Wednesday, March 28, 2007

High School Helpers

For our Quilt of Valor project we were so lucky to have some high school kids help. Well Monday 3 of them came out to look at my long arm - they were all girls. They were somewhat impressed - but not wowed over...maybe there was something in the presentation (grin) .

Tonite 4 guys came out to see it. I let them try to follow a panto with just the laser light - not the machine on, and they were amazed at how "not easy" is was.... it was fun to listen to there comments. They really really really thought the machine was cool - and when they saw how fast it could go - they wanted one ;-)

The picture is of some of the H.S. kids who worked on the quilts.
Well my kids have been playing wonderfully in the basement for the past hour ( I work in the basement so this is helpful) and now I hear a little dissention - I wonder how long I wait until I storm over and tickle them to tears??? I have 3 boys - sometimes they get tired of each other..hmmmm

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Anonymous said...

I admire quilters who use pantos - I tried following lines with my domestic machine - not a pretty picture LOL.