Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Quilts of Valor Colorado

Are you ready for some more Quilty Inspirations???
 I so love showing these quilts off - Sometimes I get to have a hand in them - sometimes not - but I love that our group is so prolific ( or Quiltific?)

So first up ( above) we have two more Flags for Sue Quilted - I pieced them and Kathy - Sues Sister quilted them!! LOVE them!

We have the COOLEST Scrappy quilt - made by Marty in Colorado - and I want to recreate it!!

These were made by Connie and Kathy - the dynamic Duo!!

Left was made by Kathy - and Right - was made by Barb ( she winters in Colorado) and quilted by Crystal in Denver

And below - 3 more Quilts by Connie and Kathy - these were put together by them out of the blocks that hey taught our Group to make.  It was a fun day!!

So now you are inspired and you are going to make a Quilt of Valor - and find a place to award it ( right?) ha ha!!


Monday, January 28, 2019

My Design wall overfloweth.....


I haven't been get as long of stitching periods as I wish -  but! I sure am stitching on a lot of things...

None of you have ever experienced that tho? right?

On top! My Simply Dashing  - Pattern from Highway 10 Designs

Bottom Right - the leftover blocks from my Serape Weave - and hopefully a new little quilt when I figure out if I like it like that or not.

Bottom Left - The Jan/Feb Blocks that my QOV group is making

and of course - the back - Plaid!  My favorite color - and Churndash - My favorite block... go figure!

Now you know a little about my brain - and how unfocused I can be - but! I will say - I am having fun.... and after this next week ( of lots of crazy School things, and a little bit of work) .... I hope to make better progress on all of these!

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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Serape Weave - IT is Finished!!

Welcome to TGFFriday!!!

This finish has been a long time in the making, but January 1st... I made the decision... I WILL FINISH this!! And then I ignored my family, and cooking and chores.... just kidding.... but Ta Da!

Here is my finish!!

We had a little bit of a snowy Sunny day - and so we decided to go for a hike on our place. I thought this would be a great spot for a quilt photo session!!

Here is a close up of the quilting

and because I like flannel
and I might be a little bit selfish
( as in If I put something girly on the back I might get the quilt!)

I put Flamingos with sunglasses in flannel as the back!!

The last couple of days we have had snow
Blizzard conditions ( but Not really - it was just windy)
and cold weather

and hopefully will get some real snow
so I am all ready to curl up on the couch and snuggle!

This is just a funny photo
I thought it was kind hilarious
We do a little small game hunting in the winter and the hike was a combo - Photo shoot, check fences, see if there was some small game, and then in turned into a foot race to see who could get to the fence the fastest

You can not say that we are bored around here
PS - if you are interested I have rejuvenated my photo blog of the things we see

This is my mare checking out our photo shoot... and following us
I am pretty sure she was laughing inside

now it is time to Link up your Friday Finishes ( or almost....)  Show them off - let us oogle!!

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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

More Quilts of Valor

I hurt my finger and it has a band-aid - so forgive me for any misspellings that I miss!!

Check out these awesome Quilts of Valor that our Group did!

This one our group made the blocks during a sew day and Dianne Took them home to put together this top

Kelly K in Denver Quilted it - and it looks awesome!!

The Three above came from the Sunny State of Arizona! Sue E made and quilted them! We were commenting about how we met online when my Colorado QOV group had over 700 wounded Warriors arriving at our local post. We really really really wanted to cover each soldier - and Sue is one of those amazing quilters who stepped in to help.... and I have owned her ( ha ha) ever since.

Just kidding - she has been an amazing addition to Quilts of Valor!! We love her!

Ms Nancy S Sent in these awesome backings for us to use
They are all wide backs and I love them!!

My Dear Laura R has been extremely busy - check out all the goodies that she created!!!

And Pillowcases!!
The awesome Pride City Quilt Guild does an amazing job keeping us provided for!!

Just in case you wanted to know - those of us that sew - have our own Fire and Police Department!!

This officer came to one of my sons basketball games and this caught my eye
I went to talk to him and told him I was sew Excited to know they existed - especially for those of us that sew

He thought I was nuts - but Obligingly laughed anyways!

PS !! I am hosting TGIFFriday 
come back and link up your finishes
and see all the pretty eye candy!!

Monday, January 21, 2019

A *Simply Dashing* Design wall

Or floor - since my wall is full ( again)

And of course the light is not the best - but that's okay!
Because when the quilt is done I will get good light
and you will be 
and that is more important

This is the pattern I am using
They write great patterns!
Very easy to follow and understand!

I am off to quilt
My friend found a vintage 9 patch quilt top and it is so cool
Lucky me gets to quilt it!!
I am loving all the fabrics
( i'll share later!!)

Friday, January 18, 2019

A churn Dash Finish!!

Whoot Whoot!!!

This crazy Varied Sized Churn Dash quilt.....

It is finish!! Oh ya!

And as we took the picture in the sun - I realize you can really see the backing through it! Oh well - at least you know it is finally done!

And a little Close up of the quilting.....

and a little more of the quilting....This one was fun to do  - all swirly and pointy!

So not that I am keeping track or anything... for real, you know I will lose interest in stats about oh ...say Now.....  But this is QOV #5 I have had a hand in so far this year.... yay me....

How about you? do you keep track of numbers for the year? and especially ones that you will give away?

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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Quilts of Valor from My Group

Even though there were holidays and cooking and presents...
These Quilters Kept right on a rockin the QOV stitching!!

