Monday, March 12, 2007

The other 2nd Grader Quilt

Well apparently I forgot the second quilt that the 2nd graders did! How could I do this?? Today is the first day of Spring Break and we are totally goofing off! I got one of the 5th grade quilts of Valor quilted, we have played on the computer and now we are racing around in the basement!!

Have a great day!! Maybe get something quilty done so it justifys my goofing off!!!


Melinda said...

Another great quilt - you should be so proud of yourself and the children.

Judy said...

You do such nice work! It is so nice that your boys are interested in your quilting. Enjoy those days off with them - I'm wondering how my guys became men when I wasn't looking!! :>)

Nicole & Phil said...

The kids do some great work! What a great chance for them to get involved in the valour project as well as learn new skills

Nicole & Phil said...

the egg tree is a German tradition. I think this would be a great thing for the kids to do together!
you could use polysterne balls, or plastic ones to decorate....unless you get al lthe kids to blow out the egg yolk...but that takes tiem to dry out!
have fun!