Thursday, October 25, 2007

Gifts for the 25th October

I did it! I made a gift for the 25th - although I think it is my gift!! I really like it!! Its a little smaller than I thought it would be. I think I will make another tote but add some size to it, so that maybe I could carry my planner in it?

I have quite a few tote patterns but I need them so detailed I just usually give up - but this pattern was soooo easy - I did it in 1 hour maybe 1 1/2. It was in Terry Atkinsons book Happy Hour. I of course like the quilts in the book too and pulled 12 FQ's from my stash to start one of them .. hopefully tonite after the LAST child gets in bed.....

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fall Leaves Quilt of Valor

Here is another quilt of valor from the very prolific group in Buena Vista CO. I did an overall meander on it. I took the picture outside as I hear the lighting is supposed to be better - but no one warned me that the slighest breeze could make it move or come down off the rail. So it took me a few trys and some help to get the picture

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Cool Pillowcases

My oldest son was on the Pheasant Run Cowboys football team. Saturday ( in the cold drizzle and blowing wind) was there last game and afterwards we had a potluck. You know the team usually always gets something for the coaches and this year I wanted to be different and get them something they could use and rememeber there team - so I made Pillowcases! And I took Gelly Pens for the kids to sign the bodies of the pillowcases. They were a hit! The coaches loved them and every player wanted one too.... ha only my son and his best buddy J got one - theres are the navy with white. The other white on white is what I made for the coaches.

After the pot luck we were such football Die Hards we drove to Fort Collins to watch CSU lose to Air Force - there was a half hour rain delay and it was sooooo windy my umbrella turned inside out. We found seats blocked by the announcers stand that protected us from the cold, but only managed to stay thru half time. We were frozen. So I guess this means that winter is on its way. I had hopes that maybe it would wait a few years LOL.

I took in Sues String Quilt to the 5th Grade class to hang up, to inspire them, and they just LOVED it. It really brightened up the room! A picture of her quilt is in another post and I have no Clue how to link to it - so Its called Sues Heartsting quilt.....
Have a great day!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pink for October

Okay - did you know it was October already? Where did the days go? I have been keeping busy but I didn't realize the time has gone so fast!! Last week one of my sons got tackled really hard and sustained ( medical term there) and Stage 2 Concussion - so today he is all cleared to go back to activity - today is also his last practice, and Saturday is his last game. My inlaws came down last weekend and stayed with us. It was fun, but they didn't get to see my son play - as he was out with a concussion. Oh well - at least they helped entertain the other two during the game .

I have been working on Pink String Blocks - My goal is 24 to send to Jennifer for her to assemble them and get them to the cancer center(You can see more at

I also finished quilting a quilt for a customer. It is a braid quilt - very cool. I used really full fluffy feathers as she didn't want dense quilting on it. In the center of each strip there is a feather medallion quilted.

And I finished adding binding to the heartstrings quilt from Sue. It is now hanging in the 5th grade classroom as inspiration for our Quilts of Valor project. I will bring it home Friday and wash it and get it ready to ship out to where Catherine deems it to go. I finished quilting Melvas Heartstring Quilt of Valor, made the binding and will get it done this weekend.

Annnnnnd I made the binding for my Gift for the 25th Quilt - so on the 25th I will be ready to bind it, if not before, I may get energized! Okay - now I must go and seam a backing so I can get the next quilt onto my Longarm.
Have a great day