Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Quilts of Valor - Quilted

Sometimes when a person doesn't sleep - they get a LOT done!   

This Quilt of Valor was made by Kathy P in eastern CO - she used our block drive blocks pattern and put the WHOLE thing together!!

I quilted it and LOVE how it turned out
Kim bound it this weekend and it will be hugging a Veteran real soon!

A friend of mine in TN said -
I have some Tops and Backs that we would love to have wrap a Veteran.

They are the Patriotic Piecemakers
and ta - da
I got this one quilted

And this one
( from the same group)

It also got bound by Kim

We have such fun stitching together!

Have fun Stitchin'!!

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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Rainbow Scrap Challenge - Sea Green/Teal

I think this is the last day that I will be working on teal/sea green for our
Rainbow Scrap Challenge

But.... you never know - I may just find another piece of something that 
has to be stitched up!

I had a few extra pieces of teal left over , and a few pieces of Purple from January -
so voila - a mash up!

And then I did get my Sea green and Teal Goose Migration Blocks done
They are a little bigger than the purple one
But I have plans....

and I showed these - my Churn dashes

That's all folks
Ready for the next color?

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Friday, February 24, 2017

Februarys One Monthly Goal/ UFO

Da da da DAAAA da da!!!

I have a finish! I truly did not think I was going to manage this one this month.... but I am glad I did!

I made the backing!

I Quilted it

I bound it

I labeled it!  

Because it is so busy I used a simpler quilting design
I get asked all the time about beginner Pantos - 
This is one!
It is called Vestibule from Dawna's Design Threads
If you go get it - tell her I sent ya - she will like me better that way ( ha ha ha)

Quilt measured 
68 x 68 inch
Free Pattern found here

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Quilts of Valor - Presentations!!

Truth:   I LOVE making Quilts of Valor - 

but the Real Truth: I LOVE the smiles that show up on our Veterans faces when they get wrapped in one!!!

They always thank us for coming - but they have no idea how much of a honor it is to be able to wrap them in love!!

This group is one of the best
( Okay - they all are - I am not biased or anything)
This was at the end of January

 You all probably don't know this
but my cell phone Panorama skills are really growing 
This was the first take!!

This was a fun group too
The Quilter that set it up did a fantastic job
She was going to try to make it a surprise, but we all know how hard that is

After the presentation though - the one that really helped the quilter the most said
Okay - this was a LOT more than I expected
and a total surprise

So I guess it worked!!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Mystery Clues

Progress is happening on our Mystery Quilts 4 Military.... we are up to clue 3 ( I think)

Here is my new progress:

Come join in - I don't think you would be that far behind!!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Life on the Ranch.... My Super Stars

Every little girl dreams of being a model at some point in her life..... and this little girl is no different!

Just look at the way that Farrah here flaunts her hair, and stands in the wind.....

It's like she wants to make you jealous, you with your hat hair, and yoga pants... right??

The men on the Ranch would like to have their time in the sun too - Fabio here, he wants you to see him for his beauty.... he's not just another Ranch horse you know!

( he asks that you don't hate him because he is so Beuoooo tiful!)

and .....  the escapees.... we need our Fabio and Farrah for these dummies.... they are escape artists .... I swear - they find the hole in any fence, and sometimes there isn't even a hole - they just make one.....  Big Blackie there on the right... he will chase you down for grain though.....

As you can see our snow has melted, the ice has disappeared, and it was actually warm enough for the tank heaters to turn off, so you know that means a blizzard is just around the corner......

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Rainbow Scrap Challenge Sea Green

My Sea Green Blocks Grew a little bit....

I think I am now out of the larger scraps
and we think a few of these will be put in the back

The two on the top left,
Those are a study in color - yah - thats it!
When I was laying the colors out, those pieces that make it look more like a circle?
They didn't really stand out that much, until they were in theblock!

I think this is my favorite for this week ;-)

And ps - all you Blog Friends that said you were recuperating from being sick?
I sure hope I gave you enough sympathy....  cuz you were contagious and I got it
and Bleck..... you all were right... not fun at all.

I'm going back to my couch now ;-)

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Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Quilts of Valor Colorado 2017

Happy Wednesday Morning!!
Boy have our quilters been busy!!

This first on is called

Patty Made it AND quilted it!!

She also made and quilted this one!
Those applique stars are way cool!

I made this one
and it was quilted by Jean in Grand Junction

This next one is a great use of a panel!
It is from the Wabi Sabi Quilters of Colorado

Then my amazing my Sue E in Arizona
The pattern here is Blue Ridge Beauty by Bonnie Hunter
Pieced, Quilted and Bound by the Awesome Sue!!

Sue also did this awesome Crumb Quilt
It is Gorgeous!!

And a huge shout out to the
Pride City Quilt Guild
They supplied some amazing Pillowcases!!

just another quick reminder - 
has just started the next mystery - you can still join in and not
be too far behind....

Monday, February 06, 2017

Design Wall - Mystery Quilts 4 Military

Happy Monday Morning... Did you all survive the excitement that was the Super Bowl?   I did, I have the blocks to prove it ;-)    I made it through the middle of the 3rd quarter, watching and stitching away - yay  

Step 1 of the MQ4M is all done - 
its not too late to join in
Sign up

And LOOK what arrived for me!!
Hosted a Photo walk around each month
It was So cool to see what others would see around them 
and I won these!!!
 (PS Soma took this photo - I stole it cuz it is WAY cool)

We came home one night this week and the sunset was so cool
I wanted to capture the silhouette
I got close to what I wanted 

Happy Stitching!!

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Saturday, February 04, 2017

Rainbow Scrap Challenge - Sea Green

This Months Challenge - Issued by Angela at SoScrappy   was:

Sea Green will be the color for February.  Anything between blue and green will work.  From teal, to aqua to turquoise.  Try to find anything that isn't happy with blue or green but plays somewhere in between.  

That's a weird one - and my my first thought was - well I don't have that color.... I always trick myself that way.... and then I find stuff.... I'm talented that way!

Look what I found!!!

and we had a little bit of an Ice Storm
So one of us was stuck inside for a bit
We actually had a 2 hour school delay
Which in reality - for us ( at the edge of nowhere)
should have been all day.....

So Little Bit and I made the best of it
He snoozed....
I got a little bit done ;-)

Friday, February 03, 2017

Color Palette Challenge Finish ( Finally)

Way back in the Dark Ages  Vicki W and Judy L hosted a Color Palette Challenge....

Alright - it was really 2012.... but today - that seems like a Lonnnnng Looooong way aways ago.

Each Month they would present a photo that they had changed into a color palette , which you were to use to pull your fabrics and make something.

Here was the Palette for March - and boy Oh Boy did I struggle to find fabrics... But I persevered!

This is the little quilt that I made
It is 36 x 54 inches

and ( Katie Z sit Down!!)  I bound it this week!!
Yep - I did - for real

Here's a little close up of the quilting

And my Artsy Fartsy Shot
It should be in a magazine right?
I just crack myself up!

Oh!! And the back!
It is to the left of the Color Palette
So I included it too!

And... Another one Bites the dust!!

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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

February's UFO / OMG

I finished this top in December, said I was going to make a back for it... and promptly put it away!

Who does things like that?

Well today - I have pulled it back out - it is now my

February's Mission : I have chosen to accept it is:

Make the backing 
Quilt it
Bind it
Put a Label on it 

February is a short month - I have a LOT of client quilts to get to .... but I can do it right????

PS  - this is a free pattern found at Quiltygirls Pattern Store

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