Monday, January 04, 2021

SEUFO and !! A new Greek Key Log Cabin started

 Do you participate in the One Monthly Goal? or a UFO challenge of some sort?

This year - I am trying for the One Monthly Goal program... its over at Elm Street Quilts!

and this is my OMG for January - its also a SEUFO!!!

Don't know what a SEUFO is - well... I was telling my husband that this isn't really MY ufo - it was sent to me from another quilter, and it was a UFO for her.... so he said.... It should be called a SEUFO - 

Someone Elses UFO  -  and I totally Agree!! ha ha - its just funny!

Anyways - the pattern is dated 2002, I was not quilting then... but this will be fun!

Then - there is this!! I had such fun with my last Greek Key Quilt  that I decided to cut another one, and just sorta work on it in between other stitching.

Now all the Blocks are done!! I have it laid out like this - and will work on *rowing* it!
 I really like this quilt and how easy it goes together - I am even thinking of trying one in just scraps... you think that will work?

Anyways check out all the other Goals at Elm Street Quilts - Maybe you will be inspired ;-)

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Elizabeth V Kelbaugh said...

I have at least one of those SEUFOs. I am bad about adopting others unwanted projects. I am excited that I just finished a quilt from a friend's project leftovers and happy it will help comfort instead of going in the trash or scrap pile.

Marcia in TX said...

Love your Greek key quilt... Another rabbit trail, but for later.

Delighted Hands said...

I think tackling someone else's UFO can be more interesting than tackling one of our own! lol Nice work on the Greek Key--I think it would look great in scraps, too!

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

Good luck with the SEUFO. I had trouble remembering to link up on time last year, so I'm hoping to do better this year.

maggie fellow said...

I like doing the one monthly goal - it helps me focus. the greek quilt looks complicated

Sara said...

The SEUFO acronym made me laugh!! I do enjoy participating in a couple of UFO challenges each year. But any finish is a win in my book!!

Anonymous said...

SEUFO - LOL! The Greek Key quilt is gorgeous!


Preeti said...

This will make an impressive quilt!!! As long as the values (dark and light) have a good contrast, it will work. Good Luck with your goals.

Cathy said...

I've found OMG to be a helpful way to focus on getting at least one goal accomplished every month! Good luck to you! Looking forward to what that SEUFO will be.

And in re Greek Key in scraps...doesn't everything work in just scraps?

Karol said...

I love this Greek Key LC too! What size is the block? Do you have a pattern written up? It's fairly self explanatory but don't want to 'reinvent the wheel' if I don't have to. LOL
Thanks, Karol.