Tuesday, March 05, 2013

More Block Drive Blocks

It is like a party at my house... we come in and I get to start opening little envelopes, and big envelopes ... so much fun!!

 Blogger is loading my pictures in a funny order - not in the way I select them - so I hope I didn't mix anyone's blocks up!!

The first group here comes from Christy in KS
There are 16 blocks, 4 pillowcases, AND a Backing!! ( love it!)
Oh - and Christy - your last name... we might be related ;-)

These blocks are from Laura in CA - this is her second batch of these ...
I think... she is on a roll!!

These next 25 come from Norece 
She is a busy lady!!! 

Pat in OH sent in these two - aren't they lovely?

The next bunch comes from Kevin  - there are 15 plaid ones ( yumm!!!)
and 15 patriotic ones!!!

These 5 come from Faye in MI - Faye is from the same town my dad was born in!!
How cool is that?  ( AND I have been there!!)

Shameless Dog Picture - she really wishes she could sit on my lap!

Here are 13 from Jane M in MN
These are kind of a mix of plaid and patriotic - I love them!!

And 8 from Sandra in TX
( see the one with the tropical print? Made me want to go to Hawaii!)

 Here are 10 from Mary in CA
I was running out of couch space - can you tell?

7 from Gloria in NC
LOVE the stripes!!!

9 from Dianne in CO!!!

30 from Wendi in CA 
Such a great variety too!!!

7 from Teresa in IN!!

and 21 from Maxine in KS

So - have you been keeping count? I have.... how many do you think we have so far???


Kevin the Quilter said...

Looks like 192 in this batch alone! WOW! Whatta block drive! Kudos to all!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

A great bunch of blocks. Everyone's been busy!

Edith Mascia said...

I mailed a package yesterday and forgot to mention my friend Peggy helped me with the blocks. We ran out of time before we could do any more.
Edith Mascia

wendiq said...

So happy to see mine made it.....such a good cause...Thanks for giving us an opportunity to help...

phxquilt said...

Glad to see that mine arrived today in that big box.

lisa0116 said...

I have not been counting. I am just in awe at how amazing they all look and all the love around from all that are participating. Can't wait to see the finished quilts and how many of them you end up with. That's going to be the fun count to me.

I have that red/white fabric that one lady used in the Hawaii looking stuff. I also have it in blue and white and will be using both to make my nephew marine a quilt from them. He is born and raised in Hawaii so that is right up his alley. LOL!