This first quilt was made by Debbie in Ft Collins
I always love a log cabin!!

These FOUR were made Completely by Nancy H
in Ft Collins

She made these two House Quilts!
Or maybe we should call them Village quilts/

She made these two Trip Around the Worlds!

She made these two!!

I think we should snow her in more often!

These are our Flags for Sue Quilts = Getting DONE!
3 of them were quilted by Crystal
and 1 of them Quilted by Me

( Mine was the bottom Right.... just cuz I knew you would want to know)

Our group has been putting them together at sew days
and they are really coming together!

and be inspired!

Friday, January 11, 2019

Big Star Country FINISH

Whoop Whoop - I have another Finish!!!

This is another Top made by Verna - 
BUT!! It is from my Mystery called Big Star Country!
So I am excited about it!!

When I pulled it out of the box I had an idea to quilt sorta a windy look to it
Like it is waving in the wind..


and I love quilting it!!

I think hers turned out very cool!
AND!!  It inspired me to get this one up in my ETSY Shop

Especially since the other place deleted our patterns..

So - There is one more Quilt of Valor heading off to my amazing Binder Friends
and one more in my Finish pile!

PS - I am also working on a PayHip Store - how many of you use PayHip?

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Wednesday, January 09, 2019

JL's Quilt of Valor

Way back in 2004 When I started Quilts of Valor in Colorado - we had a mission. It was sorta the same mission as we have today - only here - it was a little scary. at least for me

We were bringing in 700 Wounded Soldiers to our Military Post to start what would become 1 of 17 Warrior in Transition Battalions.   We had decided that we wanted a Quilt of Valor for each and every incoming soldier... and that was a huge feat.

In stepped Janet Lee ( and many others - but this post is about her!)  JL  Runs a fabulously famous Quilt show called MQX Quilt Festival.   It is Fabulous! Trust me - I have been!

When she heard what we were trying to do in Colorado she volunteered her voice - and her email lists to contact as many quilters as we could, and then! She started sending me Backing Fabric, and Batting, and Quilt tops - and THEN!  She offered to host a block drive for us... and thousands of Blocks started coming to her quilt show.  She then shipped them to us to assemble.

Anyways - She holds a very dear place in my heart  - as she has continued to support Quilts of Valor is Many Many Many ways.

Well a little bit ago - she said she would like to have  Quilts of Valor for a presentation she was making . did anyone want to help? and  I said  -  YES!  I would be so honored to make a QOV for her presentation.

And so!!

this is the one that I made for her! I had such fun !  I put it together and went right downstairs to quilt it. I did not want to lose my Momentum!!

It was quite an Honor to make a Quilt for someone to award that has been so very supportive - not only to me and my quilters but to QOV overall!

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Monday, January 07, 2019

Starting a New Project

I am just having way too much fun lately!

I have been playing in my fabrics and finding patterns... and you are not going to believe the cool pattern I found!

It was designed by Highway 10 Designs - run by Kathy who blogs at Tamarack Shack

She and her partner have some amazing designs - but this one really caught my eye!

my son and I have chosen the fabric, and my plan is to cut it today!! I can't wait!!

PS - that is really white, we just have that funny evening lighting when I decide to take photos that yellows everything!! 

Go check out Kathy's Patterns - you may find something you need to start on today too!!

Highway 10 Designs Pattern Store

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Friday, January 04, 2019

Bullseye Log Cabin Finish!!!

For lack of a better name - I am calling this the Bullseye Log Cabin ....

Our QOV group is making these for our January/February 2019 Block of the Months ... and I made the pattern - and I sewed the sample, and the boys turned on a movie, so I just kept stitching while we were watching and

the next thing you know - I had a whole quilt! and you know I just couldn't stop there...

I mean I am on a sorta vacation for a few days - so I headed off to my quilting machine - Bam!!

Its a finish!

Well = truth in advertising - It is as finished as I will get it - I have friends!
Friends in high places that bind it for me - cuz they know it puts my into anaphylactic shock ( ha ha)

This is the block
Its so easy!!

and here is the pattern!
Just in case you need it

I have to tell you I am kinda sad - Craftsy never sent me a letter, never notified me of any of my patterns being deleted. I learned that there may be changes from other blogs who had received notice.

and then! They deleted all but 1 pattern from my site. So all the Free ones I had on there are gone. I will be re doing them and posting them here - and re linking them - but that was sad, and in my opinion a bad business move. But they never asked me!

All of my other Patterns are moving to Etsy - slowly but surely...
it takes a lot of time - and I am not one for patience.

In the meantime - enjoy this one ;-)
and check out my Etsy Site? 

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Wednesday, January 02, 2019

Verna's Quilt of Valor

I am counting this my First QOV finish for 2019 - although - truth in advertising.... I quilted it in 2018.... December 29th to be exact.... but who is counting right?

Verna Made this one and I love it!

She found the Pattern in the May/June 2016 Love of Quilting Magazine

I think we are off to a great start!!!

Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Happy New Year 2019

You know - I am going to take 6 months getting used to writing 2019!!

Happy New Year!!

I have two instagram accounts so I did that Best Nine thing
and I was pleasantly surprised!
Here is my AlyciaQuilts IG account

And here is my QuiltygirlQuilts account

Pretty fun!

Are you all ready for the New Year?
Are you a Planner?

I will say this year - I am just going to roll with it and see where it takes me!

Here's to a Quilty New Year!!