Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Quilt of Valor Quilt Show

My name is William B and I received a quilt of valor in July at the Fort Collins, Colorado vet center. I'm an Army Infantry veteran of the Afghanistan war and I just wanted to send a brief e-mail thanking your organization for my quilt and for what you do. My wife and I were incredibly touched by your patriotism and commitment to veterans. When I first heard from the vet center that we would be visited by quilts of valor, I had no idea that I would be receiving such a beautiful quilt. The quilt I received said it was pieced by Valerie E. in Corona, California and quilted by Ron O. in New Mexico. If possible, could you forward my e-mail to them to express my appreciation? Thank you for your organization's dedication to this country and it's veterans. In closing, I ask you to never forget how much of a difference you make to veterans.
Very Respectfully,
William B.

Good Morning Quilters - 
I don't know if that gets you inspired, but it sure inspires me!! Plus I met the young gentleman and got a lesson in Geography. I will reiterate one more time - I AM geographically challenged, so I did learn something. And I now know the exact territory he was in!!

On to the quilt show!

This great quilt was pieced by Pat J in New Mexico and quilted by Linda B of Colorado. 

I really think that it is a Dissappearing 9 patch- but the setting is a little different - I like it!!!

Isn't this a great quilting pattern?

This one was pieced by Agnes K - The yellow is really outstanding!! It just makes this quilt shine!
 It was quilted by Patty B of Colorado!! Nice Job Patty!!

A patriotic Beauty from Nancy in Ft Collins - The fabrics are just amazing in this one!!!

And!! She quilted it herself!!

This one was made by Sharon in MN. It was quilted by Dawna  ... and I am proud to say we have recruited Dawna to our sew days.... she may never ever leave ( tee hee)

This one was made by Candy C of new York, and quilted by Mindy N of Colorado

I like the quilting designs she chose to do in the spinners.

This Rail fence on point was made by Donna H-L of Longmont. I love that setting for those blocks.... 

It was quilted by Janet F of Colorado - lovely lovely job!!

This log Cabin beauty was pieced by Connie and Kathy of Colorado and quilted by Laura - the owner of Na-La's Quilt Shoppe in Fountain CO

And the last two quilts for today were pieced by Agnes K and quilted by Laura. 

Outstanding job quilters. All your hard work makes me need chocolate... so off I go... in search of something yummy.....


Gypsy Quilter said...

Wow, what a quilt show! And a great thank you note. How wonderful that he took the time to write. We appreciate that.

beaquilter said...

aww, what a sweet comment :-) great quilts again, in the new year- if you need a quilter- let me know

Nancy said...

Wonderful variety of beautiful quilts. Nice job, everyone.

Dawna Sanders said...

SOOO inspiring! Thanks Alycia for all you do with QOV and giving us an opportunity to minister to our troops this way.

Cyn said...

Wonderful quilts. Thanks for sharing the pics. What an inspiring thank you note from William. Imagine him thanking the quilters after all he has given! Amazing.
Thank you for continuing to organize this, Alycia. You are making a difference in many lives.

Darjeeling Darlings said...

These quilts are beautiful. Your are very talented.

The Quilting Elf said...

Quilters are so creative - your show sure points that out! Thanks for all of the pics (and ideas).
And thanks for sharing the letter - we know it makes a difference, but that feedback helps keep us going. What a thoughtful young man.

Kathy T. in Tampa

Marilyn said...

Wonderful quilt show you put on. They are so pretty and will be most appreciated by our service men and women. William's letter was inspiring. Alycia, you do a wonderful job with this blog. Keep up the great work on it and the quilts of valor.

Norece said...

Another round of beautiful quilts. Kudos to everyone who sent these quilts to Alycia. Special thanks to Alycia and her family. Thanks for sharing.

Linda K, Alaska said...

These "quilt shows" are so inspiring. Thanks, Alycia for posting them, and thanks to all the quilters who make it possible. You're work is always appreciated.

Miss Carol said...

I love sitting here sipping my coffee and enjoying the quilt show!
Thank You!

Sew Hungryhippie said...

So lovely and wonderful. I'm with my family -stationed overseas, and the support you are showing the troops means so much!! I'm joining in, as an Army nurse veteran this is dear to my heart. I was in Iraq in 2003. Laundstuhl too, among many other bases where the wounded were everywhere. I will never forget. THANK YOU for this inspiration and love you are sharing. Truly awesome on so many levels. :) We need more people like you in the world. ♥ xx