Saturday, February 24, 2007

Finished a Quilt

I finished this quilt last weekend - and even got the binding on so I thought I would post a picture.

This was a mystery quilt and some of the ladies in my guild did it with me - somewhere in my camera are pictures of theres so I will dig in to find them too. The little guy on the left is my youngest son, and the just a tad older guy on the right is my Husband. They make great quilt holders.

And Yes this is a Quilt of Valor. I will get the other ladies quilts finished and we will send them in a groups to the hospital of Catherines choice. If you want to learn more about Quilts of Valor you can at

Today it is very windy outside and many highways have been closed - so I have stayed in a sewed. I am almost finished with another top so will get it finished today I hope.

I was tagged by Carol to write 5 wierd things about me - but I don't think I am wierd - so asked my boys and hubby - heres what they came up with:

1. I have a bite mark on my back from where my brother bit me when we were about 4 and 6 - it made a deep scar and grew with me.

2. I don't particulary like being touched by a lot of people - it seems it is the "in thing" now to hug all the time and I usually find a way to hide.

3. I am still scared of the dark - and avoid it at all costs. I have 2 flashlights in my truck just in case. And I always do chores before it gets dark.

4. I have amazing hearing - I can hear the boys when they least expect it. Sometimes I can hear the wind you make as you are walking - freaky.

5. I am allergic to pain - and its even written down and highlighted on my dentists chart. Although I did manage to make it thru childbirth 3 times with no drugs - but never again! LOL

okay - that ought to tell you more about me than you ever wanted to know!!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful quilt - I know it is going to be greatly appreciated and cherished!

Carole said...

That is a beautiful quilt. How kind of you to quilt for this organization. As for your weird stuff, I too do not consider myself "weird". While you're afraid of the dark, I'm afraid of my imagination looking at the dark sky ;o). I'm not into group hugs either. I promise if we meet not to hug you! lol Keep well.

Carole said...

PS: I wanted to e-mail you regarding long arm quilting but noticed you have no contact info on your blog. Is there any way I can reach you? thanks

Sweet P said...

Great quilt and very handsome quilt holders.

I'm curious - how can you be allergic to pain?

I'm not keen on being touched by other people either unless they are family members or people I know extremely well.

Judy said...

Great quilt, Alycia! I am not a hugger either (unless it is my family), disliking all those touchy situations. Hope you are all dug out from all the snow - once it melts it should help with the drought, however.

swooze said...

Love your quilt! Got a big giggle when I clicked on the pick to see your ds standing on the couch.

I admit I am a big time hugger. But usually have to know you a little bit and also have a sense of those that don't like to be hugged and totally respect that!

Jennie said...

Good for you........what great work you are doing on your QOVs. I want to participate in this soon.

Lynn E said...

Tons of hugs. I will just say them to you. lol