Friday, December 29, 2017

Computers Geeks and Starbursts

I have my Very Own Computer Geek, and I love him!!

And for Christmas this year, I decided he Needed his Own Computer Geek Quilt.   Plus it was his turn to receive one.

Little Bit and I spent a lot of time traveling our state and chose fabrics that we thought reminded us of our geek, and when he went to college, we promptly got to sewing!!

Here is what we came up with:

The Circuit Board

There are robots, and Pizza, and Mac n Cheese, and Dr Who, and more Dr Who, and Lightening, and The Periodic Table, and Cell phones, and polka dots.... and  fun stuff!

This is the back
I had three wonky Circuits left, and some of the focus fabrics
and Cheese!
In High School he was a Milk/Cheese Judge for a competition 
and when I saw the Cheese - we had to have it!

 I quilted it with squares and straight lines
I thought it looked like wires and connectors

He wouldn't let me take his photo with it for the blog
He thinks he can remain anonymous ( snort snort)

and my FINAL FINISH for the YEAR!!


It's completely Completely Finished!
As in Bound and labeled!!

This is the back

I had to test out it's compatibility with our couches - 
and so one might have taken a nap under it

It had magical powers!!

I think these are finishes 17 and 18 for the year
I mean Complete finishes - I have a bunch of more tops that I have made
but who is counting right?

( someday I will be really Good at Counting.... I tried then I got sidetracked!)

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Judy V in Thornton CO said...

Both the quilts are terrific!

Donna said...

What a fun quilt!!! I didn't know that mac and cheese or cheese fabric was available!!!! Starburst is on my list of quilts to make.... maybe in 2018!!!

Tired Teacher said...

You and Little Bit found some fun fabrics! Love the quilt.

Vicki in MN said...

Congrats on all your finishes this year. And all your starts too. hehe. I decided not to count my finishes as it would make me too tired!

Kate said...

How fun! A perfect quilt for a computer geek. Love the circuits theme. Starburst is gorgeous. Love the sunny colors, perfect to snuggle under on a gray, dull winter day. You did really well on the finishes, in the double digits. Have a very happy New Year.

Sue Edberg said...

Both of these quilts look fantastic. I love what you did with them. Congratulations on completing so many quilts during 2017. I look forward to what you complete in 2018. Have a safe and wonderful New Year!

Karol said...

Fabulous! You do such a great jobl

WeedyMama said...

I have some well aged pizza fabric (we won't talk about how well aged) and I have lots of the fruits and veggie fabrics too. I think I won a stack of 20 now that I think about it. Maybe they should come out and play in 2018. Nothing much did in 2017.

Good job and I'll bet the "computer bit" that received his quilt was thrilled. That orange was just what this dreary, rain drenched/drowned day needed.

Jo said...

Oh how funny. I'm sure those fabrics will bring back memories for years to come

Lynette said...

Alicia, these are really great! The circuit board design is perfect for a computer geek, and the quilting was spot on for it. LOVE your Starburst, too! It's so funny, because I used to absolutely abhor orange, but a decade of serious quilting cured me of that. This quilt is very beautiful to me. Here's to a great new year with another big bunch of finishes!

Sandra Walker said...

Don't you just love it that they make all kinds of crazy motifs on fabric so that we can personalize our quilts to the nth degree? :-) Terrific geek quilt. Also your Starburst! Reminds me of Tanya's Supernova. Glad it's magical for nap-taking ha!

grammajudyb said...

Your Circuit Board quilt has spoken to me. I have a computer geek son also and he is due for a quilt (everyone else has one) and he is turning 50 this year. Can you tell me about the pattern?

The Joyful Quilter said...

Love, love, LOVE your Starburst in orange!!! Those boys... you'd think he would be used to having his picture taken by now!

Christina said...

I love the quilt for your son. The pattern is perfect for any computer geek. Congrats on adding two more finishes before the end of the year.

Dar said...

You have some really wonderful quilts in the line up. Love the Circuit quilt for your son. What a clever way to quilt it and all those fun fabrics to remind him of his life experiences. The back is great too. You are so creative and clever.

Anonymous said...

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