Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hang on to your hats

This post - it will put us at 701 !!!
People ask me - how do you do this? Aren't you worn out, don't you want a break? ... I have to tell you ... NO. There are not many times in my life that I don't want to be me. Well, maybe when I am supposed to be cleaning the house I would trade, but mostly I Like being me. I like my life, and I like seeing where things will take me. And when I get to see others inspired to cover our wounded soldiers - and see the excitement - I really Love being me.
Sweet Cecily - she is in my guild. She also has a little sewing group at the First Lutheran Church up in Eaton. She and her group dove wholeheartedly into Quilts of Valor - and last nite at my guild meeting - they showed up with 12 finished quilts and matching pillowcases.
They presented them at show and tell. Thank goodness for my never ending purse - and that I have put my camera back in it... I started snapping pictures as my neighbor started counting the quilts!

There is even two Stars and Bars quilts. I am so glad to know that others have finished theirs!!

BUT WAIT.... THERE IS MORE..... so don't get too far away. I had to go help the horse shoer - and now I have to go make lunches.... but I will be back.... This is NOT ALL that came to my guild last nite.


Vicki W said...

Oh my gosh, this is incredible! YOU are incredible!

Quinta da Quilter said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! To you and to all the quilters who have made such amazing gifts of love for our soldiers! Wow!