Friday, July 12, 2024

My first Just One Thing Churn dash quilt and .......Finished ( or not) Friday!!

Remember my April *Just one Thing* Churn dash? You don't ? Heck fire - I thought you remembered everything about me haha!!  Just kidding - I can't remember what I am doing half the time.

But this quilt is needed now - so I have it all quilted up and Bound and washed and I LOVE it. 

The backing is a super cool Yellow paisley - the wind was trying to help me take photos!!

You might notice my panels are in a different place? We made a *fenced in * yard off of my back patio for my dog. We are testing it to see if we like where we think we want the fence to be ( makes sense right? )

There was no rhyme or reason to the Churns - I just used 5 - 5 inch squares from my scrap bag to see what I could come up with - and I really like how colorful it is. Funny thing - as I was making it I started to think of a particular family, and each time I worked on it I thought of them (I prayed over them)

So now it is all washed and will be going to them. Turns out - they are going thru a little struggle in life and I thought this might cheer them up. Cross your fingers. 

A close up of the quilting - Kinda Funky!!

I like how it seems certain quilts sort of tell you where they need to go. 

And now!!

It is your turn!!
Whats been happening this week?
Get anything Finished? Moved ahead? 

Show us your progress!!!

PS Thanks for all the great advice on what a Kind size quilt should be - I have some measuring and then Designing to do!!

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Shes says - Quit working and come play with me.....

Wednesday, July 10, 2024

King Sized Quilts

 Talk to me Goose.... How big does a King size quilt REALLY need to be?

Serape Weave Made and Quilted by me - just cuz you need a nice photo ;-)

I have been quilting some amazing King Sized Quilts for Clients recently ( seriously - it has been a run on King Sized - I think I am on my 18th one this year!! LOVE it!)    - but they all range in size -

  •  96 x 100
  • 100 x 100
  • 115 x 115
  • 120 x 120
  • 100 x 120
When I ask google the size of a King Mattress I get 76 x 80 and so I measured my bed - because!!! I got a King sized bed last year, and now it needs its own quilt.... mine is 76 x 80 in

Do I really need a 100 x 100 sized quilt for it? If you have one that is that big - how do you like it on your King? Does it fall to the floor?

I am kind of thinking 86 x 90 would be a good size - but then - am I right??  

Talk to me Goose!!! Explain to me!!

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Tuesday, July 09, 2024

Birthdays, golfing and wine

 My husband always likes to thank everyone for the gorgeous Firework displays to usher in his birthday on the 5th of July ;-)

And we always like to spoil him - he very rarely gets a day all about him... so we try!!! ( of course, I still make him do chores ha ha)

We started his day riding horses, and then... headed off to the Golf Course!!

He Skunked us... but we had a blast. Well actually I won - but that's because I cheat and play best ball... I kind of pretend I am a pro that way.  Really K won ;-)

I had been doing some searching online and I accidentally came across a Winery in Eastern Colorado - so you KNOW we had to try it out. After our golf game we headed over here!

They had this great mural in front - and a QUILT block on their barn!! ( and I forgot a pic of it - bad quilter!!)

it was their anniversary party - so you pre -bought  tickets and included in the ticket was a bottle of wine, this is the one we chose to have while we had our dinner. It had a coconut taste to it - it was AWESOME!!  Kind of what you think Summer should taste like


Its a family run business. The husband is the Vintner, the wife the business manager, the Daughter the Tasting room manager and Son in law is the chef.  This is what he made for dinner - Pulled Pork and Street corn and oh my - it was awesome

Even helped me make mine Gluten free!!!

it is a beautiful little place, you sit outside ( or in) and you are among the alfalfa, the grapes and the corn - Totally loved it... came home and sat on our deck.....

Not a bad day - and I think K thought it really was all about him ;-)

The end.

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Monday, July 08, 2024

Patriotic *just one thing* Churns

Back in April I decided to do a Just One Thing Churn Dash quilt - as in I made just ONE Churn dash a day - and then the end of April I had 30 blocks and bam!! A quilt was born ( You will have to come back Friday to see if I finished ..Quilted and bound... it or not!)

I was messing around in my squares and scraps, and looking at the custom Quilts I need to make this month, and I thought - I am going to do that again - with my Reds and blues, and use that as my Leader/Ender for these custom quilts...

Here is where I am!

Okay - for real - that is where I was on Friday as well.... Somehow the weekend got away from me ! 

I am thinking I will do my best to make as many as I can and them figure out how I want it finished!

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Friday, July 05, 2024

Your a Grand ol Flag - your a High Flyin' Flag..... and !! Finished ( or not) Friday

Hope everyone had a great 4th!!! Ours started out cool - so we got all the horses ridden!! It was awesome!!

