Sunday, March 11, 2007

second grade quilt of valor project

I also have a second grade son and he is really artistic. He loves helping me lay out quilts. He was wondering why I couldn't do something with his class that was quilty - did he really have to wait for 5th grade? Well Ms. Jan R sent me 20 card trick blocks and oh my - did we come up with 2 winners!!

So I had the kids sign the blocks in the white space someplace and then we broke up into teams - the teams arranged, and re-arranges, and re-arranged , and then stood back and did a little more rearranging of the quilts.

After they cam up with the best design we pinned them so I could take them home to sew. and the kids sat down to write some letter. They guy in the yellow is my son.

There letters are so neat! I can't wait to read them all. We will bind them like a journal to include with the quilts when we deliver them.

And here is our final quilt tops - we will choose the quilting patterns the week after next when spring break is over.


Carole said...

That really wonderful! Don't you just love it when your kids get involved in your quilting? It's best feeling! Keep well!

Fancy Freckles said...

Wow!, I got notified that my name and quilts were on line and then I saw the location and am honored you included me and my quilts. I also banded your name around last weekend when I went into the Quilt shop in Hastings nebraska. Your quilting of my challenge quilt got rave reviews!! Thanks