Friday, October 26, 2012

Finished Friday

I know -..  I know -the day is drawing to a close.... but I still have 7 hours till midnight right....

But I am getting something finished just under the wire. I have been working on this Quilt of Valor for what seems like forever!! Every time I sit down to put it together, the phone rings, the horses get out, the boys come home with hay to unload... it has never seemed to end.

We had snow - two days in a row, and I think that settled down our *git it done before winter hits* frenzy.. so I *got er done* at the sewing machine!!!

See - it was a crime of snow!! Poor kid came up the stairs to a snow ambush by his older brothers.... they are now watching their backs!!

Here is what I FINALLY got finished,,,,,

This is my 11th Quilt of Valor top for the year!
My goal was 12 - so I just might make it!!

To see what others have finished up - head to


Have a great evening!!! I am heading back to the sewing machine - to see what else I can get finished!!!


Ali Hughes said...

Wow! That is gorgeous! I just love this kind of string quilt!

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Great QOV quilt.

Carol said...

Love the color placement on the string blocks - very clever!

Karen H said...

Lovely quilt - you did an excellent job. I'm sure whoever receives this quilt will be thrilled!

Anonymous said...

What an eye-popping, colorful quilt! Perfect for cheering up some veteran.

Wonky Girl said...

Beautiful !!!

Dirt Road Quilter said...

LOL - snowy ambushes make for great memories! Love your string quilt - I have added a couple of those to my list of 'must make' quilts for next year. It will surely be treasured - it's great!

Kate said...

It got cold, but no snow yet!

Beautiful quilt. It looks lke fractured glass or stained glass.