And funnily enough - I actually have a Patriotic Finish for today!! That was not intentional - I swear ( I am really not that organized) but I like how it worked!!

I made these blocks Many years ago - I even have a Tutorial for them!

Flag Blocks  ( oh my gosh - it was 2010!!!!)

I am not sure if I had these blocks in the top at that time or not, but one of my goals is to work thru my To Be Quilted pile - and it was this ones turn!!

I sashed them with a Medium blue....
Bordered them with Red

Quilted it with Spiked Stars...

And Voila!! A finish for a Patriotic Holiday!!!

its kind of great to watch my to be quilted pile go down....

Hope you all had a great holiday - but! still remembered to finish something!! 

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Monday, July 01, 2024

What an AMAZING Weekend

 I'm exhausted, I'm ramped up.... I want to sit, but I want to make more.... I'm overwhelmed, and I am amazed.... this month - and specifically this weekend has been CRAZy!!!


Was an amazing morning !!

With over 200 veterans in attendance we got to award 11 Quilts of Valor to some very cool Veterans !

It’s and honor and a privilege to wrap these beautiful heroes in their Quilts, but it’s even better when I get to hug them as well 🥰

My amazing group of quilters sure make some of the most gorgeous quilts !!


Sunday was a pretty incredible day for me ❤️

We were able to honor 5 veterans in my home church ( Kersey Community Church) with the award of these Quilts of Valor

It was super special to me to be able to hug and recognize the military service of these great people , but to do it in front of the people who pray for me , support me and my family , and are so very important to me , made the presentation a little more personal and …… nerve wracking 🤣

These ladies and gentlemen served their country and are some of the best !!

Such an honor to recognize them right before Independence Day 🇺🇸🇺🇸 

and then 
Sunday afternoon
QOV Sew day - and check out some of these quilts!!!

Jeri taught our group how to make these friendship star blocks then She and Olive set them in a quilt top. and Jeri quilted them.  Clare bound them!!

TWO whole amazing quilts!! I love them!
And the teamwork that goes in to making these!!

A super cool eagle panel quilt by Ethel.

and we spent the day stitching on a new QOV - pattern to come soon - that I designed, and the awesome Deb made some embroidered blocks for - it looked so great!!

Don;t you just love weekends like this? I want to start stuff today - but! I am on Beef Deliveries today... so while I am delivering you know I am making lists right???

PS - did you see all the amazing links ups from Finished (Or not) Friday? can't wait to dig in and do some reading tonite!!! FONF post

Thursday, June 27, 2024

A Patriotic Panel, RSC Blues and !!! Finished ( or not) Friday!!

Happy Friday  (Ok Thursday Night) folks!!!

It has been a week!! I have been single ranching, single dogging, and single cooking all week. And then my Husbands flight was cancelled so he won't be back till Friday... which is why I am posting tonight... I have to do chores again (all by myself - I think I need fabric therapy!)

First - is my Patriotic Panel Finish - I think I showed it to you as a top - but now it is Quilted. And lucky me, I am able to pawn the binding off on someone who LOVES it!!! I kind of Like that panel!!

These blocks were made by the customers of Sew Downtown - the Quilt Shop in Greeley. They did an amazing job and I had fun using them with this panel!

And now ! BLUE Rainbow Scrap Challenge.... unless some miracle occurs - this one is not going to be topped by the deadline... but who knows - Sleep is not something I do much of ? So Maybe?

But since is awful close to the end of the month - I want to get what I have photographed!! And that way I can pretend!!! And guess what the color for July will be?  

It has been hot here - so I am up at 4 getting things done, but Wednesday night we had rain ( yay) so this morning it was SO humid.... I have pretty curly hair in humidity. I had a guy delivering gravel this morning and I didn't get a chance to put a hat on before he arrived... he told me I looked like a soaked poodle - Wouldn't that be a sight???

Can you tell I have been on my own for a bit? I have a LOT more words to use !!

Show us what you have been up to this week!!!

and visit lots of others !!

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Happy Stitching and Blog Reading - and If you are hot - stay cool... if you are on the opposite side of the world Stay Warm!!

Sunday, June 23, 2024

Goofy Geese

 I get teased a lot about my Leader/Ender projects - and I get picked on about the piles by my sewing machine - but I am a DEDICATED Leader/Ender person!! My Grandma used this method when stitching garments, and she would have Quilt blocks made at the end of making a dress... She used them to *stitch off* the garment, and to make sure the needle didn't get stuck in her good fabrics...

