Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Catching Up

Well I don't have any pictures downloaded at the moment - but last Friday The 5th grade kids layed out there finished blocks into 7 different quilt tops. They really worked hard at the layouts - to get the most pleasing design. I have those all pinned together and ready to sew, so this Friday we will be doing some sewing.

I have been machine quilting like crazy - its a blast. My favorite part of the quilting I think is seeing all the neat quilts that people make. Although - then I want to make one too! I just finished quilting a really neat Stack n Whack. The focus fabric was a navy blue floral and she set it with Gold as the background. Beautiful. I will ask if I can post a picture here when she picks it up.

It is a very foggy day outside. It moved in so quickly, but it is hiding the precious sun that I need to melt my snowdrifts!!


Wendy said...

How wonderful you are helping young quilters get there quilts finished.
I hope to see some pictures soon.

Judy said...

Alycia, I will be very excited to see what the kids are designing and doing for the QOV project! I just love that age - they love doing things like quilt making, etc. Keep up the good work!