Wednesday, August 26, 2015

QOV 2015 - August #4

Good Wednesday Morning!!  I hope you are really ready for some Patriotic Inspirations!!  Cuz you will definitely find them here today!!

Are you ready???

The Quilt Above was made by Sue B of the Pride City Quilt guild AND the Scrappy Ladies Quilt Guild. This is her first quilt - so YAY Sue !!! You did a fabulous job. I quilted it  - and the pattern can be found here:     Alycia Quilt Craftsy Store

Now - the Next 6 quilts were made  by Marsha G out in eastern CO. Marsha started making Quilts of Valor ® a little less than a year ago - and oh wow! Did she jump in - these 6 make her QOV® count..... 28!!! Impressive right?

Aren't those a great Variety???

Below - 
Showing the Love!

I hope you are inspired to make a QOV? There are a lot of states that have a waiting list for Veterans to receive their Quilt of Valor.  if your interested in wrapping a Veteran in love - contact your state coordinator....The list is here

Go Forth and Quilt!!!


Judy@Quilt Paradigm said...

I have to ask, Sue's first QOV quilt or first quilt ever?? Because if it is her first quilt ever - holy wow! Love the quilting you did as well :) Beautiful show today, Alycia. Love the pictures of the smiling vets and the quilts on display today are gorgeous. . . as usual! :)

Karol said...

Hi Alycia,

Fabulous as usual!! This show is the highlight of my Wednesdays! You do such great work for them.

What size is the Labyrinth QOV? I love that pattern and have used it before as a baby quilt in the parent's college colors. (two rival schools, Oregon and Oregon State). ;-)


Barob Book Blog said...

Great show this week Alycia! I am just a few weeks away from completing our move to Utah and being back at my machine. Keep inspiring me and giving me some great ideas. You are the BEST!

Kate said...

Lots of gorgeous quilts again this week. Lots of smiles too. Thanks for sharing.