay out quilts. He was wondering why I couldn't do something with his class that was quilty - did he really have to wait for 5th grade? Well Ms. Jan R sent me 20 card trick blocks and oh my - did we come up with 2 winners!!

So I had the kids sign the blocks in the white space someplace and then we broke up into teams - the teams arranged, and re-arranges, and re-arranged , and then stood back and did a little more rearranging of the quilts.

After they cam up with the best design we pinned them so I could take them home to sew. and the kids sat down to write some letter. They guy in the yellow is my son.

There letters are so neat! I can't wait to read them all. We will bind them like a journal to include with the quilts when we deliver them.

And here is our final quilt tops - we will choose the quilting patterns the week after next when spring break is over.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Quilting Pictures

I have quite a few pictures of the kids sewing - so thought I would add some of them.
The teacher is the CFS teacher at the high school. She is so awesome and loves working with kids, and she has LOTS of patience!!

These are my Football guys - they updated me on all that a girl needs to know about football - so according to them - I wouldn't look stupid LOL

Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Last week of February

Accck Where did the week go - I had all these great ideas to add pictures and get somuch stuff done, and now it is Sunday - soooo Where did the week go!!

Monday I quilted the neatest four Patch posy quilt - but it was huge and took almost 3 days to quilt. We had play practice and basketball practice. Tuesday I had two sick kiddos so while they watched TV and slept I sewed a little - I got borders on 1 quilt - I had hoped it would be 2, but alas - I needed to cuddle children ;-) Wednesday - one little guy went back to school and one stayed home. Friday I spent the day at the school- first with the high school CFS class. They helped us get a lot of sewing done on our QOV's. So I talked about the quilts of valor program with them, and how I made Sewing into a business ( I used to own a maternity Clothing company, I recently sold it to concentrate on quilting **shameless plug - - ** )

Then I headed over to the 5th grade and we all got back into groups with our finished quilt tops. I gave the kids a choice of Pantos and let them decide what would be quilted on there quilts and the thread colors - It was a blast to eavesdrop on them. They have such difinitive ideas of what they want! I love it!!

Oh - Saturday - it was our last basketball game of the season. Then we came home and flew kites. Its a good thing the kids stay with there dad - they might have been carried away, the wind was that strong. And I got the borders cut for the quilt I wanted to do on Tuesday LOL

Now I have pictures, but again I need to download them, and this part always hangs me up - I get sidetracked ( a lot ugh) We are heading out in a couple of hours for a funeral, so Maybe I'll get them downloaded before then.