Wednesday, January 21, 2015

QOV 2015

Happy Happy Wednesday!!!

It has been a crazy crazy week for me... I have decided that I really like to stay home... so I am going to try that.... soon.... and then I will be bored and ready to travel again - right?

All of our Quilts of Valor go in pillowcases. I like this!  One - it keeps the Quilts clean during transport - and two - they USE them!! A lot of our Quilts are going into Barracks and they are boring rooms - the pillowcases spice them up!

So thanks to a LOT of folks - including JoAnne - we have pillowcases:

JoAnne also made these next two beautiful Quilts!!!  
JoAnne S

JoAnne S

The next 5 Quilts Come from the Amelia Island Quilters. They are SUCH fabulous Quilters - and they are so creative. I love what they come up with.... and someday - in the middle of the winter I am going to visit them.... but only when there is 6 feet of snow here. That way I can rub it in!!
Amelia Island Quilters

Detail of Star

Amelia Island Quilters

Amelia Island Quilters

Amelia Island Quilters

Amelia Island Quilters

The Next two quilts come from Cathy - she blogs over at

When you are done reading here - go check her blog out - you will totally fall in love - promise!


And now... for the part that you always love the best!
You all - we made these Veterans so happy!! There were tears and hugs and oh my!
We were a Surprise to them all - so that was way cool.
My ribs hurt though.. 

Have a Quilty Week!!!


Terri said...

You put a smile on this old face, too. Thanks for sharing the smiles.

Kevin the Quilter said...

That compass/medallion quilt is truly very beautiful! Great photos Alycia/Angel on earth! Keep up the good work!

phxquilt said...

Another great show! The smiles really do light up the room.

Kate said...

I agree, staying home is nice. Hope you get a chance to do that.

Beautiful quilts and beautiful smiles. Your Wednesday posts always make me smile.

Donna Endresen said...

Alycia- The Quilts are beautiful! I especially love the one with the Compass, also. Keep up the good work! All Veterans deserve to be treated special!