Monday, August 31, 2015

Design Wall Monday - Row x Row

Here is the first Row I have finished in the Row by Row Experience. It is from our local Quilt shop here in town - Sew Downtown:

Friday, August 28, 2015

Blueberry Crumble

There is quite a bit of Happy Dancing going on around here. We have not had the easiest August, so I was excited, and sort of got the boys excited too... ( I might have promised them ice cream if they danced with me!)

Here it is:  
Blueberry Crumble 

Now maybe... just maybe this will put me back into the finish mode...
I might be more in the quilting mode, and photography mode
and maybe, sort of, neglecting the projects I have started....


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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

QOV 2015 - August #4

Good Wednesday Morning!!  I hope you are really ready for some Patriotic Inspirations!!  Cuz you will definitely find them here today!!

Are you ready???

The Quilt Above was made by Sue B of the Pride City Quilt guild AND the Scrappy Ladies Quilt Guild. This is her first quilt - so YAY Sue !!! You did a fabulous job. I quilted it  - and the pattern can be found here:     Alycia Quilt Craftsy Store

Now - the Next 6 quilts were made  by Marsha G out in eastern CO. Marsha started making Quilts of Valor ® a little less than a year ago - and oh wow! Did she jump in - these 6 make her QOV® count..... 28!!! Impressive right?

Aren't those a great Variety???

Below - 
Showing the Love!

I hope you are inspired to make a QOV? There are a lot of states that have a waiting list for Veterans to receive their Quilt of Valor.  if your interested in wrapping a Veteran in love - contact your state coordinator....The list is here

Go Forth and Quilt!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

QOV 2015 - August #3

Happy Wednesday!! Today is the day.... my little buddies ( who I look up at) went to school.... they left me... sort of gleefully too..... I don't understand.......

Let's check out today's quilts!

This is Connie's Starry Night for Josh Quilt!  
LOVE it!!

This next one is pieced by Jeanne in the Springs
I Quilted it with a starry Pantograph

This Veteran right here - STOLE my heart I tell ya!!
His story was so hilarious 
And he was so honored. His whole family came to see him presented his quilt!!

Next ( below)
We have a Jelly Roll quilt from Dona S in the Springs

This yummy string Quilt was pieced by Linda H
Quilted by Kaylene G

Then we have a Quilt Pieced by Brooke G
Quilted by Debbie Y

This one Was pieced by Margaret
Quilted by Kathy and Sue

The one below was pieced bhy the Red Hat Crafty Quilters
And Quilted by Kathy and Sue

And Another one Pieced by Margaret
Quilted by Kathy and Sue

A lot of you have said - tell me the details on the Block Drive.... well - the details aren't posted yet - I was giving you the sneak peek , wet your appetites kind of thing. I am so glad you are all ready!!

So here are the details so far - There will be 2 different blocks - they will both be patriotic

The blocks will be published here on September 2nd - along with all the details!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

My Loves.... and more

or Tuesday - for those of you keeping track of days!!

First - the Purple Scraps from last Tuesday are going home to ValeKort!!  There were 9 of you who wanted scraps.... so ..... Stay tuned..... I'm just sayin'

Oh!! And in September - Quilting is more Fun than Housework is hosting an orphan adoption.... I think I may have to give one up for adoption..... hmmmm

On to my Loves:

Is she not gaw geous????  
 ( The horse people - keep your eyes OFF my husband - he is almost trained!!!)

She is just so much fun to ride !

My boys:

There are three of them on there!
I am having so much fun trying to take old timey photos
You should see my walls

This was another train
It's not really a Love of mine - 
But I liked it...

Monday, August 17, 2015


Sort of.... After the Fires on Saturday, we thought we were in for a relaxing Sunday, when about 3 pm the tornado weather warnings started going off.... Of course we are rural enough - the news channel says - Tornado damages.... details at 5... ummm really?  We are people too!!

Some of the fire damage . No one was injured - all's good

So I go to Twitter. Matt Makens From the Channel 7 news - he is my total favoristst ( that's a word - I promise) Weather man - he has maps, radars, specific locations.. we decided from his info we better grab the dogs and go to the basement.

I asked if we could bring the pigs... I was vetoed. The tornados went to the north of us... and the temps dropped about 20 degrees.... NOW !! It was time to stitch!!
When they told us to take shelter I wanted to know why.... this was building

Oh ya - and all this time we are waiting in the basement.... I have a peach cobbler baking. Probably the first I have made in a gazillion years - and I am totally yelling at this tornado warning to NOT BURN my COBBLER.... it didn't.... it was good....

Okay - so Stitching... ready???

Blueberry Crumble is now a top!!!

This is so you can see it both ways - I don't know which it the top , bottom or sides, but I don't care - it spoke to me to stop right here - and that is what I did!!

