Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pat in Wisconsin

These quilts are from Pat in Wisconsin. I tell you she was a busy busy lady this year! . Each of the quilts has a little photo album, and because I am nosy I looked! She has a great family - and a great military history. Thanks Pat for all the hard work in the quilts and the album/journals.

You ever have one of those days that don't work out like you planned? Well this is one of them, but I am thinking it is turning out better than what I had planned. I had some errands to do this morning... like dropping off Horse papers, getting new tires on the truck ( apparently Gashes are not good for driving), Bank and Groceries ( my kids are ALL going thru a growing phase). Well I got the tires and dropped the horse papers off and the truck just kept burbling. Almost like it was out of gas. Oh I hear you - well look at the gas gauge.... I do, but it is not accurate after a half tank.... so you kind of drive by mileage. Except when you do ranch work sometimes you burn more fuel than mileage. Wrangler Man has been busy.... so I got fuel.
Didn't change the burbling. Almost felt like it was just gonna die at the stop lights, so instead of going farther West to the back I went to the mechanic. He got in and listened and said - lets drop you off and I'll take the truck.
So now I am truckless, can't finish the rest of the "things" on my list - as they required a truck. I should probably make a new to do list - but I am having more fun taking pictures of Quilts of Valor, and pillowcasing them and of course - blogging them - so you can ohh and ahh appropriately. What do you think? Is my new plan better?


swooze said...

All gorgeous. I am so in awe of everyone's generosity. If you build it they will come!

Anonymous said...

A couple more days like this one and you'll be at the "ta da" moment! Have you figured out how you're getting them there yet? Have you told the chaplain yet or is it still a surprise?