Saturday, January 30, 2021

Pink Table Scraps, The Rainbow Scrap challenge

January was the Month of Pink - 

And! I got 10 Placemats done - 5 are bound, the other five will get there. 

I laid them out all pretty like - so we could see the variety
and the Hubs decided it was time to start feeding!!
Don't you love our feed buckets ?

I had to tell him I was just Soooooo busy taking photos - 
he should start feeding without me!
He bought it!!

A couple of you asked what I meant by stitching them at the end of a quilt
I make sure the backings are about 20 inches longer than what I need - and then I can quilt the placemats while the backing is still on the frame.
This is what it looked like when I cut them off

This is what they look like on my machine ;-)
I also get to use scraps of batting

This will be the end of the Pinks!
Off to see what Februarys color will be in our Rainbow Scrap Challenge

and linking up to Table Scraps as well!

Friday, January 29, 2021

SEUFO finish!!! and Finished (or not) Friday

 And!! and OMG  ( One monthly goal) and I am sure there are other acronyms I could use for this post - but ... I can't remember them all!!

My Finish today is my SEUFO ( someone elses UFO) and it is also the quilt I chose for my One Monthly Goal ( at Elm Street Quilts)

and!! I even have the Binding made and now half applied - but I knew if I didn't get out side before the sun went down I wasn't going to get a good photo!!! And we know it is all about the photos right?

Ta da!! This was called the Fall Mystery and the pattern was dated 2002 - but there was no web address on the directions - This mystery was before I started quilting, and apparently the person who started it did not want to finish - but all the blocks were pieced - so it was fun to lay it out and get it done!

I quilted feathers all over it - and used a light blue background - which is also the binding!!
It measures 80 x 80 - so it is a good sized quilt!!

Yay me!! One more project done!!

I don't know if you noticed - but I put a grab it code over in the side bar of my blog so that if you want to add this link to your side bar - it is hopefully easy. 

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* See you tomorrow for my Last Pink RSC post ( see more abbreviations!)



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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Heart Quilting... its not just for Valentines day

 Or maybe.... it is!!! Maybe you quilt some hearts and show your husband and say.... isn't this a cute Valentine themed heart.... and maybe a few hours later he says.... you like Dark chocolate right?  

and you just know it was meant to be... 

These little place mats are really just so much fun to quilt - I have a small space, I can play, and! I haven't committed to a king size quilt with the design.... and also.... It if don't like it I can change up the design to finish it - because.... you will NEVER see it - BWahh haa haa!!!

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Monday, January 25, 2021

Suitable For Framing top

I am doing the Color Blocks Quilts class with Debbie Brown

( previous post here: Color Blocks Progress )

And now!! it is topped!

Her pattern is called Suitable for Framing and it was a 64 x 64 inch square quilt.

But!! I am going to guess - you know me by now - and I wanted it to be Quilt of Valor Size - and so!!

I added the bottom and top two borders - and voila! it is now 64 x 80!  Perfect QOV size!!

I chose a Navy Blue with Stars back - and am now prepping it to quilt... It may be February - but thats okay - It will be ready when I am! I have some cool Client quilts to work on first ( and you can see snippets of them on my Quiltygirl FB page ) 

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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Pink Placemats

 I had a little stack of Pink placemats and as I was looking at them I really decided they needed Pink stripe binding....  which I don't have...... 

So I hopped online to my local quilt shop (Sew Downtown) and they had pink stripe fabric - I knew that the postal service would make it to me faster than I would get to town.... so I got mail!!

I might have ordered a Blue stripe too... I mean we will get to blue in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge sometime right?? I am just being pre prepared!  The fabric came wrapped in this old pattern paper and I died laughing when I opened it!

When my Grandma passed - I got ALL of her old patterns and I swear this one was in there - and my Dad and Uncles names and measurements were written on it.... I remember one of the men wearing the garment on the far right.... in denim  ;-)  hahaha!! 

Anyways.... I bound....... 

And I didn't die.... so I kept binding........

And now I have 5 of them completely done.... 

