Wednesday, February 28, 2018


MQ4M Clue #3

For this Clue you will need your 3 Different Light Blue Fabrics.
Out of each blue you will need 12 - 3 ½ by 9 ½ rails – I used yardage, so I cut 3 strips width of fabric of each of my THREE Light Blues

I then stitched them in to strip sets, 

And then cut them into 9 ½ inch blocks

Each Block measure 9 ½ x 9 ½ inches

Once you have your 12 Blocks you will need to stitch them into 4 sets of THREE blocks – alternating Directions just like the photo below:

If you are doing scrappy – arrange them in an eye pleasing color scheme – I used yardage, as I discovered my light Blue scraps – were Empty!!

You can find the PDF files in my Craftsy store ( for free)

Monday, February 26, 2018

Sapphire Stars Revisited

My January One Monthly Goal was to piece my Sapphire Stars - Kevin the Quilter Mystery quilt.

and I did   ( thank you, thank you very much)

And this last month!!! I finally got it quilted ;-) Oh ya.... you can applaud now

Bless my heart - I pawned the binding off on another Quilt of Valor quilter - cuz she can't say No - so in my book.... IT IS FINISHED -- Whoot Whoot!!

It's a big Quilt!
My batting is only 90 inches long, so I had to piece batting to make it long enough ;-)

I quilted an all over on it 

Ta -da!
One more quilt ready to find it's forever home 

PS - If you are looking for some fabric deals.... I have started cleaning out my studio ( just a little bit) and... mostly you know - I have boys, and mostly, I make Quilts of Valor... so some of this yummy fabric will never make it into my quilts.... so!!  I a starting to list things on Ebay.....

Saturday, February 24, 2018

Rainbow Scrap Challenge - February

This is my progress on my Scrappy Irish Chain  - that is my goal for this years Rainbow Scrap Challenge.... It took me a while to make a decision - but!!!

Now that I have -


January's Blues, and Februarys Pruple blocks are all finished.... and Now....

I await the March color ( but it's okay - don't hurry March along ok???? I'm just getting used to February)

It may not stay laid out this way.. but for now... its whats on the wall ;-)

You can find all the info for this project here:
Scrappy Irish Chain Info

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Friday, February 23, 2018

February's One Monthly Goal - Serape Weave is..... a TOP!!!

I know it's not the total end of the month yet..... But it's close enough to call this a


My February Goal was to take this stack of fabrics and make it into Something.....

and Ta Da!!!!

There it is!!
Yes - I still need to quilt it

I also need to make a back - and I have a few block left over, and a few scraps ,
so I want to incorporate those in the back
and then

I have to decide how to quilt it..
oh the agony ( ha ha ha)

I'll be linking up to

and will be congratulating others as they get their  goals accomplished

Wednesday, February 21, 2018


MQ4M A7 Clue #2

For this clue you are making 12 Rail Blocks.  The blocks need to finish at 9 ½ inches.

You will be using your Reds and Whites.  This block needs to be Red White Red White Red – It should be more than 3 rails, and up to as many rails as you like AS LONG AS IT IS BORDERED BY RED ON BOTH ENDS

I did mine all scrappy as I needed to use Strings up – and I like scrappy.  You can also do them with yardage. 

Scrappy Rails
Cut your Red and White Strings at least 10 inches long, using various widths.

I sewed Red/White/Red/White and then pressed. Then I measured the width and decided it I could use thin or wide strips to finish them – some ended up only 5 rails, most ended up 7 to 9 rails 

My goal was to make them 10 inches by 10- ish inches, then trim down to 9 ½ inches.


You can cut each strip even – this math works out to 2 5/16 inch strips – well I suck at that cut – so how I would do it is – 

use the Red rails at 2 ½ by 9 ½ and use white Rails at 2 inches by 9 ½ inches – then you get an easy cut and a block at 9 ½ by 9 1/2 inches.

