Wednesday, October 31, 2012

QOV Quilt Show and letters!

I know we all do not do our Quilts of Valor for the Thanks... but it sure is nice when one comes in....

"Dear Sue E in Scottsdale    ( see they do read labels!!)

Yesterday my husband went to talk to the Chaplain at Ft Carson. As they were talking he was given the Beautiful Quilt of yours.

You see quilts hold a very special place in our hearts, and we know the love and hard work that go into each one. Thank you all!!

There are a lot of men in F's Unit with medical and physical needs, needs of just a Thank you, and we thank each and everyone who works with you and around you.

Thank you
SFC F. T. and wife"

And now onto the show...

From the Longmont Quilters Military Outreach group - made by Sally P

Just lovely!! Thank you Sally - for letting us find a home for this beautiful quilt!!

This one is made by Gina and her crew in Longmont as well. It was quilted by Donna ( I think)

This lovely quilt was made by Connie and Kathy in Colorado. So - funny story - I was introducing them to some new sewists in our group, and they were seperated. I got one introduced... kept moving on, came to the second of them and called her Kathy and Connie.... sigh.... they have morphed into one person!!!

It was quilted by Kathy F of Evergreen!

This bright an cheery quilt was made by the Livermore Quilters in Livermore Colorado.
It was quilted my Mindy M of colorado.

Oh Look!! It;s not a quilt... my dear son's *new* aunt put these in a package of quilts. Why is Ila their new aunt you ask? Because she sends food!! So they adopted her. And they tried to steal my chocolate coins. Our house is not big enough for them to hide chocolate!!

These are the two quilts that Ila M  made!! I love the stars in this one, especially the center star!!

And this carpenter star!! It is just awesome. Those borders are amazing and the flying geese - I studied those for a while!!

This quilt was pieced by Donna S in Longmont, and quilted by Dottie in Colorado Springs. Isn't that a great network!! I love that you don't have to do it all!!

And this very quilt for the day was made by the Livermore Quilters too! And it was quilted by Linda B in Colorado Springs

Hope you enjoyed todays show!! I sure appreciate all these quilts, and the fact that you are covering our men and women of the armed forces!! What an honor!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

QOV block drive

I am so you all like this idea!!!

Sunday was our sew day here in Greeley and we sewed up this block too!! AND I had the first Sets of 5 blocks appear!!!

Thanks to Joan K and Judy P !!! Your names have been entered into the fabric drawing

These are some of the 40 blocks that we finished on Sunday... a long with a LOT of binding and cutting! It was awesome

Don;t you love the red one!!!

Hope you all are having fun sewing these!!

And that all those east coaster are safe.
I woke up Sunday at 8am and went to bed Tuesday morning at 2 am
No news - all quilting, all travel and all State Band Competition
Woke up this morning to crazy news.....

PS - Don't forget to come see me!! Booth 1832!!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Finished Friday

I know -..  I know -the day is drawing to a close.... but I still have 7 hours till midnight right....

But I am getting something finished just under the wire. I have been working on this Quilt of Valor for what seems like forever!! Every time I sit down to put it together, the phone rings, the horses get out, the boys come home with hay to unload... it has never seemed to end.

We had snow - two days in a row, and I think that settled down our *git it done before winter hits* frenzy.. so I *got er done* at the sewing machine!!!

See - it was a crime of snow!! Poor kid came up the stairs to a snow ambush by his older brothers.... they are now watching their backs!!

Here is what I FINALLY got finished,,,,,

This is my 11th Quilt of Valor top for the year!
My goal was 12 - so I just might make it!!

To see what others have finished up - head to


Have a great evening!!! I am heading back to the sewing machine - to see what else I can get finished!!!

Free Quilt Patterns for QOV

Gwen asked on Wednesdays Quilt show post if there were any free patterns for QOV - and the answer Gwen is yes!!! A big Yes!! But you left your settings to no reply.... so I can't email you...

So here you go:  These are here on this site - under the Free Quilt Patterns Tab  She has a gazillion patterns there - for free -  She has a free patterns tab too for another gazillion patterns  has a great list of scrappy patterns that she has designed .. all suitable for Quilts of Valor  right smack dab there in the middle of the home page is a link for free patterns

Go to and search for MysteryQuilts4Military and you will find a great group that does between 6 and 8 mysteries a year  has a bunch of patterns set up as mysteries - wonderful

I know there are a ton more, and there are amazing designers that share their patterns for free.... but this should get you started.... enjoy!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Quilt Block Sew A long


I have been asked by many what they can do to help us make more Quilts of Valor - so I talked with Bonnie Hunter and she gave us permission to use her block -- Scrappy Trips around the World to do a block drive with!!

