Wednesday, December 27, 2017

The end of Quilts of Valor 2017

Its about time to start the label QOV2018 - isn't that crazy?

This has been such a wild ride, this journey with Quilts of Valor - and I am so honored that we get to keep doing it into 2018!!

I can never send enough thanks to all those who help in both large and small ways to Cover our Veterans in Love - but I sure think about all of you often!!

I hope you will join in as well - I love to share our stories, but I love to read yours as well!!

Some Photos of our Most Recent presentations

These were awarded By Kristi, She has made countless quilts and been a part of our group for years - and she finally got to award some QOV's - I LOVe it!!!   

Years ago - when my group first got started 
The local VFW helped us out with funding

and now - we have been blessed every year to award QOV's to their Combat Vets
It's pretty cool to be a part of!

And another awesome presentation
you never know where these will occur ;-)

So for all of the QOV2017 posts you can click this link if you are interested:

QOV 2017
and here is
QOV 2016

just in case you need more ;-)


Barob Book Blog said...

Thank you Alycia. This a a great yeR end to inspire us going in to 2018. Happy holidays to you and yours.

Jo said...

Great job to everyone..

Farm Quilter said...

Just love the smiles on all the faces with the QoV presentations!

The Joyful Quilter said...

You ended 2017 with another great batch of quilts. Thanks for the continued inspiration!!

Kate said...

Can't think of a better home for a quilt. It's fun to see the smiles of not only the vets, but of the whole family.

Carlie Nichols said...

Thanks again, Alycia. Your QOV pictures have inspired me all year long (-: Carlie

NatureFootstep said...

so many beautiful creations :) Love to see it!