Saturday, February 17, 2007

Quilts of Valor sewing day

Well I finally downloaded my pictures! So now I can share again ;-) Last Friday I spent most of the day ( until the power went out) with the 5th grade class sewing there blocks together into quilt tops. It was really fun.

We also had help from some high school guys. They are doing there FCCLA project on making Quilts of Valor. I am so appreciative that they were willing to help. And the CFS teacher brought over her machines and spent quite a bit of time helping. It was great.

The top picture is the 2 high school guys that helped. I guess I should go back in time - the week before we sewed we spent an hour or so laying out the quilt tops just perfectly. It took a lot of effort for the groups to work together. Some kids had definite ideas of what they would like to try. There was one little skirmish - it was amusing to watch , but they worked it out well.

I have lots more pictures so will try to do some more posts so you can see how happy these kids were. So far we have worked on 8 quilts! And maybe some of you can see your fabrics. I so appreciate all of you who donated fabric to this project.


Sweet P said...

I'd admire the work you are doing with the children on the QOV project. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful way to keep us all posted on what you and the kids are doing with the QOVs!
You must be having sew much fun working with them on this project.
And I can just see the see their smiles when a top is together! It makes my heart happy!
Thank You for all of your hard work. This is true History in the making!
Connie Frick, Buckley Wa

Anonymous said...

OOps, I meant, I can just see their smiles!