Sunday, December 31, 2017

Memorial Amphitheater at Arlington

After seeing the Funeral , we walked over to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the Memorial Amphitheater in Arlington.

My goal was to make it for the changing of the guard - and we did. What an amazing ceremony. It was so quiet, and everyone stood for respect - that was another thing that just took your breath away.

This was prior to the Changing, When the ceremony started I felt my camera was too loud!
And it was worth just watching

Then we walked to the Amphitheater, its just behind the tomb. There are three major events there every year, and of course - when I visit.. ha ha   I was surprised that we were able to not see to many people in the photo - and the one with the red backpack actually belongs to me.... 

Little Bit wanted to be the star!

I think he fits just perfectly in that chair!

We then walked to Robert E Lee's house.
I saw it the last time I was there and everyone was in period costume

This time they are packing it up for repairs -
so we took in the views around the house

Some of these headstones are so very cool,   and right outside the Lee house -
 here is your view into DC

We decided to head into DC to get something to eat,
and lo and behold!
( just kidding - the restaurant we wanted to eat at had us passing by the White House)
They were decorating for Christmas
and there was a sniper on the roof

as we were walking back to our house
This was my View
I thought It was so pretty in the light, or fading light

A nice ending to a nice day
We logged 12 miles that day

My feet deserved a rest

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Friday, December 29, 2017

Computers Geeks and Starbursts

I have my Very Own Computer Geek, and I love him!!

And for Christmas this year, I decided he Needed his Own Computer Geek Quilt.   Plus it was his turn to receive one.

Little Bit and I spent a lot of time traveling our state and chose fabrics that we thought reminded us of our geek, and when he went to college, we promptly got to sewing!!

Here is what we came up with:

The Circuit Board

There are robots, and Pizza, and Mac n Cheese, and Dr Who, and more Dr Who, and Lightening, and The Periodic Table, and Cell phones, and polka dots.... and  fun stuff!

This is the back
I had three wonky Circuits left, and some of the focus fabrics
and Cheese!
In High School he was a Milk/Cheese Judge for a competition 
and when I saw the Cheese - we had to have it!

 I quilted it with squares and straight lines
I thought it looked like wires and connectors

He wouldn't let me take his photo with it for the blog
He thinks he can remain anonymous ( snort snort)

and my FINAL FINISH for the YEAR!!


It's completely Completely Finished!
As in Bound and labeled!!

This is the back

I had to test out it's compatibility with our couches - 
and so one might have taken a nap under it

It had magical powers!!

I think these are finishes 17 and 18 for the year
I mean Complete finishes - I have a bunch of more tops that I have made
but who is counting right?

( someday I will be really Good at Counting.... I tried then I got sidetracked!)

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Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The end of Quilts of Valor 2017

Its about time to start the label QOV2018 - isn't that crazy?

This has been such a wild ride, this journey with Quilts of Valor - and I am so honored that we get to keep doing it into 2018!!

I can never send enough thanks to all those who help in both large and small ways to Cover our Veterans in Love - but I sure think about all of you often!!

I hope you will join in as well - I love to share our stories, but I love to read yours as well!!

Some Photos of our Most Recent presentations

These were awarded By Kristi, She has made countless quilts and been a part of our group for years - and she finally got to award some QOV's - I LOVe it!!!   

Years ago - when my group first got started 
The local VFW helped us out with funding

and now - we have been blessed every year to award QOV's to their Combat Vets
It's pretty cool to be a part of!

And another awesome presentation
you never know where these will occur ;-)

So for all of the QOV2017 posts you can click this link if you are interested:

QOV 2017
and here is
QOV 2016

just in case you need more ;-)

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Merry Christmas from Colorado

Merry Christmas

All my family is Home, and it is just crazy and fun, and I love it!! 
I hope all is well in your world, and that you are enjoying the season.

 My Dear Friend Christina came out and photographed our family when everyone was home over the summer.  I am so glad she did, because I don't think we have cleaned up this good since!!  Ha ha

And although I knew I wanted to use these for our Christmas pics
I an really glad she caught the lovely green of the grass

And!! you all know I love Black and white

Merry Christmas
I send my love to all of you!!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

At Arlington National Cemetary

When we last left our travel post...

We were at my Relatives Headstone.   We took our photos and then headed out again and saw two Marines.  Me, always curious, asked him what he was doing. He promptly told us to stay put - and lawsy mercy.... I am so glad he did!!