If you decide to use yardage – you need 36 red strips and 24 white strips

 Again this clue can be downloaded in my Craftsy Store as a pdf ( for free)
Quiltygirl Pattern STore

There were a few Questions from last week - how often will the clues come out? Each Wednesday until we are done.

if I post it on my blog can I share - yes - and please leave the direct link in a comment for me to follow - I would love that!!!

Can my group sew along - OF course - the More QOV's made, the More Veterans loved on, the better!!

PS - Someone asked for A Pinterest Board... please know I am not the best Pinner - but here is a board

Monday, February 19, 2018

Quilts and Kids

I have been teaching/working with kids on learning how to Quilt for 13 almost 14 years now - and it still makes me happy when a new group of kids calls and asks to learn!!

And sometimes I still think that my 6 year old will show up in the class... and then I realize - he is not 6, and it makes me go buy more fabrics ( sigh)

This school year has been fun, as I have been able to work with a few different groups of kids - and this one - it is in a middle school.

They were such fun, and so enthusiastic, and maybe .... a little energetic ;-)

This is the quilt they have designed so far -
It will be getting put into a top this week:

This year has been the Year of the Kevin The Quilter pattern -   I LOVE simple fun quilts to start the kids on, and letting them choose where to add the stripe - Oh my stars - how hilarious were they!

Some really thought on it, some just wanted to plunk the ruler down, a few wanted to go diagonal - which led to a math lesson!  And now they can't wait to go to real math class ;-)

And here are the students. what fun they are - they can't wait to see their finished quilt !

They learned all about Quilts of Valor, and they are excited that their quilt will be a part of this program. They might even have a Veteran in mind that they would like to present it too ;-)

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Friday, February 16, 2018

Swoosh.... There it is....

I got sidetracked!

Allison - Over at Cluck Cluck Sew  Posted a photo of the Quilt pattern she wrote - called Slam Dunk....

And you all!!!  It is basketball season, and we are heading into districts - and well .....

I got sidetracked

(PS -my block is not perfect ( cuz I have a different machine that doesn't quite get me yet)   but her instructions are!!!)

I am so excited!! I have plans now for this block!!! and  The Plaids!!

So here is the funny about that. I have all boys. My boys really didn't/don't care to shop all that much, they mostly leave it to me.   Well!  I want plaids, and bright colors - so I figure if I buy their shirts in the fabrics I want to use in the future.... its win win... right???

So that orange? A plaid flannel shirt I bought Little bit about 4 sizes ago, and that Black? A shirt from Wrangler Man a lot of rodeos ago.....  The blue is from my stash... (sorry it's has no exciting story)

I LOVED the piecing Instructions for this block - she did a fabulous job !  There is the whole quilt info too, but also instructions for just one block - and that's what I wanted to try first.....

And Look - Proof that Little Bit plays basketball

Ps - In case you haven't seen my kid in a while - he is Number 21 of either Black or White.

and he is tall 
The end ;-)

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


MQ4M  A7 Clue #1

For our First Clue you will be Making 16 of these Wonky Star Blocks. Each Block needs to measure 9 ½ inches when you are finished stitching.  I love the Wonky Block, because I can use scraps, and can mix and match blues – however – if you don’t like this block – feel free to substitute a Sawtooth Star or a Friendship Star Block – it just needs to be 9 ½ inches.   You will be using your DARK BLUES and your WHITES for these blocks

Now here is how to make the Wonky Star Block
For each block :

You need 8 - 3 1/2 inch Dark Blue Squares ( It can be the same blue or Scrappy Blues!!)
you need 5 - 3 1/2 inch White Squares ( again same or scrappy)

Take the 4 Light Squares and slice them on the diagonal

Then I lay the block out like this - because I like to ;-)
Once I get in the production mode, I don't always lay them out. 
(it sure is pretty tho!)

Now - you will take 4 of those blue squares and create the Star Spikes.
I do lay them out, as it is easier for me to remember!
Lay them out like this - 
right sides together

There is NO exact place to put them - you are making sort of wonky spikes
So you want to make sure when you flip it, it will cover the blue,
But still can be crazy

And stitch 1/4 inch seam along the light

Flip it, and add the next spike
Stitch 1/4 inch along that diagonal

And flip it as well
You notice they don't match up particularly well - but that's okay!
That is what makes the wonky
Press and then Trim to 3 1/2 inches

And then - Ta-da 
You place the Spikes in the block like so:

And TA!! DA!!
A Wonky Star Block!!

