Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Back to work

I think my vacation is over.... 

But look at what I get to work on!!!

I left this amazingly stunning quilt loaded on my machine ( but a little loose so not to stretch the leaders) so that I would not procrastinate when I got back! And it worked!! I was so loving getting back to quilting. 

I think everyone should get a trip every once in a while - its refreshing. So remind me that in about 4 days when I am still working on this same quilt.... okay???  ( did I mention it's huge?)

 One more time - our booth - seriously - love these quilts!!!

I took a ton of Pictures at Houston. This one caught my eye. It was so... whimsical!

 I loved her work!!!   

1 comment:

beaquilter said...

nice quilt and fun flower quilt- and that's the ONLY one you'll show?? boo hoo :-)