I have one more quilted.... but I haven't bound it yet. I had to meet clients to return and pick up quilts.. and you know...I am not good and binding and driving..... yet! 

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Friday, January 22, 2021

Merry Go Round finish and!!!..... Finished ( or not) Friday!!

 Happy Friday!! 

I spent some time looking back at my blog trying to find if this quilt had a name when I started it, and then I was amazed at how long ago it was that I started it... April 2019.... doesn't that just seem like yesterday?

It is called Merry Go Round - a pattern by American Jane Patterns

The main reason it got pulled out to get finished is - We watched church on tv, and then I started playing on YouTube and I saw the Missouri Star quilt company tutorial called "Seeing Spots".

I kept thinking - gosh I want to make a quilt like that.... and then my family fed me, and I went ! Hey!!! I did!!! 

I went and dug in my pile of quilt tops... ( remember - creative, not organized personality) and found it! 

and now.... It is quilted.   I have pulled out a dark purple solid for the binding... but I did not get it made this week... I had to bind *other* stuff!

Ta da!!! and! with having the Husband working at home...
I had a quilt holder!!!
( I only had to bribe him Chocolate Chip Cookies)

but before he agreed to help hold the quilt
I did try to get one on the floor.

You will have to come back tomorrow to see what I bound... haha

So now!!
it is your turn - Show me your Finishes!! ( or your not finishes)

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* Make me Dinner
* and Have fun!!!

PS!! Don't forget to read Wednesdays Announcement of a NEW Mystery.... Dakota Inspired



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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Mystery A 12 - Dakota Inspired - Announcement

 Mystery A12

 is in the finishing stages.....

originally I was going to post Fabric requirements in January and start mid February - but since National Sew Day is February 6th....

And a TON of us are stitching someplace, or virtually..... 

I am now thinking that I will post Fabric requirements on Wednesday February 17th 
The first Clue will be March 3rd - so that gives you two weeks to get your fabrics together!!

I'll give you a few hints:

  • It will be a 4 color quilt....
  • It will finish in the 60 ish x 80ish range 
  • The clues will be manageable for a max sewing time of 2 hours each week.  ( And that is MAX - none of them actually take that long)
  • You do not need any specialty rulers - a straight edge is enough.
I design these quilts to be used as Quilts of Valor .  I know that not all of you do QOV, and donate them to another Military outreach. That is awesome. But if you are making them for your own personal use - would you consider making two and giving one as a Quilt of Valor? 

Now!! If you don't have all the clues to A11 downloaded - please do - I will be removing that tab at the top of the blog and replacing it with A12....   Gotta stay organized you know?

( I know - who am I kidding - I am creative not organized... haha)

Monday, January 18, 2021

SEUFO and Color Block progress

 I am making a little progress!!

All of my Color Block blocks for January are done - and I am starting on the *rowing* of them!!

is all rowed and going to be a top soon!!

And the wind died down a bit - so I probably just jinxed it - but the pressure changes from wind storms give me the worst headaches.... I get happy when the wind stops!! Makes it more fun ( and productive) to quilt!

And just because.... we were able to go last  October to this really cool museum - and we all want to be astronauts now.  I want to be the pilot and make the boys be my backups!  Wouldn't that be cool!

Stitch away!!!!

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Saturday, January 16, 2021

Pink Rainbow Scrap Challenge Continues

 I am having such fun with these. I have to be honest - I am not expecting perfection, so not having that over my head - just makes this fun!!!

I finished with all of the spinning blocks - I got 5 total placemats from them, and then dug back in the bin ( its quite large - the boys had to move it for me, so until it gets lighter... its staying put)  and pulled these out - so its my next stack to work on!!

I showed you 3 of the mats quilted last week - here are the other two quilted:

The above pattern is called Chocolate Leaves.... if you know me, chocolate.... I have to have it!

and this one was just fun!!!  I really like how it turned out ( the quilting) and now! I want to make some for my house with this quilting on it!! It was a blast!

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Friday, January 15, 2021

Queen of Diamonds.... and! Finished ( or not) Friday!!

Happy Happy Friday!!!

