Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Quilts from Heartstring's

I so LOVE my Heartstrings group!! Look what they all did.
The two Star quilts are from Jane in WI, and quilted and bound by Lori in SD.
Lori made and quilted the Happy Blocks quilt. When we had our Happy Blocks project this is what she did. It is made for a tall soldier! I love it.
Thanks ladies!!!

The String quilt on the right was made by Marcella in MA. It looks wonderful Marcella - thank you SO much!!
I was invited to go to the Greeley Rotary club and talk about Quilts of Valor. What a wonderful group. These folks sure are busy doing great things and getting involved in the community. I get SO nervous talking in front of people though. I hid the leg shakes behind the quilts. Good plan huh? Anyways it was fun to meet everyone and I enjoyed it. They didn't kick me out - so that was a great sign.
Have a great rest of your day!

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Mary said...

I have the shakes when I talk in front of a group too but once I start talking about something I'm passionate about (HeartStrings in my case) I end up doing fine.

Love seeing all the quilts!