We were observers of a full Military Funeral. And although I did not know that Veteran - I will tell you that there was not a dry eye in my family.

When you look towards the procession.... is that not impressive?

This was really awe inspiring.
Watching all these Men give Honor and Respect to their fallen

it was amazingly quiet in this part of the Cemetary
and the music these Musicians played just sounded so amazing.

and along comes the Horse drawn Hearse
Cue Waterworks ( remember I don't cry much!)

Could you imagine it in another era?

I so LOVE Fall
and we missed it this year
So I created it myself ;-)

Isn't that just amazing?

I was so honored to Witness this funeral
I am sure those that live close or visit often may be able to watch a processional
but I was so amazed to be there
to hear the silence
to hear to horses
to hear the boots on the ground

Friday, December 15, 2017

Finishes and Fotos ( okay really Photos)

Happy Friday!!

I have a finish!!   Yep - there it is.... All Ready for Christmas Morning!!

and I have Finished Clue 2 of On Ringo Lake
Just in time for clue 4  ( ha ha!!)

And I have a lot of Clue #3 it's all good!

And Look!
A friend of mine found these blocks 
and passed them to me to see if I would like them

And I did!!  I just need to figure out what I want to make with them!!

AND!! I quilted  Quilt that was made during one of our QOV Sew days
it was made by the University of Northern Colorado Softball Team

And on to some of my Ranch Photos:
This is how Cowboys Decorate for Christmas
( ha ha)

but then we got some snow
And now.. It's gone

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Happy QOV Wednesday!!!

Happy Wednesday!!!

I have some Great Eye Candy for you today!!! I hope you are ready!!  I even have my tea sitting next to me to sip while I type... cuz everyone needs tea in the morning right??


It is a sampler Quilt pieced by Diana and her *stitchers* at High Prarie Quilts
Deb Y in Ft Collins Quilted it and 
Kim bound it in this really cool striped fabric we found!!

Pieced Quilted and Bound by Connie
Super Star!!

Pieced by Mary out of Blocks from Machine Quilters Exposition QOV Block Drive
We are just about out of those blocks but man are they gorgeous
Quilted by Connie

This was was put together by Dianne K and Quilted by Beth K

Pieced by Bernie and quilted by Beth K

Pieced by Judy and quilted by Donna S in Longmont

(and in my Craftsy Store)
Pieced by Bernie Quilted by Donna S

Adn a special thanks to the Pride City Quilt Guild in Pueblo
They keep us supplied in Pillowcases  for our QOV's
and YES!! We love them - I think it is just the icing on the cake to be able to put our clean quilts in a pillowcase, and an added little bonus for our Veterans!


Sunday, December 10, 2017

DC at Thanksgiving

I am just now getting to my photos from our Thanksgiving trip.... and I am having fun with them!

I don't travel that much anymore ( I used to in my former job), but I have found myself in DC three times this year! Who knew.... but each time I see something different, so am glad that I brought my camera with me again.

We hit the Buildings at night - and wow - there was no one there. How cool is that?

I think the lights give it such a cool quality to it
and then I thought I would get artsy and see if I could get the reflection

Turned out - it was easier to just get the reflection - the other is a long photo!

The next morning we headed to Arlington
That place has truly so much to see, but is just such an emotional hit when you walk in!

This is my Second Cousin
I call him my Uncle and I don't know why - but it's really my Moms Cousin
In my head - we were there in November  - it should have looked more fall like
so I photoshopped it.
(yep! I made it look the way I wanted it to)

But In reality
This is what it looked like

And it was just beautiful
I felt a little odd getting off the beaten path and wondering through the headstones to find him,
But I am so glad we did!

Oh PS - Remember it was me taking photos
I may have a 1,000 or so left
just warning you!

Friday, December 08, 2017

On Ringo Lake Clue 2

Is getting underway!!!

Here are my fabrics that I am using for this Clue:

I am using her Essential Ruler option

and I officially have 10 Completed
and all the geeses are cut

and have most of the wings cut

And I tell you this only because I hear a lot of folks saying they can't keep up
Don't worry about it....
Have fun
Stitch what you can and keep on moving

These are such amazingly beautiful quilts that it is all worth it!
( PS - I just finished last years top - and chose a back yesterday!!!)

 Here is why I keep running out of time..... and it's all good ( mine is in black)

Enjoy Clue 3!!!

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