Sunday, December 10, 2017

DC at Thanksgiving

I am just now getting to my photos from our Thanksgiving trip.... and I am having fun with them!

I don't travel that much anymore ( I used to in my former job), but I have found myself in DC three times this year! Who knew.... but each time I see something different, so am glad that I brought my camera with me again.

We hit the Buildings at night - and wow - there was no one there. How cool is that?

I think the lights give it such a cool quality to it
and then I thought I would get artsy and see if I could get the reflection

Turned out - it was easier to just get the reflection - the other is a long photo!

The next morning we headed to Arlington
That place has truly so much to see, but is just such an emotional hit when you walk in!

This is my Second Cousin
I call him my Uncle and I don't know why - but it's really my Moms Cousin
In my head - we were there in November  - it should have looked more fall like
so I photoshopped it.
(yep! I made it look the way I wanted it to)

But In reality
This is what it looked like

And it was just beautiful
I felt a little odd getting off the beaten path and wondering through the headstones to find him,
But I am so glad we did!

Oh PS - Remember it was me taking photos
I may have a 1,000 or so left
just warning you!


Patti said...

those are great views of Washington DC. Have you ever done the tour of the White House, especially at holiday time? You can request tickets from your congressman. I thought it was very special. And besides I wanted to see the embossed toilet paper!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Awesome photos (as always!)

Janice Holton said...

Love that reflection photo!

Farm Quilter said...

Amazing pictures...looking forward to the next 1000!!! Love the reflection and the proper way Arlington looks in November!

Pat said...

Beautiful pictures! One of the best things I ever did in DC was take a DC by night tour. The monuments were amazing! Thanks for sharing.

betty-NZ said...

Your photos are just fantastic! Isn't it great that you can edit images so easily!

Lady Fi said...

Wow - fabulous photos!