Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Charity Donations

I saw over on Leahs  Free Motion Blog  that she was wanting charities to link up with her about what they would take. She had a large list, and was encouraging people to not stress over their UFO's

I kind of wanted to join in, but then realized that I can't take all of the things she has listed and seriously get them finished...  But I thought maybe I could tell what we can take, and realistically get finished and to it's new forever home.

All of the Quilts that we work on for donations are Quilts of Valor - this does not mean I don't believe in other charities - it means that I am one person, and need to stay focused!! I love hearing about other places people help - and am in admiration of those who do!! It really makes my heart happy...

Okay - our list:

Quilt Tops - the sizes we use are 55 x 65 to 72 x 90 - and anything in between. If a top comes in too small... we get creative, either by making more blocks, or adding borders . 100% Cotton fabrics only.

Quilt Backings - That one is kind of self explanatory.

Blocks - A few of our ladies are Block Geniuses.... they can see blocks and instantly come up with setting plan - they are amazing!

Batting - I have to be honest here - Leah said all kinds and all sizes - but I really need flatter battings - the poofy battings - while I love them, they are not suitable for some hospital environments. And the small scraps are sometimes just more work than the time available - so for battings ... I really like the bigger pieces - 30 x 60 is about the smallest I really like to receive... ( sorry if I sound picky on that )

Alright - so if you are purging any of that stuff we would be glad to get it finished up and to our soldiers - 

She also asked that we provide an address - how about an email so that I can provide an address?  Alycia Quilts @ Gmail. com   ( with no spaces)


Nancy said...

I hope this generates some donations for QOV

Gina said...

Great info! We'll make sure we pass this on at the Longmont Quilt Guild show this Friday and Saturday. We often get asked by people how they can help us with QOV.