Friday, March 29, 2013

Blue and Yellow Quilt

It needs a much better name....but that is all I can think of... but I am proud to say....

It is Done!!  Bound and everything!!

It measures 55 x 73

100% Cotton with an 80/20 batting in it

The back is solid yellow.

It is quilted in Navy Blue
and it is in my Etsy shop
Although I think I kind of want to keep it - maybe.....

Thursday, March 28, 2013

How I do Binding

Sue in Scottsdale asked me how I do my binding.... so - I thought I would show you how I do it...

not that how I do it is right.... it's just how I do it....

I start with a 2 1/2 inch strip of fabric and iron it in half, wrong sides together.
Then I apply it using a 3/8 inch seam. 
Why 3/8's?  its the size of my foot on the machine, and I found it was easier to teach my kids to line of the edge of the foot, with the edge of the quilt, and the binding....

I apply it to the back side. So the raw edges of the binding line up with the raw edge of the quilt.

Before the two ends meet, I stop sewing, so that I leave a 10 inch tail on each end,
Then I pull the two edges up, and pin them.

yes, I do know there is a diagonal way to do it, I just don't like it that way, so I pin the two edges together and sew a 3/8 inch seam, 

it looks like this on the back,.....

When I am done sewing the two, I usually press it, seam open..

And then I stitch that down,
Turn the quilt over and pull the binding around.

I use a zig zag stitch and finish up the binding.

I have seen others use decorative stitches, and I like that too...

And Ta - da
I am finished.

This is a faster way of binding for me.
Also - the majority of my quilts are being used by soldiers, kids, or my family - so they get a lot of yanking, pulling and quite possibly washing. I think ( and this is MY opinion only) the binding is stronger this way.

Hope that helps someone - and answers Sue's question?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Today's Quilt Show!!

To our new Readers - welcome!!!

These Quilts Of Valor that are featured here, come to me to be distributed to the Warriors in Transition Battalion at our Colorado post, at the PTSD program ( there are 3 that we cover) and at a few Therapy places that work with our wounded.

I know there are more that are being created to go overseas, and to other areas ( whoot Whoot) but these are what come to me. And I LOVE to show the beauty of our quilts - you all - they are amazing!!!

Sometimes people wonder how our challenge got started - so here you are:   The Start  And we have continued covering every incoming soldier in this unit - who has not already received  a quilt - and yes! I do ask..... ;-)

The first quilt in Todays show comes from Jackie W in Wilcox AX -
She calls it Sweet Dreams
I can totally see that - I would have sweet dreams snuggled under it!!

This one is pieced by Elsie and Quilted by Lois K. of Broomfield!
They made a wonderful team.
Elsie - i think - is the ultimate scrap Quilter!!

The next two come from Teresa in Denver.
I tricked her!
She said she had two quilts, did I want to meet up? So I invited her to our sew days.
Not only did she bring two quilts - I put her to work.
Evil genius - I am!!!

This one is from Teresa as well - 
I studied it! I Love those hexie flowers!!

The last one in today's show comes from Norece.
Norece is amazing too!!
I can not believe that amount of Quilts that girl makes!!

Thank you all for stopping in - and just so you know - these quilts are LOVED!!!  Here is how I know:

Not only did he smile.... he let me hug him - they help the healing people!!! I love it!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

A sew day, A design wall, and FUN!!!

Sunday was a Quilt of Valor sew day - so I took ALL the patriotic blocks and Oh! Man! did we have fun!!

We started out just sticking the blocks to the design walls, and then we all started grabbing 5 that we liked... or some of the overachievers picked all 30 for their quilt top!!!  I LOVED it ( and NO I was not the over achiever!)

Then we all sat down to sew, well except for me - I had the hair brained idea to start making backs for these quilts....    Check out this design wall - COOL huh?

