Monday, December 31, 2012

January's to Do List

Instead of choosing UFO's to finish for the whole year I am going to join in with Judy and just choose the things I want to get done in the month. The big things.... I always have tons of little things going on....

So for January 

  • 1. Quilt my Purple Pineapple   ( this is a carryover from my 2012 list - but you still love me right?)
  • 2. Finish my Wildlife Double Slice quilt ( its on my design wall RIGHT. SMACK. NOW!)
  • 3. Start to Quilted my New Years Day Quilt of Valor
  • 4. Start on my HMQS Challenge Quilt. It's due in April - if I start now - I have a chance right?

Hope this keeps me on track!! For 2012 I finished 9 of the 12 things I listed... that is not to shabby - considering that most of them needed to be Quilted. My Long-armer needs to make me a priority ( oh wait! That;s me!!)   Tee hee!!

What's on your list?  

Design Wall Monday - the last of 2012

I have 15 cubbies under my ironing board, and they are full. Of What, I can not say - as it would scare both of us!! But I decided to start working on emptying each cubby - one at a time.... success - two are no empty waiting for a new project....

and one of them is up on my wall.....

See the little black face there over the fence.... that's my doggie... she thinks she would make and excellent quilter, and that when it is -15 she should be my friend.... she is smart that way!

Here is the full design wall - now I will get ti finished before the New Years Day Sit and Sew!!! I have all my strips pulled for 

This quilt  !!! For more design walls head over to

Sunday, December 30, 2012

End of the Year QOV report

Sort of... I have learned that some of us who lean to the creative side, lack the accounting side of things. And no matter how hard I try.. it eludes me!

I wish I could keep track of lots of things - but on the bright side.... I have not left my children behind ONCE this year!!! Progress!!

Anyways in 2012  we presented

A total of                  530 Quilts of Valor

The recap of where they went is Here

I have been asked what exactly is the WTB - or the Warriors in Transition Battalion is... and here is my civilian answer.    It is the Battalion on post that houses our wounded soldiers as they are receiving treatments for their injuries. I refer to it a lot as the WTB - because I am a bad typer - and initials are VERY prevalent in the military.   

As each soldier comes in to the unit - they *in-process* , during this in process there are a lot of things evaluated, and decided. But to me, the Most Important Part is that we get to present them with a Quilt of Valor.

This is decidedly the most important part - right?  

I thank you all for your help, your dedication, and your ability to help encourage our wounded warriors. To provide a hug for them, to let them know that in the worst part of their days - there are people who care !

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Saturdays Quilt of Valor Show

I am really enjoying seeing all these quilts again!! I am inspired to get sewing!!!

These wonderful quilts come from the Trilogy Quilters, Ron Olsen and Meredith VB!! They are quite the team!!

This Urban Log Cabin ( from atkinson Designs) is made by the Trilogy Quilters and quilted by Ron Olsen.

This one ( LOVE the black setting) is made by Sheryl M and quilted y Ron.

Look - the Constitution.....!!!

Made by Meredith and Quilted by Ron. Meredith is a superb color chooser - don't you think?

All the rest of these were pieced by Meredith and quilted by Ron. 

I love how the squares just sort of float there.....

And um, the Polka dots!!! Seriously - LOVE!!

Check out the Jelly Roll race quilt .... Yummy!!

And the Carpenter Star - I love that set against the black - it is just so striking!!

Ron is pretty famous ( okay - at least to me!) For quilting an American Symbol in each quilt - so we sure have a great time searching for them!!

Doesn't this Cheddar make the blue pop!! I love it!!

And the eagle!!  When these quilts are presented I try to point out the symbol, or sit with the reciepient and help them search for it. The smiles - priceless!!!

Hope you enjoyed todays show!!! And I hope you are inspired!!

Judy - over at has designed a great quilt of valor pattern - I have my strips all ready!!!

Orange Creamsicle Quilt

I have been checking my 2012 UFO list like a crazy mad woman - trying to see what all I have finished.  This  Orange Creamsicle quilt was a leftover using the scraps from my Orange Monochromatic quilt ( that is still not quilted)

I worked really hard on it and got it all quilted....

AND  are you sitting down for this? I bound it!!! I did... for real, and I didn't even need a margarita afterwards!

