Saturday, January 31, 2015

Blue Scrappy Saturday

Oh.... sigh... it is the last Blue Saturday for the RSC15 challenge.... Sigh... I love blue.

Here are all my Scrappy Posts so far:
RSC 15 posts

For the year I have decided it is a 30's bust.... and I pulled all of my Blue 30's prints from my scrappy Bins:

Then I cut everything up....

And Ta Da:  This is my RSC15 Block for this year:

I got 21 blocks out of all the Blues!!! Who knew?

Now... I have to decide it I want to make an all Blue quilt, and save the one block for a rainbow quilt??

Or if I want to hold off and mix and Match??

Who knows?

The story of the block -
I am learning how to use Instagram  ( @ alyciaquilts)   and I found a picture on it from - but her name is Nicky - and I looked at her photo, and there was a link to a sewing thing, and a tag to another person - and somehow I tracked it down and found the pattern.... then I printed the pattern... and there is NO NAME on it...

So I spent all day tracking it down again... just for you.... you can thank me in Chocolate - its all good.

So.... There you go!

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Pink Bar Quilt - ALYOF

A finish ... A finish.... Yay.....

This is my January A Lovely Year of Finishes Goal, and one of the Q1 FAL goals....

This is what it looked like at the first of January  - A few Strip sets and a potential Backing fabric....

And here is is today:  ( like it's shoes? - its always hard to know what shoe goes with pink - tee hee)

This one was just a random pile of strips and so - I sewed them into a coin type set and put pink around them.  I also wanted to try that feather cable quilting that is so cool.

Note to oneself..... when you want to try something new - try it on a small quilt.... not a 60 x 75 one....

And I did use the Hot Pink with gold stars as the backing - and binding. I like it

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

QOV 2015

Happy Wednesday again!!

Our week has been a little crazy - and that is when I appreciate the sitting down and looking at the pretty quilts.... it just relaxes me!!

This first quilt is a Block Drive Quilt - and quilted by Me.  it was fun - check out the texture on it.
Block Drive Quilt

Block Drive Quilt

This is the back - isn't it fun? 

Next is a quilt pieced by Diana B and quilted by Me

pieced by Diana

Diana - Close up

Some smiles - sorry the pics are dark - I think it wasn't quite sure if the sun wanted to come out, or if it wanted to stay in. The building is one of those Green built buildings with lots of windows to provide the light.

This quilt was made by Laura - and is already hugging on a Veteran!! Gotta LOVE that!!!

The next one... well - I am sort of embarrassed. I made it. I folded it in a pile, and sort of forgot all about it. I pulled it out to quilt and went - hey.... I remember this one... I think I made it!!!

It was a free pattern that I did and posted on Vicki's blog - so now I am going to have to go find it and post it here for you.  It was SO very busy.... I just quilted a texture on it!

Next is a Quilt made by Miracles and quilted by Me.  ( I told you I wanted to stay home - I get more done!!)

And then.... from my Sweet Meredith in AZ - the quilting machine has been smokin'!!

These Next 6 quilts are all pieced by her - and Quilted by Ron O in NM

the hidden symbol


the other hidden symbol

I love that when Ron Quilts - he hides an Americana Symbol in his quilting. It is so fun to show that to the recipient!   Kind of like a grown up Eye Spy!!


the back




Hope you enjoyed today's beauties!! Have a Quilty Day!!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Happy New Year Design Wall Update

My First Design wall of the New year.... is now! A Top!!  and a backing... which means that sometime in 2015 I will get it quilted.... maybe....

I was teased my Ms. Terri that in one of my last top photos  - I forgot to share my sons' face... and that probably none of the girls at his school read my blog. You know there is probably truth in that... so it will be okay to embarrass him right????  Tee hee hee

So there he is!
The little boy that I now look up to!!!

Lois thought I should turn it this way and call it
Up and Away

I like it! 

lots of scraps were used in the making of this project
One can not see the bottom of the scrap bin... 


Saturday, January 24, 2015

Tiny Blue Scraps

I have been diligently working on my RSC blocks - so I can give you a grand reveal.... and in the process I made a bunch of tiny scraps.... how does that happen?

So!  I decided to stitch them together and make hot pads- I even used Insul-brite!

And yes - the do not have the binding, hanger on them - give me a year...
I'll get to it ;-)

I also have decided that Sticks 2 is not finished.

Little Bit - who I look up to now - 
held it up for me to photograph.
I decided then it was not finished
I made a plan

and then I have been running around our state like a chicken....
it's been crazy - 

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Friday, January 23, 2015

A Finish - Bound and All

Whoo hoo - a Finish!!

I know this one was pieced in 2014..... and again - I put it in a pile, BUT this time!!
I had the backing and the binding made... so when I pulled it out.... voila!! It was easy to finish!

I think... this might be something I should do more often!!

Here it is on the machine....

Tada!! All quilted - and Bound - and Done!!!    I can tell you are excited that I BOUND a Quilt!! yep - I see you cheering me on!

Do you see the snow in the background?  It is the snow that will never melt. We usually don't have snow that sticks around this long - usually a day or two and its out - this snow... has been here since Christmas - and there is a lot of ice on ( or in) it.... I am ready for new snow.
The back....

Thanks for stopping by!!  and for cheering me on!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

QOV 2015

Happy Happy Wednesday!!!

It has been a crazy crazy week for me... I have decided that I really like to stay home... so I am going to try that.... soon.... and then I will be bored and ready to travel again - right?

All of our Quilts of Valor go in pillowcases. I like this!  One - it keeps the Quilts clean during transport - and two - they USE them!! A lot of our Quilts are going into Barracks and they are boring rooms - the pillowcases spice them up!

So thanks to a LOT of folks - including JoAnne - we have pillowcases:

JoAnne also made these next two beautiful Quilts!!!  
JoAnne S

JoAnne S

The next 5 Quilts Come from the Amelia Island Quilters. They are SUCH fabulous Quilters - and they are so creative. I love what they come up with.... and someday - in the middle of the winter I am going to visit them.... but only when there is 6 feet of snow here. That way I can rub it in!!
Amelia Island Quilters

Detail of Star

Amelia Island Quilters

Amelia Island Quilters

Amelia Island Quilters

Amelia Island Quilters

The Next two quilts come from Cathy - she blogs over at

When you are done reading here - go check her blog out - you will totally fall in love - promise!


And now... for the part that you always love the best!
You all - we made these Veterans so happy!! There were tears and hugs and oh my!
We were a Surprise to them all - so that was way cool.
My ribs hurt though.. 

Have a Quilty Week!!!