Wednesday, August 12, 2015

QOV 2015 - August #2

Good Wednesday Morning!!

Hope your week is going well so far???  are you ready for your Weekly QOV® inspirations???

FIRST..... Barbara asked last week what kind of fabrics should she look for for the Fall Block Drive?  ( She was no-reply but i figured a lot of you might want to know)   Are you ready?? Red White and Blue!!!  Yep - it will be all patriotic this time!!

Next.... the quilts!!

I sort of, kinda, have a love of Eagles -so seeing this quilt - wow - I thought Pat R did such a fantastic job!!!  I LOVE it!!

Here is a close up of the eagle

and her fantastical Quilting!! Ohh la laa!!

She also made this yummy Jelly roll one!
These colors are really loved!!

Next we have quilts from the Palmer Divide Quilt Makers
They made all 5 quilts ( and I showed the back of one!)

Is that not a fantastic back

And a Warrior wrapped in Love

With a little smile

The last quilt for today was pieced by Jeannie
and Quilted by Sue

Alright you all - start saving your Red Whites and Blues....


Judy@Quilt Paradigm said...

WOW, that eagle quilt is fabulous! The quilting! What a fantastic QOV. Great show today! :)

Pat R said...

I haven't seen the mid-week pick-me-up show busy moving! So imagine my surprise when I see two of my QOVs today! Woohoo! I can't wait to get back to making more, but it will be Sept. before that can happen.

Lynnwa said...

Could you please tell me about the 2015 QOV block drive, when it starts, how long does it run, do we send them to you, etc. Thank you. M y W e e d o x at ce ntur y dot n e t

Jill said...

What gorgeous quilts!!! It's always so fun to see what other quilters are making for QOV.

Sherrill said...

What a beautimous bunch of quilts and love the smiles too!

Lara B. said...

Beautiful, beautiful QOVs! The makers have done excellent work. i love those two pieced backs too. Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos Alycia!

Kate said...

Beautiful quilts and smiles.

Carlie Nichols said...

These QOVs are awesome!! I'm always inspired by your pictures, and I even have that eagle panel just looking to combine it with what I have. Thanks so much for all you do for our military. Carlie