I quilted Butterflies in the Corners.
I love Butterflies

and then I took it a step further. I entered it in the quiltcon quilt show. I was rejected.... *sigh*

But in other news - I now have a finished quilt - a completely finished quilt......

And even better - I have finished 9 of the 12 UFO's on my 2012 UFO list. 2 still need to be quilted, one is still in a bucket.... it may move to my 2014 list....  do you have lists that far out?

Friday, December 28, 2012

Fridays Quilt Show

I am trying to get a little caught up!! A lot of these Quilts of Valor  are already with their intended... but I have been slow in posting them. I hope you are ready for a lot of inspirations!!

This quilt was made by Kathy in Colorado and quilted by Dawna in CO

And a second quilt done by the duo. These stars are from the Moda Just One Star challenge. That was such a great challenge, and we have put together a LOT of Quilts of Valor now!!!

This quilt  - the blocks were made by Mary Jane, and Sue S Put them in the quilt, quilted it and her sister Mary bound it!

This quilt was made by Sue, from blocks made by the Serendipity Boulder art Quiltists.  I LOVE this quilt! It is so different, but I am totally in LOVE!!!!

The last quilt made by Sue is called Autumn Sunset - yummy!!!

AND!! The Pride City Quilt Guild has come through again!! 12 wonderful Pillowcases for our Quilts of Valor. These cases sure are loved!! They not only carry the quilts and keep them clean, they sure brighten up the barracks beds!!

Nikki in our heartstrings groups sent a goody box - there were blocks, fabrics, pillowcases, and a little kleenex carrier! Thanks Nikki!
Come on back tomorrow - there will be more!!!

Finished Friday

I actually finished these items at the very last minute!!

We had Christmas with my inlaws on the 24th. We also had a special guest here, I will call him my 4th son. So while the 4 boys were playing wii and wrestling I finished the binding on this quilt.

That is how it always works right? I bound it in the teal

And the great news is - my Mother in Law loved it!! yay!!  

They are true cowboys - so we have the sedona desert colors on the front, and saguro cactus's ( Cacti??) and cowboys!!

We came home from there and after playing Texas Hold em with the boys... I cleaned them out! I finished binding this one... a Tshirt quilt for my dad. 

These are T shirts from the Departments that were involved in the Twin Towers on 9/11

and the back....                                      
He liked it!!

I have enjoyed following the finished fridays at and  It has inspired me to finish a few things, and not wait till the next year .....

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Quilt Show

I hope you are not getting too tired of all these wonderful Quilts - I really wanted to show them all off, and get ready to start the out the new year all Quilty!!!

These first two quilts come from Clothworks!!  Marilyn  entered a Pin it to win it contest on the Blog  And she won these two quilts. Susie and Clothworks mailed them my way - and now they are washed, labeled, pillowcased, and ready to find their soldier!!

Through out the year, Clothworks makes up different quilts using their fabric lines. Then they put them up on the blog to allow people to vote. I LOVED this one. The fabrics are really gorgeous. 

And of course - the backing - just fabulous!!!

Here is the second one. I think ... I fell in love again. Isn't that the coolest pattern. I am thinking that this would be a simple enough quilt to figure out and maybe.... just maybe.... it could be sewn in a day for QOV's Sit and Sew day 

Norece found the pattern for us!!!

And of course - the back!! Lovely!!

This lovely in Norece's Number 12 in the 12 for 12 Challenge. That's another reason I am showing you so many quilts. On the 31st I have to be organized so that I can make a drawing from all the cards!!!   ( more info Here)  Congrats Norece on Number 12!!!!

Nancy - over in Ft Collins - made these quilts. They are just gorgeous - and!!! Another one that would be a great leader/ender project.

She showed up to drop these off to Wrangler Man. I had called him about 30 minutes before and couldn't remember why I called him. ( this is very common in my world)

He called me back about 30 minutes later - he said "you were going to remind me that Nancy was coming by."  Oh.... ya.... good thing she understands me ;-)

This one is just wonderful!!!  I love the quilts she makes from these animal prints.....

But check out the back too!! Is that not AMAZING!!!  I love it, and am so glad I get to have it in my house for a short time!!!
Thanks to all these fabulous quilters!!! You guys rock!!!