Tuesday, October 30, 2012

QOV block drive

I am so you all like this idea!!!

Sunday was our sew day here in Greeley and we sewed up this block too!! AND I had the first Sets of 5 blocks appear!!!

Thanks to Joan K and Judy P !!! Your names have been entered into the fabric drawing

These are some of the 40 blocks that we finished on Sunday... a long with a LOT of binding and cutting! It was awesome

Don;t you love the red one!!!

Hope you all are having fun sewing these!!

And that all those east coaster are safe.
I woke up Sunday at 8am and went to bed Tuesday morning at 2 am
No news - all quilting, all travel and all State Band Competition
Woke up this morning to crazy news.....

PS - Don't forget to come see me!! Booth 1832!!!

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