Monday, October 22, 2012


I realize this is supposed to be design wall monday - but my poor design wall is empty..... so empty is it sad!!

Instead my last week consisted of Marching Band Regionals, Cross Country Regionals, and Robotics... I loved every minute of it - but I sure missed my sewing machine. OH! I did get to use it.... to sew on patches on my sons lettermans jacket.

I did get a few quilts quilted!!
This is a clients quilt.
She got a bag of fabric from a quiltshop - it was a mystery, and she was supposed to make something with it. I think she did a great job!

This is another one of hers - It was a fun little quilt!

Oh ya - we burned down what was left of the barn that the tornado destroyed. First we had to move everything - that took us a few weeks, and then the boys and their dad got to attack it.

There was also a beautiful sunset in there this last week - this was Saturday night I believe.

See - this proves I did go to Cross Country Regionals 
My son is the far left.

Proof that I was at Marching Band Regionals - again my son - in the back - with the drum.

I am not sure this next week will be any better in terms of getting something up on the design wall - but I can guarantee - it won't be any less crazy!!

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Impera Magna said...

I remember those years... driving kids to various events and spending the entire weekend as the "pit crew"... wouldn't trade those memories for anything!

Pattilou said...

I remember those times too! It seems it will never end, but there's lots of bonding going on as you drive the kids to and fro. You are one busy woman and you have some beautiful quilts in this post.

Tamera said...

You'll get back to the sewing machine. There is a season for everything!

Gypsy Quilter said...

Fun 9-patch. What will you do with your free time when youngsters move off and get married?

Bonnie said...

Fun times. We loved our time as band parents. I like your quilting, especially the feather wreaths. Great job.