Sunday, November 11, 2012

Scrappy Trips Block Drive

Whoo Hoo - Some packages have started arriving for the Scrappy Trips Block drive  it is so awesome!!! And don't forget there is a prize!!!

Before I show you the blocks - Fred came to visit... before our snow started Saturday he sat on my power pole and watched me take these pictures!!

The first set of blocks is from Carolyn in PA

The next set is from Linda in Ohio

These are from Judy in Colorado

And from Joan in Colorado

The last set of blocks came sewed into a Top!!! You have to love that
These are from Kat in IN 

Thank you thank you thank you!!! Remember the contest ends the 15th.... so get your blocks postmarked by the and on their way!!!


Terri said...

Is Fred a Bald Eagle? The blocks are lovely.

Dawna Sanders said...

They are so beautiful all sewn together! I hope I get to quilt one of these :)

Kevin the Quilter said...

These are going to look awesome! I hope mine make it there by the cutoff!

Bjwalsh101 said...

These blocks look great, I sent my yesterday, the 14th.