Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Quilt of Valor Quilt Show

We are off to a slow start this morning... but things are speeding up!! Grab a cup of Hot Chocolate and get ready to be amazed!!

Challenge was issued at the beginning of the year, and seeing as how the year is rapidly coming to the end of it's 12 month rein - a LOT of awesome quilts are showing up!!! It's like Christmas EVERY day!!

These are Quilts 7, 8 and 9 from Jessie C in LA - 

Nancy - who runs the MysteryQuilts4Military yahoo group says this is one of the mysteries that was run there... I tell you - you should join that yahoo group - Its awesome!!

Aren't those stars great?   This next one I swear I saw as a pattern in Fons and Porter - but this is just my mind thinking - ( which means I could be wrong - but won't admit it *grin*)

The second quilt in your show is my pattern called Pinwheels Plus. yes, it
was in Fons and Porter's Love of Quilting this year. The pattern has also
been on the QOVF website for about 5 years. Free for the clicking!

Lisa Feor
****YAY!! Thanks Lisa!!!)

And this is the last one of Jessie's for the moment... I am impressed!!! Thanks Jessie!

These Next four quilts are from Nancy in Wyoming - She has outdone herself!! And I am so excited!! this is quilts 14 thru 17 on the Patchworktimes Challenge. I LOVE it!!

Is this not a bright and happy quilt? It just makes you smile to look at it!! It is called All Roads lead Home, and was quilted by Donna S in Longmont CO

This one!! Oh Boy I LOVE it!! This is a total bucket list quilt now!! It is called
Come Fly With Me - and was quilted by Donna S in Longmont too.

This Beauty is called Square Dance and was quilted by Kathy E in LA - Nicely done ladies!!

And Nancy's Number 17!!! Is called American Dreamer and was quilted by Laurel K in MO

One of our next challenge Participants is Adele D in LA - These are number 8, 9, 10 and 11 from her!! AMAZING!!

Isn't this COOL!!!
I just love it!!

I really love the way that Adele Puts together the fabrics. 

I really love the scrappy look - even though its a planned scrappy - she did such a great job!

This is the last one this week from Adele - the white REALLY sets off the Reds and Blue!

Our last challenge Participant for this weeks post is Norece E . This is Quilts 8 and 9 for her. I just love it! Such enthusiasm - and you all - these quilts are LOVED - I guarantee it!! 

I know I saw this in a magazine too - but again - Can't remember exactly which one - but now I want to go pull it out and MAKE THIS ONE!!

I have to be honest - I studied this one for a long time - I really did - and I took 4 million pictures, and someday... I am going to attempt it. I love flying geese - but this setting is amazing!!!

Hope you all enjoyed today's quilts!! Did you have one just jump out at you? Were you inspired to try something new?  Yes? Me too!!  Enjoy!! Hope to see you in Houston - remember I will be at Booth 1832 Wednesday, Thursday and Friday!!!  Come and see me!!!  (


Kat Scribner said...

I love todays' show! Especially the blue strips with the floating stars and the white bkgd with red and blue zig zags. So many ideas. I've been collecting and having trouble deciding on which design I will make for my brother. Great show, Alycia!

Judy Laquidara said...

Great! Those are beautiful quilts! I hope to start washing some to get in the mail to you next week.

Lots O Threads said...


Anonymous said...

The firt one I belive is from the MysteryQuilts4Military group, isn't it?

Pat said...

all of the quilts are so inspiring! and reminds me that I am way behind for the 12 in 12 challenge :(

maybe I should shoot for the 13 in13 challenge, instead?!

Karen said...

The blue strippy one with the stars is from "Quiltmaker" magazine. It gets the most comments when hanging in a show. So easy but attractive.

Gwen Z said...

Just love your quilts, so do you have any free designs for QOV... I am a member in McDoungha, Ga.

phxquilt said...

I'm a great fan of the American Dreamer quilt. All of them show us what our imagination can do when we get creative. I like using the patterns I see here and in many other places to help me when I'm in a "creative slump." LOL

Norece said...

Thanks for sharing all the quilts that get sent to you. So many ideas floating out there in blogland. Thanks Alycia.

Jan Mac said...

Woe so many beautiful quilts. Thanks for giving us a quilt show we can visit from home. I love the flying geese which twists and turns across the quilt. Have fun in Houston!

Unknown said...

Another wonderful quilt show, Alycia. Your ladies are doing a fantastic job! That one quilt with the stars was from a pattern in Quiltmaker several months ago...maybe January?

Terri said...

Very beautiful - every one of them - inspiring, too. Anyone would be proud to have made one, and then to donate it!
Three soldiers in my family - well, five that are actual family members, but two are deceased... would have loved to be thanked by total strangers. (And thanked with a quilt! Priceless.)

Melinda said...

I hope to see you in Houston. Wonderful quilts this time - of course there are wonderful quilts every time you show them.