So... here's the block first:

Now the details - 
It should finish at about 12 1/2 by 12 1/2- 
That is the goal ;-)

You need 5  2 1/2 x 16 inch strips of Blues or Reds
and 1  2 1/2 strip of White

I then layed them out as shown and sewed them all together. 
The last seam I sewed the white to the top blue - so I had a tube.

Once they are sewn together I took the Tube to the ironing board and ironed the seams every other way. That is how Bonnie's Instructions said to do it, so that when you re-sew the segments together the seams interlock. AND!!! It works!!

After I pressed the tube I brought it back to the cutting table and cut 6  - 2 1/2 inch segments. Now here is the tricky part, you un-sew each segment at a different spot to prep it to re sew...

I unsewed the first segment so the white was at the top, then unsewed the second segment so that if took the second place, and sew on.... till the segments were all layed out like the picture below.

And Ta - Da - this is the block!!  Mine measured 12 1/2 by 12 1/2. ( success!!)

I think that if we lay them out 5 x 6  we could have some beautiful quilts!!
Our goal is 60 x 72 ish sizes. The minimum size requirement for a Quilt of Valor is 55 x 65, and the ma is 72 x 80 - but being a tallish person - I like the 60 x 72 size ;-)

So what do you think? Would you like to try a block or five? We have sew days here once a month, and we would love to put them together into tops, and get these quilts to our soldiers!  

If you would like to participate - I sure would love it!  And I am going to add a little incentive...

From today until November 15th 
*** for every 5 blocks submitted, I will enter you into a drawing for a 5 yard fabric bundle... Of course it will be Red White and Blue fabrics - ***

I want to entice you to fall in LOVE with these colors. My address is here - and you can always email me for info. Make sure when you send in your blocks you attach an email to them so I can 
1. Enter you in the drawing
2. Email you if you won, so I can get the fabrics to you!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Quilt of Valor Quilt Show

We are off to a slow start this morning... but things are speeding up!! Grab a cup of Hot Chocolate and get ready to be amazed!!

Challenge was issued at the beginning of the year, and seeing as how the year is rapidly coming to the end of it's 12 month rein - a LOT of awesome quilts are showing up!!! It's like Christmas EVERY day!!

These are Quilts 7, 8 and 9 from Jessie C in LA - 

Nancy - who runs the MysteryQuilts4Military yahoo group says this is one of the mysteries that was run there... I tell you - you should join that yahoo group - Its awesome!!

Aren't those stars great?   This next one I swear I saw as a pattern in Fons and Porter - but this is just my mind thinking - ( which means I could be wrong - but won't admit it *grin*)

The second quilt in your show is my pattern called Pinwheels Plus. yes, it
was in Fons and Porter's Love of Quilting this year. The pattern has also
been on the QOVF website for about 5 years. Free for the clicking!

Lisa Feor
****YAY!! Thanks Lisa!!!)

And this is the last one of Jessie's for the moment... I am impressed!!! Thanks Jessie!

These Next four quilts are from Nancy in Wyoming - She has outdone herself!! And I am so excited!! this is quilts 14 thru 17 on the Patchworktimes Challenge. I LOVE it!!

Is this not a bright and happy quilt? It just makes you smile to look at it!! It is called All Roads lead Home, and was quilted by Donna S in Longmont CO

This one!! Oh Boy I LOVE it!! This is a total bucket list quilt now!! It is called
Come Fly With Me - and was quilted by Donna S in Longmont too.

This Beauty is called Square Dance and was quilted by Kathy E in LA - Nicely done ladies!!

And Nancy's Number 17!!! Is called American Dreamer and was quilted by Laurel K in MO

One of our next challenge Participants is Adele D in LA - These are number 8, 9, 10 and 11 from her!! AMAZING!!

Isn't this COOL!!!
I just love it!!

I really love the way that Adele Puts together the fabrics. 

I really love the scrappy look - even though its a planned scrappy - she did such a great job!

This is the last one this week from Adele - the white REALLY sets off the Reds and Blue!

Our last challenge Participant for this weeks post is Norece E . This is Quilts 8 and 9 for her. I just love it! Such enthusiasm - and you all - these quilts are LOVED - I guarantee it!! 

I know I saw this in a magazine too - but again - Can't remember exactly which one - but now I want to go pull it out and MAKE THIS ONE!!

I have to be honest - I studied this one for a long time - I really did - and I took 4 million pictures, and someday... I am going to attempt it. I love flying geese - but this setting is amazing!!!

Hope you all enjoyed today's quilts!! Did you have one just jump out at you? Were you inspired to try something new?  Yes? Me too!!  Enjoy!! Hope to see you in Houston - remember I will be at Booth 1832 Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!!!  Come and see me!!!  (