We even got the pastor into sewing.... Just so you know - we figured him out... he acted like he didn't know much about quilting. But when you started asking him questions.... he knew.... I think he was tricky that way... everyone ironed for him, and labeled his blocks for him.... he had a good thing goin' on!!

This was our last design wall for the day - the total count for the day - 17 tops completed, 4 half way done ... 3 backs made ( ya I might talk a little too much -but in my defense they were pieced backs and I had to measure)   24 cupcakes eaten, and one happy birthday song sung....
For more design walls head over to

Saturday, March 23, 2013

a little spring cleaning

I am doing just a little little bit of spring cleaning.... so check out my listings at my Etsy store.



And who knows what else I might decide to part with..... enjoy!!  Check it out -

Friday, March 22, 2013

Finished Friday

While this is not a spectacular, amazing, wonderfully challenging quilt - it was one of the best things my kids and I have done for a while.

One of the men that we work very closely with in the Warriors in Transition Battalion, and who helps us .... a.... Steelers Fan.

I mean - a true, die-hard, yellow and black fan. He has such a passion for this team, and such a passion for helping our soldiers... that we just had to do something.

The boys and I were shopping in Joann's - and they want me to tell you - it was a sacrifice, but that Sportsman's Warehouse is right next door - so no pulling of the man card happened......  

and we found this Steeler Fleece.  So we picked some up, and picked up some of that crazy bright yellow....

and Ta-Da!!!

We quilted it with lots of squiggly lines, and then sliced up the edges.....

And we were able to give it to him this week! Out of all the Steeler stuff he has - you will never believe - he did not have a blanket!! So we were tickled, AND i finished something ;-)

For more finishes head to   and

Thursday, March 21, 2013

NEQF Rock the Block

How many of you are headed to the New England Quilt Festival? Previously known as Machine Quilting Exposition or MQX?    I SOOOO Wish I was! I went a few years ago and was in awe!

My brain hurt from all the knowledge, and the quilts, and the classes and the quiltiness of it all!!! Oh My Gosh!! and the photo ops!! I still look thru my 3trillion pictures!!!

The owners of MQX - Janet Lee and Mary have been avid supporters of Quilts of Valor! I can not begin to tell you the encouragement and help that they have given, not only to me, but to their local groups as well. And the backing fabrics!!  They are so wonderful.....

AND - they are at it again!!!

At this years Festival in April -on the 12th - there is an evening event called ROCK THE BLOCK!

Rock the Block

with Guest Speaker,Joanne Shapp
Friday, April 12th, 7–9:30 pm
$40 per person ($5 donated by MQX to charity)

Ready for a change? Tired of the same old sit-down, banquet chicken dinner? Us too! Rock the Block will have fun food and a block donation to benefit Alycia Carmin’s“No Soldier Forgotten” project. No Soldier Forgotten is the Colorado state group of Quilts of Valor. Block donations are optional but who wouldn’t want to contribute to this great charitable organization?

So here’s how it will all work: We have sponsors that will pay a predetermined dollar amount for each block donated. Should donations exceed $1,000, the total proceeds will be split and distributed to the Colorado and New England chapters of Quilts of Valor. 

Choose your colorway; there are two colorway groups, Americana (red, white and blue) and Funky Monkey (brights, wildfabrics, fun colors)

.• Eight Pointed Star*

 • Amish Diamond*

*Patterns provided by Marcia Hohn of

Sew the blocks and bring them to Rock the Block on Friday evening. The more blocks you bring, the more $$$ are donated. Funds will be used to defray costs associated with these QOV chapters. Numerous door prizes and a grand prize drawing for the individual who donates the most blocks.

Special Guest Speaker Joanne Shapp of North Pomfret, Vermont will talk about her travels and quilts in her lecture and photo presentation, “Crop Circles: Confessions of a Cereal Quilter.”  In 2005, Joanne fell in love with crop circles, has traveled to England numerous times and has been inside over 70 formations. Learn more about this mysterious phenomena that has inspired Joanne to create these breathtaking quilts.

