Thursday, April 30, 2009


Stephanie is in my guild and apparently she can quilt!! She made 7 Quilts of Valor... Seven!! I am so impressed with Her!!
She made Three of these Star quilts. And I think she called it a Service Star quilt. She had made one for her dad, a Vietnam vet.
Then she made two of these wonky star quilts. Oh - they are lovely!!!

The next one I am not sure what it is called - but isn't it cool?

And here it is in Green and Yellow!

Thanks SO much Stephanie.

And then just for fun... look what was in My Sister in Laws pasture? There were five new babies in the last week and they are so cute. They are all gangly, and long legged!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

And there's more!

Way back in September I was invited to go visit Rosalie's sewing group. Her group sews on Thursday Mornings in a small corner room at her church in Greeley.
I went and told them about Quilts of Valor and our challenge. I also took a couple of Stars and Bars patterns and the fabric half way cut for one. I had thought I would sew it, but they volunteered - and you CAN NOT say no to that! Plus I knew I had more fabric to cut.... (hmmmm? Really? )
I had also passed out the Not So Top Secret Project pattern to bribe folks to sew.
Last night Rosalies group showed up with EIGHT! ... count 'em eight quilts! All of them are wonderful. But I have to tell you - I was really drawn to the scrappy Not So Top Secret quilt. I really think I should make one that scrappy. I took them all home, and layed that one out and just stared.
Ladies - Thank you SO much!!

But Wait!!! There are EVEN more..... and yesterday my UPS man showed up with a Dolly full of boxes.... so there are more that one can imagine - and you HAVE to come back to see them all.
My one observation? We quilters work great under pressure.... come back tonite!
We are at 709 now......

Hang on to your hats

This post - it will put us at 701 !!!
People ask me - how do you do this? Aren't you worn out, don't you want a break? ... I have to tell you ... NO. There are not many times in my life that I don't want to be me. Well, maybe when I am supposed to be cleaning the house I would trade, but mostly I Like being me. I like my life, and I like seeing where things will take me. And when I get to see others inspired to cover our wounded soldiers - and see the excitement - I really Love being me.
Sweet Cecily - she is in my guild. She also has a little sewing group at the First Lutheran Church up in Eaton. She and her group dove wholeheartedly into Quilts of Valor - and last nite at my guild meeting - they showed up with 12 finished quilts and matching pillowcases.
They presented them at show and tell. Thank goodness for my never ending purse - and that I have put my camera back in it... I started snapping pictures as my neighbor started counting the quilts!

There is even two Stars and Bars quilts. I am so glad to know that others have finished theirs!!

BUT WAIT.... THERE IS MORE..... so don't get too far away. I had to go help the horse shoer - and now I have to go make lunches.... but I will be back.... This is NOT ALL that came to my guild last nite.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What do AZ, NE and NM have in common?

Incredible Quilters!! Thats what!
The First Two are String quilts made by San in my Heartstrings group, and Quilted by Julia in NE. They are wonderful!!
This Cool Star quilt come from Andi in AZ. What a beautiful quilt!! I love all the colors in it.

The Next Two Quilts come from Pat in NM. The fabrics came from many quilters across the US. Pat did all the work of making and quilting the quilts. She did an Awesome job!

Ladies - THANK YOU so much! I really appreciate all your hard work. And I am so impressed that you all have the same goal - to get every wounded service person covered!!

Pat in Wisconsin

These quilts are from Pat in Wisconsin. I tell you she was a busy busy lady this year! . Each of the quilts has a little photo album, and because I am nosy I looked! She has a great family - and a great military history. Thanks Pat for all the hard work in the quilts and the album/journals.

You ever have one of those days that don't work out like you planned? Well this is one of them, but I am thinking it is turning out better than what I had planned. I had some errands to do this morning... like dropping off Horse papers, getting new tires on the truck ( apparently Gashes are not good for driving), Bank and Groceries ( my kids are ALL going thru a growing phase). Well I got the tires and dropped the horse papers off and the truck just kept burbling. Almost like it was out of gas. Oh I hear you - well look at the gas gauge.... I do, but it is not accurate after a half tank.... so you kind of drive by mileage. Except when you do ranch work sometimes you burn more fuel than mileage. Wrangler Man has been busy.... so I got fuel.
Didn't change the burbling. Almost felt like it was just gonna die at the stop lights, so instead of going farther West to the back I went to the mechanic. He got in and listened and said - lets drop you off and I'll take the truck.
So now I am truckless, can't finish the rest of the "things" on my list - as they required a truck. I should probably make a new to do list - but I am having more fun taking pictures of Quilts of Valor, and pillowcasing them and of course - blogging them - so you can ohh and ahh appropriately. What do you think? Is my new plan better?

The Quilts are Coming!!

We were reading about Paul Revere - and I get his sentiments... the Quilts are coming ;-) My UPS man, he had to use a dolly yesterday. He NEVER uses a dolly out here.
This first quilt is a Not So Top Secret project quilt - and it is adorable. Click on the picture to see the cool prints! It came from Kara in Lincoln, NE. She worked on it with her daughter. Love that!!

Next is a Heartstring quilts made by Mary H in Seattle, WA. I love the placement of the blocks - it s really a striking quilt! Thanks Mary!

The next 5 quilts come from Dawn R in Idaho ( ) One of them is a Virtual MQX quilt. MQX is a quilt show/ classes in New Hampshire ( ) and a lot of us were lamenting that we hadn't gone. So the group decided to make blocks for QOV's, and send them in to make a quilt. I think 6 quilts were made.
The rest of Dawns quilts were from a group of students that she taught to make quilts - all newbies ( her words!) I think they just graduated to not so newbies!!

Have a great day!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Quilts of Colorado

All of these Quilts of Valor Hail from our home state of Colorado!! The first one comes from Yoder CO - From Ms. Kim of the Circle CR Designs. I love that name ! I am even giving you a close up of the quilting. It compliments the quilt so nicely. Thanks Kim!!

Next are three quilts from Alamosa CO. They came from Grey Goose Fabrics. Doesn't that sound like a great place to shop? Thanks quilters!!

This Disappearing 9 patch comes from the group that Paula the Quilter sews with. She even made a drawstring bag to carry it. Great idea - and I forgot to take a picture of it! ( )
Thanks Paulas Group!!

I do not know what this quilt is called - but it reminds me of a Burgoyne Surrounded quilt. I have always been drawn to those. This one comes from Co Sprgs - from Linda S. Linda - thank you - it is beautiful.

And Lastly - we have some Wheelchair quilts from Carolyn in Co Spgs. They are even cropped at the edges, so they don't get tied up in the wheels. The Chaplain has some special soldiers for these in mind - so we are not going to count them in our total count. The soldiers that will recieve these are in a different group - isn't that cool? Thanks Carolyn!

Quilted by Joanne

JoAnne in IA Quilted these Quilts of Valor for us. The Three Turning Twentys were made by Willa in CO.

The String quilt comes from my Heartstrings group. Gail made it - and I forgot to write down where she is from! Sorry Gail!!!

The Pastel one was made by Sandi and her Mom in NJ.
JoAnne added all the backs and even bound them! Thanks JoAnne for all your hard work!

Have a great day! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend. The boys got to clean out the vehicles. They did a great job, so good in fact, I think I won't allow food in there anymore!!