The block size - when stitched should be:
9 1/2 inches

Again you will need 16 of these stars for Clue #1

You can also find a pdf version in my Craftsy store ( for free)
pdf A7 the Patriot Clue 1

Monday, February 12, 2018

Serape Weave... Maybe? anyways its progress

I might have made some progress on my One Monthly goal .... working Name:

Serape Weave

Who knows - right now - I am really calling it my OMG - but it can't stay that name forever.... it has till February 28th to find a new name ;-)

I might have the bottom three rows stitched together now - 

Don't forget 
This Wednesday CLUE 1 comes out!!

If you haven't seen the fabric Requirements

See you soon

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Friday, February 09, 2018

My Scrappy Irish Chain

My Grandpa used to sing *My Wild Irish Rose* all the time, and for some reason when I typed My Scrappy Irish chain..... I sang it.....

Yep - Totally channeling my Grandpa these days....

Anyways - I bought this book (by Melissa Corry) a long time ago, and I wanted to make the cover quilt. I had always thought I could do it for my Rainbow Scrap Challenge. And then! I put the book away.... so dumb!

Well I found it again - and thought - I am only two months into the RSC for 2018 - I could catch up!!

And here I am:

I made 6 Light Blue Blocks, and am working on the Purple Scrap blocks - AND - I even tested making one of the chain blocks!! YAY!!>>

now I need to go dig for some more lights to set my chain pieces - but I am on a roll..

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Can I get a Whoop Whoop   cuz I finished a block
off the wall Friday   cuz it hasn't really gotten TOO the wall yet - ;-)

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Quilts of Valor

Happy Wednesday Morning!!

I have such fun quilts to show you today - but I also want to remind you - the Fabric Requirements for THE PATRIOT were posted last Wednesday -

and the FIRST CLUE will go LIVE on February 14th   - Valentines Day - a perfect way to show our love for our military!!

But for today - I have some Quilts of Valor to share with you for inspiration!! and They need their appropriate Ohhing and Ahhing!!

These three quilts
( the top 2 and the 1 below)
were all made by Judy V in Broomfield

Aren't they awesome!

and remember I told you about Donna Mae's Quilt class
at the Lyons Quilt shop?

Here are some more of the Quilts that they made!

This one below
( sorry for the blur)
was pieced and quilted by Francie

Aren't these all fun uses of panels?

If you haven't gotten your fabrics put together - get to pulling now
This will be fun!!

Monday, February 05, 2018

This Quilt Needs a Name

Good Monday Morning!!
This weekend went way way way to fast... and it may have been quite cold on one of  the days.... especially the day that I was outside for most of it!!


Quilting first:

Remember these??
well.... somethin' is a happenin' ....

But first!
We needed to get up and go places 

Can you see the excitement on our faces?
( we really were - we went voluntarily)

And heded down the road.....

And after being outside in 17F deg weather for most of the day - we came back to hot chili, a Sister in law bringing snacks, and we lit  the fire and got warm!

Enjoy your day!!

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Thursday, February 01, 2018

February's One Monthly Goal

I found a goal!!!


A while back - I might have attended Quilt Con in Austin TX.  It might have been a year or some ago - and if anyone leaves the dates in the comments - I will put a hex on you that you cut 1/4 inch off on the next project..... Okay - Not really.......

But!! While I Was there - I found a stack of fabrics that I had to have.... and so... they jumped in my suitcase and came home with me - where I have looked at them, and dreams about them, and thought - someday I will use them....... and then!  I put them back....



I am using them!!

These fabrics will be my February One Monthly Goal - and my goal is to get them into a top!

( Quilting will be a bonus - but its a short month and 97million percent is dedicated to basketball games)

The bottom fabric is Grey - it has a funny glare on it in the photo..... but its grey

and I will be linking up to