A cash bar is available. Viewer’s Choice and Machine Quilting Teacher of the Year for 2012 will be announced at the conclusion.

Please select E903 to register.

Preregistration is required
This event is open to the public and does not incur a student registration fee.

Please go!! And then come tell me ALL about it!! I am so intrigued with her topic!!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Quilt of Valor show ( and presentations)

This has been a busy busy week!!! I hope you are ready... and have a cup of coffee!

First off - if you haven't already heard about our Patchworktimes Challenge .... here you go:

For every three finished ( quilted and bound) QOVs you send to Alycia, your name will go into a drawing.  On December 31, 2013, there will be three drawings, each to receive a $100 gift certificate from Fat Quarter Shop.

Some of those quilts are starting to come in....  There are already 3 people in the running.....

Here are three quilts from Karen A in OK - she is a new machine quilter - and I tell you - she is doing a great job!!!!

I LOVE the colors in this one, that solid in the center - ohh laa laa!!

Of course - this is the back o f the next one - but

And the front of it. Seriously great colors!
 And the last of the three from Karen.
These are great colors too!  Soft and comforting!

Then Three lovlies came from Adele D in LA - Did I ever mention how much I love to look at quilts?

I had to take a close up of these blocks - I think they are awesome
and of course I think Stash buster!!!

 Check out the bold Reds and Creams !!!

This next one has some great bold prints!
I think someday I should go shopping with Adele!

Thanks quilters - for joining in the PW Challenge!!!

And now.... what every quilter waits for.... to see some of their quilts with the recipients!

Notice something else in the picture?
The local Girl Scouts generously donated boxes of Girl Scout cookies for us to hand out to the soldiers.
And - NO he did not take two cases - we were just messing around.

Love the smiles right?

You all made these guys' day!!!
They were seriously happy!!  
And could totally feel the love!!

Thanks for taking time to stop by today!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Track Meet

My National Quilt day was spent at my first track meet Ever!  It was supposed to be a wonderfully warm and sunny day, and instead it was perfectly chilly and windy, and I was very grateful to BE a Quilter.... who keeps plenty of quilts in her car!!

My oldest son decided to run track this year. Fun!

And of course, another opportunity to take pictures ;-)

He ran the 3200m, the 1600m and the 4 x 800 relay.

Here he is running with another PV Runner - they are great friends - its fun to watch them run together.

And the Yay! I finished, and I didn't trip pose.....

And while you are waiting for the next event for your kid - they do the hurdles! If you have never seen those live - get thee to a track meet.... Oh My Gosh - those hurdlers - they are awesome!!!
 Our team is the Blue and white team, and the kid above won 4th overall and the kiddo below won 2nd.
They were done running them in like - a FLASH!!  I think I might have been the embarrassing parent....  

I said  - again... run them again!!!
It was quite a fun day - and I sure had a good time, although my feet were pretty cold when I was done....

And Sunday - you would think I would have had some time then to sew right? Nope - Kiddo number 2 is our computer whiz, so after church he had computer class, and I had to go get some "stuff" ( I'll show you tomorrow) and then bring him back home, and ka-blam - the weekend was over .....*sigh*

So - what did you all do for Quilting Day?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Block Drive Blocks

It's horse shoeing day at the KC corrals.... just to prove - some of us are up at the break of dawn....

getting the horses fed, and in the proper corrals to make shoeing easy ( on me... the shoer is a tough guy!!)

I believe that these are the last of the block drive blocks that qualified for the giveaway!!!

This group of 5 comes from Ann in Cali

These 10 come from Laura in Cali

 These 9 are from Linda in AZ

These yummy plaids come all the way from Canada!!
From Rena in Ontario!!

These 20 come from Sherry in IA 

Sherry also sent along this trips top!!

There are 17 here from Sally T in VA!

And the last 15 in from Sharon in MN
The winners can be found here  
 and all the posts with the blocks can be found Here  You all have a great day!!