Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Last week of February

Accck Where did the week go - I had all these great ideas to add pictures and get somuch stuff done, and now it is Sunday - soooo Where did the week go!!

Monday I quilted the neatest four Patch posy quilt - but it was huge and took almost 3 days to quilt. We had play practice and basketball practice. Tuesday I had two sick kiddos so while they watched TV and slept I sewed a little - I got borders on 1 quilt - I had hoped it would be 2, but alas - I needed to cuddle children ;-) Wednesday - one little guy went back to school and one stayed home. Friday I spent the day at the school- first with the high school CFS class. They helped us get a lot of sewing done on our QOV's. So I talked about the quilts of valor program with them, and how I made Sewing into a business ( I used to own a maternity Clothing company, I recently sold it to concentrate on quilting **shameless plug - - ** )

Then I headed over to the 5th grade and we all got back into groups with our finished quilt tops. I gave the kids a choice of Pantos and let them decide what would be quilted on there quilts and the thread colors - It was a blast to eavesdrop on them. They have such difinitive ideas of what they want! I love it!!

Oh - Saturday - it was our last basketball game of the season. Then we came home and flew kites. Its a good thing the kids stay with there dad - they might have been carried away, the wind was that strong. And I got the borders cut for the quilt I wanted to do on Tuesday LOL

Now I have pictures, but again I need to download them, and this part always hangs me up - I get sidetracked ( a lot ugh) We are heading out in a couple of hours for a funeral, so Maybe I'll get them downloaded before then.


Sweet P said...

A kite flying expedition - a sure sign of spring coming soon.

It is amazing how a week can fly by, isn't it?

Carole said...

Fly kites? does that mean that the bulk of snow left from those huge storms has melted? I love to fly kites. Unfortunately, too many trees out in the country! lol In Montreal we had parks we could go too. Spring will be here soon, hurray!

Judy said...

The picture of the 5th? grader holding part of a quilt was great - is she proud or what! :>) Hang on to those cuddle moments.....they go in a hurry (just like last week!)

swooze said...

Sounds like you have been really busy. Can't wait til the pics are posted. Hope all the kids are well now. I have a house full of sick fur kids!

swooze said...

and just how many horses do you have????

cityquilter grace said...

alycia, not sure if you saw it or not, but the special on bob woodruff, the journalist injured in Iraq, featured a quilt. His wife said when he was being loaded into the plane to return to the US hospital she was not allowed to travel with him, but the soldier who accompanied him told her that he had his quilt and that would go with him in her touching and I thought of you and the all the work you do for QOV.

cityquilter grace