Well!!! I have been making Half squares ( ahem - I know!!) with my 5 inch squares here and there, and assembling them into flying geese.

Thursday night I might not have been able to sleep so I started throwing those Goofy Geese up on the wall...

And I might have decided I kind of liked that random pattern - so I added some creams and white, played a little tetris with figuring how to piece it  - and now!! I have a 60 x 70 ish top!!!

I even have a backing made, and if all goes well it will be pinned and ready to load on the longarm today - and when there is a spare moment.... I will quilt it!!!

Here is a description of Leader Enders if you are interested: Leaders and Enders Explained

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PS - want to see Baby Reno? He is 1 month old now:

Cute right????

Friday, June 21, 2024

A Scrappy QOV and !! Finished ( or not) Friday!!!

Happy Friday!!!

Since my Dog is still in recovery I made sure I didn't have anything scheduled this week .. except my Guild meeting ( K could babysit) and Grain runs,.. and you know what? I LIKED it!!! I got so much more done, and I got stitching time in, I made meals in the insta-pot, didn't venture as far as making cookies... but we had food!!! ( ps - I was reminded I did have a QOV presenatation in there too)

I have decided that Recovery will last until October.... yep!!! I can't go anywhere!! haha!!

I used to cook out at a Ranch ( 30 people - 2 times a day!!) One of the Chefs that I worked with has a sister that quilts. So of course, we talked about QOV and Susan decided to jump in and make some tops.

They called and came over and I think she gave me 12 tops!! and they were all beautiful!! So I got this one out and prepped it to quilt!!

I used the panto Sparklers from Dawnas Design Threads - I think it is perfect for this one!!

I stole this next image from Julie! I even printed it and put in on the fridge. Our Ranch is not huge, but summers are SO busy - and we have  horses that we train and horses we compete on, and K plants a huge garden and.... all the boys have left us ( I am not sure I gave permission)  We needed a reminder... its all good, and we love it, so focus and enjoy!!

Its Friday - Its time to Brag - how did you week go? Did you get anything moved a little farther ahead?
Link up and let us ohh and ahhh..

Spread the word!! link up until Sunday at noon Colorado time

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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

A Quilt of Valor presentation

 This is another group that we have been working with for years. However - the person in charge there... doesn't keep records like our last group haha! I know in the past three years we have done 45 quilts with this group ;-)   

I wish I like keep track of statistics....

This was such a fun group - each one of them really wanted to share more of their stories - and so! I learned a lot and really enjoyed it!!

We had 4 branches represented ( Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines)

We Had Vietnam, Gulf war, OIF, OEF, Operation Just Cause, Operation Eagle Pull and Operation New Dawn.

We had Nuclear Weapons Specialists, we had Radar Test Pilots, we had Tactical Air Command, and Military Police and Photo Recon Specialists and Mechanics and it was AWESOME. 

Many of the Veterans bring Family, and after reading one Gentleman's Bio, his daughter asked me how I got that information. She had never heard it before. So I gave her his Bio Paper for her to ask him more questions. I love when this happens, when they realize their parents are pretty Bad Ass, but just play it cool ;-)

Interested in Quilts of Valor - head over to

Monday, June 17, 2024

Blue Monday

 Haha!!! I did it!! ( I think) my BQ4 is coming together!!! I am not sure that the directions are hard, its just - theres not a lot of words.... or a lot of photos... and I guess I didn't realize how much I like both!!!

Now that i Have this one laid out - I think I have plans for another. The draw to this was using the big pieces and letting them shine . 

Happy Monday!!! 

PS - the construction is wrapping up! a No Reply blogger asked if my contractor came as far south as Erie - he said he is not opposed!

Friday, June 14, 2024

Pink Lightning Quilt finish and !! Finished ( or not) Friday!

You guys... there is LIGHT at the end of the tunnel... I think our Construction project is on its last legs - and life will settle down just a tad. It has not been horrible - but!! it has been noisy, and people are here all the time... and I don't like people here all the time haha!!

My Contractor has been amazing - if you need a guy for Northern Colorado - Let me know - he's awesome!

Back to my own Construction!!! I finished my Pink Lightning Quilt in May (down to the wire!) and now!! I even got it quilted and bound!!

Ta da!!! Surprisingly it helped that my Little Dog needed to be spayed, and she wanted to sleep at my feet, so instead of moving to much, I sat and bound!!!

of course - I had to do mid day chores - and it was so HOT . So I took my quilt to take a photo - and up comes the wind.... Perfect timing !

So there you go!! Pink RSC Quilt is DONE!!!!

I am still reading last weeks posts - but!! I need more!!! Link up show me what's happening this week!!!

Spread the word!!

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