Thursday, April 09, 2009

I have a friend.

My friend in Iowa - she is sort of famous. She wrote a couple of books... she teaches quilting classes... she has a fabric store... she has twin boys. Anyone know who she is?
Well she was awful sweet to volunteer to quilt three quilts for me, but when she sent them back - the box had 8 quilts!!! They multiplied. Do you think it would work if I sent her $300 that it would come back as $800??? Hmmm Just a thought.
This first quilt on the left was made by one of the teachers that works on QOV's with us. Sherry is the CFS teacher at the high school. I gave it back to her to bind... ha I am SO evil!!

Next comes a buggy barn quilt made by Mary at my Quilt guild. Mary has taught this class to members of the guild, and the soldiers are the recipient of this one!

The third quilt I sent was made by the Miracles group in Denver. I love the heart applique on it. Apparently Blogger does not - they put it upside down.

So have you figured out who my friend is? She is tall - maybe even a little taller than me.. but not too much!
Well these are the 5 quilts that came back with my 3. They were made by Suzanne and quilted by her using her Meandering Magic Techniques. I love her books - and have used a lot of the ideas - but its more fun to see the teachers work.

The Strip twist quilts ( the two that look alike) were made with Bonnie Hunters pattern and . Remember when I told you I bound a quilt? I bound one of those. ( are you impressed yet??)
The Happy Blocks quilt - the one with the Red Borders. You can find that pattern at

And the last quilt - The fallish one - I think she said that quilt came from a book at her store ( - Suzanne - if you are reading please post the book in the comments.
Thanks so much for all the hard work. I sure appreciate it. Our Quilts of Valor count is climbing rapidly!!

****** Post Script********
Is there ever a day that you just know you are a dork??? Well that Happy Blocks quilt - It came from Marcella in MA - and I knew that - I just pretended I didn't because - well I don't know why. There must not have been enough chocolate in my house!!!
** Sorry Marcella....


Suzanne Earley said...

The leafy quilt is from the book Have your Cake and Eat it Too.

And, I think there was even more freaky stuff going on in the box than you think, because I don't think that Happy Squares quilt is mine. LOL I was pretty sure I only sent you 7 quilts...

I'm just glad I could help, but I didn't know you were the poor soul that was going to have to finish my binding!

Ramona-quilter said...

Yes, I did guess who it was. I am a faithful MQR poster and follower of Suzanne's blog.
Thank you for the work you do with QOV. It does make a difference to the lives of those who receive this beautiful gift.