Friday, November 30, 2012

Finished Friday

Our internet has been in and out this morning, and usually that does not bother me.... but last night... instead of diligently working and getting all of my internet *stuff* done....

We went to a swim meet, and then to a Christmas Musical. The Musical was AWESOME!! our church put it on, and I did not know what to expect.... but it certainly wasn't that. What a production!!

We were all talking about it on the way home,and kinda want to go see it again - it was truly amazing. Our music director is nothing short of amazing - he wrote it, directed it, choreographed it.... wow!!

This weeks edition of Finished Friday is another Quilted quilt. At this stage in the year - I think quilting is the game ;-)

The far away picture shows the truest colors, It is the coolest batik quilt - I just loved the colors in it. The close ups kind of muted them.

This is going to a granddaughter ( not mine - the customers!)  so I wanted fun designs, and a more modern pop to it ... 

This photo comes from a neighbor - she was out in her field - looking west. Isn't it gorgeous?  If you look real carefully on the right side of the picture there is a bump and a pole. That bump?  That's my house!!!  Too cool!

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Enjoy your day!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Online Quilt of Valor Show

Happy Wednesday!!!  Time is flying way to fast this week! 

Are you ready for this weeks show?  I sure hope you got a chance to see some of the quilts with there owners  ( you can find them on this post )

So let's get inspired this week!!

This first beauty comes from Nancy in NY. I LOVE it!!! check out that border - isn't that cool?

These Two come from Paula in Colorado. This first one is pieced by Paula and quilted by Lori C.

This one was both pieced and quilted by Paula. Both of these are just wonderful!!!!

Does this quilt look familiar?
I do love it!! It was made by Beryl in Utah.
I think this was a mystery from MysteryQuilts4Military ( a yahoo group)

This one was made by Glenda... Glenda is Vicki's Mom!  She trained her well!!

And this one was made by Vicki!!!
( the Tall Sir from Yesterday's post - LOVED this one!!)

The next two quilts were pieced by Nancy in Wyoming.
This one is called Fly Away Home and was quilted by Gail in Montana

And this one was quilted by Gail as well.
Nancy is on a HUGE roll!!
These are Quilts of Valor #18 and #19 for the year!!!

I received a Thank you.....

My name is G. M. and I was honored to be the recipient of your beautiful quilt. The colors are vibrant and happy and lift me up every day when I see it. It also makes me think of the vibrant person you must certainly be and what I aspire to be every day. 

This Thank you was for a quilt that Adele D Made... so Adele - I am popping this in the mail to you tomorrow.... thank you for helping her to heal!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


All of those wonderful Quilts of Valor that come this way.... they get to go to some amazing Veterans. The day before Thanksgiving I got to hang out in my favorite battalion, and get teased a little bit about my lack of acceptance of military time.... but it was all good.

We helped prepare some things for Turkey day, and helped to make sure turkeys were available. ( 45 given out!!!)  We also caught the newest inductees into our Battalion. Can you imagine making changes, such as moving - over a holiday? 

I know some of these quilts haven't quite debuted in their own quilt show yet, but they are needed now, so off they went to their forever homes. They will still appear in a quilt show - I promise.

So this one above? Sir is WAY tall... I mean tippy toe to reach tall - but super cool! This quilt was by Vicki W . I impressed him. Told him about the quilt and the maker. 
He thought I was amazing.... until I showed him the label. It kind of gave me away *sigh*

This Darling here - absolutely the sweetest thing ever! She has daughters. Can you imagine the excitement those girls will have to curl up with Mom and this quilt?
Made by Marilyn

This lovely man was going to host a Thanksgiving dinner!  He fell in love with this quilt because it had some M&M dudes on there. ( again - you will have to wait till the quilt show to see them)

And here is where my memory fails me... I am pretty sure that this quilt was made by Connie and Kathy in another quilt show... but I think... Okay I know... they took away my Dr Pepper and I was fading...  But isn't this a lovely smile. I love the smiles that these quilts get!! 

Totally makes our day!  You all - I can not tell you how Thankful I am on a daily basis for the support you show our Wounded Warriors. I can not thank you enough for the quilts, the blocks, the backings... you all make a HUGE difference.