And to impress you all some more!  I picked out the backing, prepped it, and pinned the whole shebang - so when my kids go back to school..... I will cry my eyes out while quilting this puppy!!

Okay - maybe not cry my eyes out, but I will miss them..... and their ability to do chores, and make me lunch, and talk with me, and make me laugh, and .... oh boy.... see why I cry???

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Sunday, August 16, 2015

So...... Last night was weird.

I mean really, really, weird.....

We had spent the day here:

  ( More on that later)

we came home in the dusk, Did chores as it got darker, and kept noticing these really weird clouds. (Which of Course I did not take a photo of)

We hadn't been in the house for 5 minutes and the phones started ringing.... Our neighbors asking if we were okay. I am thinking, how did they know I walked my rear off, and worked, and needed wine?   So I say - sure - what's up?  

Umm.... have you looked out your window?

Nope - and so I do - Oh My Gosh - the East was on fire!  And of course, they tell me the fire is moving west. Do we need help?  

I immediately thought of the ranchers who I know that live between us and that fire - and called her. They were on evacuation notice.... so I figured we ought to be ready.

The boys grabbed their computers, i-pods, and action figures.  They were on top of things!!

Now - we mow a perimeter around all our outbuildings, the house ( of course) and the corrals. So we were sort of gauging what would need to be done, moved, and loaded.  And if we could add water to the mix of things to keep the fire down?

At the same time watching the flames..... as they.... got smaller, and smaller, and finally died out.

Another Call to my friend - she said they had it mostly out, and would be watching for the hot spots.

Shew..... So today... you know where we are headed right?  Got to go check out what burned, and how it started, and maybe gawk a little......

And here is my question for the day?

I have been tracking my calories in each day - If I didn't get my glass of wine until 1 am - does it count for today's calories? Or yesterdays??  This is a tough question you know!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Baptist Fans

I received another Client quilt with lots of old yummy fabrics - shirtings and plaids and oh! the goodness.  After seeing my Baptist Fans on the old Churn Dash quilt - we decided that it would look great on this quilt as well.....

Here is the whole quilt
See all those fun fabrics!

She is pretty sure some came from clothing
Others from feed bags
of course, you have to see the back.....

A few of my favorites
Love the blues and pinks!!

Hope you all will be having a great weekend!!!
PS - If you are ready to finish up that quilt  - Let me know
I'll get you set up ;-)

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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

QOV 2015 - August #2

Good Wednesday Morning!!

Hope your week is going well so far???  are you ready for your Weekly QOV® inspirations???

FIRST..... Barbara asked last week what kind of fabrics should she look for for the Fall Block Drive?  ( She was no-reply but i figured a lot of you might want to know)   Are you ready?? Red White and Blue!!!  Yep - it will be all patriotic this time!!

Next.... the quilts!!

I sort of, kinda, have a love of Eagles -so seeing this quilt - wow - I thought Pat R did such a fantastic job!!!  I LOVE it!!

Here is a close up of the eagle

and her fantastical Quilting!! Ohh la laa!!

She also made this yummy Jelly roll one!
These colors are really loved!!

Next we have quilts from the Palmer Divide Quilt Makers
They made all 5 quilts ( and I showed the back of one!)

Is that not a fantastic back

And a Warrior wrapped in Love

With a little smile

The last quilt for today was pieced by Jeannie
and Quilted by Sue

Alright you all - start saving your Red Whites and Blues....

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Scrap-tastic Tuesday

Leanne and Nicky host a Scrap-tastic Tuesday, Angela hosts the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, and I am trying to follow both!  I have SO many scraps... I just can't throw them away!!!   So I am reading the blogs, reading the tutorials - and... I still have scraps lol

Last Months RSC color was purple - so I grabbed my purple bin and just started cutting and trimming and making usable sizes.... My goal - make a block from the Galaxy Quilt pattern from Jaybird Quilts.

And I did.... And I still have scraps.... So my tip of the month?  Share the wealth!!!

So here is the block I made.... and I might have cut enough to make a block or 3 more just like it. New techniques require Lots of practice from me you know!

here;s the book - just in case you are wondering what a finished quilt might look like
I predict I won't have one finished for a LOOOOONG time and didn't want you holding your breath!

This is what is left in that little purple bin....
I did not know so much could be made out of one tiny bin

So.... do you want this?
If so, say YES in the comments - If there is more than one - 
I will draw a number and you can cut this till your heart s content!

Oh!! And over at Scrap Tastic Tuesday - you do a link up once a month
And they draw for cool gifts
I got a gift card to
and got to go shopping!!!!

Yay me!!
I even have a project in mind - for a child of mine....

If your interested in some more scraps 
I have listed some in my Etsy store too

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