Friday, April 17, 2009

A big Picture Post

Marilyn in Kansas volunteered some Quilts of Valor for our No Soldier Forgotten project and I said "Yesss".. they were on there way!
All four of the quilts were made by the prolific Ms Willa. And they were bound by my Greeley Gals. And I put the label on, and the pillowcases came from the Heartstrings group - a total Group effort!!

Next are Two quilts Quilted by Cathie P of St George UT - again - she volunteered - and boy howdy - I took her up on it!
The Squares quilt was made by Susan S in NJ. Cathie quilted Fireworks in it - awesome!!
The other quilt was made by Willa. Again Heartstrings provided the pillowcases.

The Last Three quilts were quilted by Jeanne of Kansas - she was coming to denver to take her daughter shopping and can you believe I could not make it work to meet up with her? I am so disspointed in my calendar!!!
The Red and Blue Not So Top Secret Project was made by Sherri of CO. The Rail Fence was made by Janice of Texas and the Turning Twenty was made by Willa of CO.

Thank you ALL for your help and dedication to this project. I love how it is all coming together. And I am totally overwhelmed by the amount of packages that are coming in. I am so tickled by the support. The excitement of the kids is contagious. We have finished quilting all of our quilts and labels are being worked on - so be sure to look for those posts coming soon. Don't be afraid to comment - you will make our day if you comment.


marilyn said...

I can't believe you are almost to 600 quilts. I bet you make the 700 mark by May! What an incredible project. You should contact the National news, like Good Morning America and invite them out to see you deliver all of these quilts. What a great story that would be. Something to get people thinking of the good that is going on in this country, instead of all of the bad news that we read about every day. And how fun for your kids to see what a huge project this has grown into and what a difference they have made in the lives of so many people, not just the soldiers, but all of the quilters who have given their time and efforts to make this happen.

You are an incredible lady!
Way to go!

Becky said...

Every day I am so inspired by your postings and the growing number of quilts. I hope your students realize what a grassroots movement they have started. I have 6 HeartStrings quilts ready to send, need to bind another one, and have two more tops nearing completion. My DGS(9) made one of the pillowcases. I should have a package on your way by Monday. We are all routing for you to reach the 700 mark. This is simply incredible. I do hope you follow the suggestion to have news coverage of the big event!

Stephanie D. said...

Alycia, you are doing a wonderful job documenting all these quilts, where they came from, who pieced, quilted and bound them and other details.

Are you going to be giving this blog address to the recipients so they can look up their quilts later on if they want to?

You could always start another blog for family events, etc. if you were concerned.

Lori in South Dakota said...

You're right, each day is like winning the lottery, I have to check each day and see what's arrived and check your numbers. GO ALYCIA!!