These Quilts Hug, they Comfort and they keep them warm. Life is not easy for some, and I love that these quilts can give them a big hug... so again THANK YOU!!!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Design Wall Monday

Hope you all had a Great Thanksgiving!! We had a good time! My job for T day dinner was the sweet potatoes!! I can do that!  My Sister in laws did all the hard work!

The morning of Thanksgiving though found us here:

The TURKEY TROT - there were like a million people there - it was crazy. I couldn't find one of my kids when it was over, I was worried!!! But he knew I had the car keys... and the way to his Aunts house!

And then the sunset... a beautiful ending to a wonderful day.

Alright - now on to the Design Wall ( floor this time- my wall has stuff on it too!!)

I can't tell you much about this - only that it will be finished next Monday!
Can you guess?

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Blast from the Past

While I should be sewing and cleaning, and doing laundry.... I am not.... I am playing in my pictures and labeling them.... before I forget who is who, and when is when....

and I came across these from 2006....

This is a quilt made by Mary and I quilted it - but look at the sunlight!!
Apparently my photography skills are getting better ;-)
Or maybe I now have curtains - who remembers??

This is my little buddies - Little bit is 5 and Middle bit is 8.
Little bit made that quilt on the far left wall - a Bonnie Hunter pattern - as a Quilt of Valor
He exhibited it in the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum's 
Quilts by the hands of Men display.
He was the youngest man there!!

Oh and the lady -that was the reported who interviewed him!

All three boys went to the opening reception - and since we knew they were supposed to be quiet ( hack hack sputter cough) - we got there early enough to go run by the river, play in the park, and otherwise tire them out.

Impressive parenting skills - right?

Little bit with his quilt. We also put out a journal so that visitors could sign the journal, knowing it was going to a Wounded Warrior. 

FYI - two of these children - I now look up to.... it's disconcerting *sigh*

Friday, November 23, 2012

Finished Friday

I am getting a late start today - and it is not even because of Black Friday... can you believe that I DID NOT go shopping?  I know - I am impressed too!!

Although two of the boys and Wrangler Man did venture out today - they were nuts!!

So - what did I get finished for this Friday?

This quilt!! This is the back of it.......

And - Ta da - the front!!
It was pieced by Janet

It was such a cool quilt - and fun to add so much texture to it!

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

QOV Show and a WINNER!!

Congratulations to Lisa !!!   I will be contacting you to get your address to send this wonderful PowerSpray (tm) Twin Turbo (tm) Shower head. 

For those of you who didn't win it - you can find it  from Waterpik

Oh and y the way Lisa?  That Tessellating Tree quilt? It would look wonderful in my house - just sayin'   Tee hee

On to the Quilt Show!!
This Red Beauty comes from Pat M in Denver - Pat both pieced it and quilted it and is a wonderful person. She always makes me feel right at home!!

This pattern is called the Not So Top Secret Project  and can also be found at Mary Quilts

This one is Made by Rosemary and Quilted by Lois Knight.  They make an impressive team. Check out that border!!

This one is made by Sharon E in Greeley. Sharon is a Blue Star Mom! She both Pieced and Quilted this one - the pattern is Bricks and Stepping stones by Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville .com

 The Next SEVEN quilts come from the Alpha Quilt Group in Oklahoma City!!  I think they were VERY busy. 

Isn't this one cool? I think they fussy cut each of those stars and pieced them in a Jelly Roll style quilt. I love the effect.

This one ( and the others like it ) is just too cool!!!   I studied it for a long time... I was having a moment, bonding with the quilt, when all of a sudden ! I realized this is a 4patch and it would make a GREAT leader ender quilt.... and of course that is a far as I have gotten with the idea.

Another beauty!!  It looks to me like the disappearing 4 patch pattern

And from the Pueblo Quilt guild in Pueblo Colorado - Pillowcases!!! I love them!!!  

Ummm - one of them has Maxine.... and they probably don't know this, but I LOVE Maxine. I think we might be sisters.... and my kids Died laughing when they saw this one....

Hope you all have a wonderful day, and a great Thanksgiving. You all have great plans - so enjoy the day. We will be running ( gasp) at o dark thirty -who knew??

You can now find me on Facebook at QuiltyGirl  just in case you need another dose of Quilty Goodness ;-)