Monday, August 03, 2015

Natural Bridge

Many years ago this land was a part of my Husband's Family Ranch. His Great Grandpa deeded it to the state to be a park that all could enjoy.... and so.... we went to enjoy!!!

I tried to imagine what you might have seen years ago through the lens.... It was fun.

This one is my Son's..... he might have an eye for color eh????    He entered this photo in the fair and won third place. I was impressed.

This week may not be a very quilty week for us - who knew that just preparing for Fair week, could put everything else in a bind. The chore list Wrangler Man left us with, makes us want to put a pillow over our head...... so.... don't tell - we are watching Huckleberry Hound a little bit this morning.... to re-energize us.... ( Yep - that's my story!!)


The Joyful Quilter said...

As always... simply beautiful photography!!

KaHolly said...

Pretty cool! Love the pics. No wonder your son placed in the competition! Congratulations to him !

Kate said...

Congrats to your son on the 3rd place win at the fair. Hope you can get through your chores and find some time to stitch soon.

Terri said...

What is the name of that park? Looks like a Roman God - Zeus, maybe - is guarding the arch. What a legacy of charitable giving... first Grandpa, then their Mom... Your boys have been taught well.