I sure hope your week was spectacular!!! I am sure mine was... It just went kinda fast on me! The wind has been howling and I am not a fan of that - so it makes us want to stay inside a bit more, which should be good for getting quilting done right?

This is my finish for this week!  It is called

Queen of Diamonds

the pattern is by Atkinson Designs and its awesomely fun to make!! 

and of course, this is a Quilt of Valor!

(pieced Quilted and going to a friend to bind! yay!)

We were going to go outside and take a really pretty Ranch shot - but I am pretty sure our Ranch has blown south - to New Mexico!  That wind - its been gusting at up to 75mph!!!

This is Puppy - he would like you to know - that he is not an outside dog when the wind blows - he kinda flies like a kite!

So now!!
it is your turn - Show me your Finishes!! ( or your not finishes)

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* and Have fun!!!


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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Color Blocks and ... More quilting ;-)

 I learned about a Color Blocks Quilt along - offered by Debby Brown Quilts. and I thought! I could do this and use my 5 inch squares and! make more Quilts of Valor easily....

So here are my 25 blocks for this months quilt - now I just need to start the setting of them, but first! 

 I had to work with the Horse Shoer, and ! I had to get groceries and! my mouth decided to have a crown come off, and of course - nothing in my dentistry life is an easy fix.... the 25 minute appointment to put it back on turned into 2 1/2 hours ( plus the hour of driving) and! I get to go back.... sigh.... Dentists are necessary - but truly... not my favorite!! 

But my blocks are made and this evening... I am choosing a setting fabric and reading the next step!

Academic Quilter sent me a quilt to quilt - and soon she will be able to show it finished... but!

in the meantime - I get to share a photo of the quilting, because.... it was a truly fun quilt to quilt. 

Isn't this such a pretty quilt? The solid fabrics are just so yummy and set with that pretty cream - I just love it!!! 

Have a quilty day!!

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Monday, January 11, 2021

Tiny WIndy Windmills

 Our guild had a zoom presenttion with the *stash bandit!!*  and it was really fun. If we couldn't have an in person meeting - why not an online one. She was so inspirational and talked a lot about using scraps - it was quite fun....

So the next day - I realized I had a batik honeybun sitting right next to my cutting table - and I thought - Heck Fire!! I am going to start making this little windy windmill blocks that she showed us!

And I did... and I promptly remembered her saying - you can turn them the wrong way - be careful.....

But I am not fixing the ones blowing the wrong way - cuz you know around here - the wind shifts a lot.... maybe those windmills only started moving when the wind changed!

at least that is the story I am sticking with....  Here they are along the edge of my design wall.

Their Number is slowly growing - but they are kinda fun to work on.....

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Saturday, January 09, 2021

Rainbow Scrap / Table Scrap Challenge Pink Update

                               Aha! My plans are coming together - I love it when things work!

So!  Last year Quilt Diva Julie said something about making placemats for Meals on Wheels - and that just kinda sparked some thoughts....

and then!!  Joyful said - hey Join me in my Table Scraps challenge
 ( she said that to all of us, not just me, but you know - my blog is about me
... so I took it personal ;-)  )

It got me to thinking...
and so! I called the Senior Director in our small little town and said
When you deliver Senior Lunches....
and we made a plan
( PS - if you live in my town - keep it secret! it's not ready to let the whole cat out of the bag)

My plan!
Make Placemats for my Table Scraps challenge

and make my backings for my personal quilts 
a little bigger so I can quilt these at the end of the quilt......

and try all those new patterns you want to try
and ideas you want to see if they will work

and Ta da!
three of the five  of the pink ones I have already made
are quilted
( again... binding.... story of my quilting life)

I really liked this little butterfly - it made me happy.

I'll be linking up to:

Rainbow Scrap Challenge

Friday, January 08, 2021

Green 30's repro Finish.... and Finished (or not) Friday

 A lot of you wanted to see my little 30's repro quilt... so.. I will oblige!

These were my 2015 Rainbow Scrap challenge Blocks - and I finally got them put into a top, and now it is all quilted!!

(of course - still needs to be bound... but that is the story of my quilting life......)

And of course - I made the kid go with me to the river - we found this wood thing and I said - I bet you can hide behind it - and!! He did!!!  ( Truth .. he did have to scrunch down a little bit!)

and a little close up of the swirly quilting!

And now!! let's see what you have been up to!! Thanks so much for linking your direct post last week! I don't always get to each link on Friday - so it makes it nice to go to the Exact post when I get there Sunday!

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* have fun!!


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Wednesday, January 06, 2021

The one with..... Quilting... Quilting... and ... Quilting


This is what I was working on Yesterday... I even posted a photo on my QuiltyGirl FB page !!  I am impressed with me! ( just that I remembered to post a photo - haha)

These fun 30's Reproduction prints are so cute to look at.... and - maybe I will have a Finished Friday post to show you the whole thing some day....

And then!
I am Quilting on this one!
I don't expect you to remember it - Cuz Heck - Sometimes I even forget until I see them again.
My friend Debbie made a WHOLE quilts with these fabrics and then gave me the leftovers
then I made this Quilt with them - and I had Leftovers
the Cathy ( and Sane and Crazy) took the leftovers and made a whole 'nother quilt!

They multiplied!

And Cathy's quilt is probably already done.... 😀

But I am trying to keep up!
I need to finish this one soon - its time to get back to Client Quilts

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Monday, January 04, 2021

SEUFO and !! A new Greek Key Log Cabin started

 Do you participate in the One Monthly Goal? or a UFO challenge of some sort?

This year - I am trying for the One Monthly Goal program... its over at Elm Street Quilts!

and this is my OMG for January - its also a SEUFO!!!

Don't know what a SEUFO is - well... I was telling my husband that this isn't really MY ufo - it was sent to me from another quilter, and it was a UFO for her.... so he said.... It should be called a SEUFO - 

Someone Elses UFO  -  and I totally Agree!! ha ha - its just funny!

Anyways - the pattern is dated 2002, I was not quilting then... but this will be fun!

Then - there is this!! I had such fun with my last Greek Key Quilt  that I decided to cut another one, and just sorta work on it in between other stitching.

Now all the Blocks are done!! I have it laid out like this - and will work on *rowing* it!
 I really like this quilt and how easy it goes together - I am even thinking of trying one in just scraps... you think that will work?

Anyways check out all the other Goals at Elm Street Quilts - Maybe you will be inspired ;-)

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Saturday, January 02, 2021

Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2021 -- - Pink

The Rainbow Scrap Challenge is in full swing for 2021 

over at  

The color of this month is Pink - and so.... 

I dug in my orphan block box for some pink blocks. and I found a few .

And don't laugh - but I have a plan.... a plan that may have been inspired by a project Quilt Diva Julie did, and a post about Table Scraps from Joyful......

These blocks were given to me by an older quilter, she said she was using up her scraps, and she just kept making these blocks - so one thing I have learned in prepping them.... none of them are the same size !  

So my first step is trimming them all down to the same size... and then...

we shall see if my Plan comes to fruition!

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Friday, January 01, 2021

String Star Table Runner.... and Finished (or not) Friday

 Welcome to the FIRST Finished (Or Not) Finished Friday for 2021!!! Holee Cow!!! What a ride 2020 was right? 

I have all sorts of plans for my 2021 - How about you?  I stopped writing them as resolutions though - that word seems to take it out of me. So they are my goals!! Hope you'll follow along with my journey and share a lot of yours!!!

This is my First Finish for the Year.

My String Stars!!!  We made this as a class when Kevin the Quilter came and taught it at our Guild - and I had it quilted..... and now!! It is Bound!!!  I think it will look very nice on my table!!

This is always my fun part - I drug my kid and husband along with me to take photos. We headed out to a trail along the river - and it was GORGEOUS!!  and Muddy... and our socks were soaked - but it was fun!

Here's another one

Now it is your turn!! 

*Link up your Finishes ( or not) - and PLEASE USE a direct link to the post - not your whole blog ;-)

* link back - that way other quilters can see all the Quilty goodness

* and have fun!!


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